Inspector Morse

Season 1 Episode 1

The Dead of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1987 on ITV

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  • As the first Morse, this is an excellent way to start what turns out to be a very long running series. We are not told everything about the main characters, we are teased about hs first name,ut not told what it is for years to come!!!

    In this first Inspector Morse we are introduced to the detective as he joins his choral group, a theme that runs through the series, until the very end. He shows interest in a woman who is in the group, and introduces himeself into her life. She puts him off, even though she clearly likes him, but tells us she is having a personal problem, a serious one. She is not ready to tell Morse about the problem, but she wants to get to know him so she will have someone who can help her. Unfortunately, she i killed, in a way which makes the death loo like a suicide. Morse, on his own, runs into another inspector, for whom Lewis is working. This inspetor is more interested in becoming a supervisor, and wants this easy looking case closed as fast as possible. It is Morse who doesn't think this was a suicide, and pushed for a deeper investigation. When the first inspector gets promoted, not because he is smarter than Morse, but because he "fills in the forms" better, Morse takes over, and gets Lewis assigned as his assistant -- if he only knew how close they would become over the next decade!!! Together, Lewis and Morse learn about the troubles in the woman's life, and figure out what happened. Not wanting to give the story away, I will not tell you what happens... but I strongly recommend watching this first episode of Inspector Morse; it's great. Be sure to catch the cameo of Dexter Collins as Morse walks through the closed church's grounds at the midpoint of the story -- he's the heavy set man walking towards the viewers as Morse walks away.