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Is Lewis better than Inspector Morse?

Which show do you prefer?

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    Is Lewis better than Inspector Morse? I don't think so, but that seems to be the consensus opinion of this site's voting bloc.

    As of Sept. 13th, 2008, Morse has an overall show rating of only 8.0, compared to Lewis at 8.5.

    Also, looking at ratings of the individual episodes, only seven from Morse have been rated 9.0 or higher (21% of the total, counting the five specials); Lewis, by comparison, has already put five of eight over that mark (63%), with the pilot barely missing joining them as well.

    Is this the usual "score creep" where current fans always bid up ongoing shows while off-air products, by comparison, receive a more critical look? Or do folks agree with these relative outcomes?

    Don't get me wrong, I like Kevin Whatley. But he's no John Thaw.


    [Note: I first posted this on the Lewis page a few days ago, but it occurred to me that half the primary audience might not see it unless I also put it here. I already voted in the other poll (for Inspector Morse), so I'm not re-voting here to keep things accurate].

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    Two different shows, two completely different actors and characters. Its like comparing chalk and cheese. Both were/are supurb. It is in my opinion a great tribute to John Thaw, to see Kevin continue in his own series, in the same settings that Morse used. It must have taken great courage for Kevin to agree to the series, given the wonderful relationship between he and John Thaw. He is a wonderful actor in his own right, certainly no Thaw, but Thaw was no Whatley. It is now Sept 2009 and Lewis is still going strong. Good for you Kevin, your friend John Thaw would be right proud of you. I have grown into your series and the excellent Laurence Fox is a brilliant partner, wow what a pedigree he has.
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