Inspector Morse

Season 7 Episode 4

The Way through the Woods

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1995 on ITV

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  • A superb episode with a nice mix of suspense, humour, interesting characters and solid acting. The interaction of Morse with Sgt. Lewis and others was a joy to see.

    The opening scene of Wytham Woods with accompanying music thanks to Barrington Pheloung was simply beautiful. I thought Chris Fairbank did a good job playing rough-edged father and husband George Daley, who worked on the Blenheim Estate as well as being gardener at Lonsdale college. The friction between DCI Martin Johnson and Morse with Sgt. Lewis caught in the middle provided a nice subplot. I also enjoyed some of the minor elements such as Morse's initial friction with Dr. Laura Hobson, Morse stuck with doing a report on optimizing resources, the clue relating to a painting by Millais, confusion about Morse´s intended holiday destination (Beirut vs. Bayreuth) and spotting the author Colin Dexter with a wineglass in his hand at the pre-concert reception. The ending verged on melodrama but overall another brilliant episode.