Inspector Morse

Season 7 Episode 5

The Daughters of Cain

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1996 on ITV

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  • Another excellent episode, with Morse solving the murder of Dr. McClure.

    Tony Haygarth is convincing as suspect Ted Brooks, McClure's former college servant and an odious wife beater. Gabrielle Lloyd is decent as wife Brenda and I liked the portrayal of her relationship with schoolteacher Julia Stevens. Phyllis Logan is superb as Julia, as is Shane Hickmott, her juvenile delinquent student Kevin. I enjoyed the unraveling of the mystery surrounding the Brooks's beautiful daughter (played nicely by Amanda Ryan) and love interest of three of the characters. The office management issues perked my interest as Morse tried to get a promotion for Lewis. James Grout makes an excellent Chief Superintendant Strange concerned in this case with possible downsizing, even of his own job, yet sympathetic to Lewis' plight. The humour is always a delight, this time with President Brownlee (Benjamin Whitrow) and his concern for the Appeal above all else. The pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson(Clare Holman) shows her sense of humour as well. Viewing a murder victim, Morse asks if there something he needs to know(about the body). The doctor says yes, that Morse has had a recent haircut and the tie he is wearing does not go with his jacket!