Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 8

18 (1)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on CTV

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  • Awwiez Jude's all grown up now. ^_^

    Yay! Jude is finally all grown up and is now officially 18. woot woot what an eppy, which I loved by the way as I do of all IS eppys. But ugh about that Hunter dude. Why must he ruin everything. Freaking psychopath! Goshhness just went Jude and Tommy were finally hitting it off drama had to come around. Ahhh why did Sadie have to go and ruin things with Quest. I loved them together! Looks like things are definitely shaking up in IS and I love it. Overall the episode was great and fun to watch as always. Yay for Jude's birthday!
  • The Episode that's the turning point for the rest of the season.

    I thought that this episode was by far one of the best of this season so far. It truly lived up to it's hype. I loved the way that it started off with Jommy (love them). Then, in the middle we find out what really happened to that mystery girl (Angie) that Tommy had mentioned in the Long and Winding Road. It seems like she has a huge role in this season. Her brother, however seems like a psycho. I understand that he lost his sister, but really to get revenge, what would that do? His sister will still be dead and he would probably end up in prison. Even though he's a psycho, he does add drama to the show, because I know everyone was getting tired of the same oh stuff with Jude, Tommy, and Saddie. But I did enjoy this episode and can't wait to see more.
  • So now we know exactly who Angie is..

    It was a special episode on account that Jude finally turns 18 and her and Tommy are finally together but as to all happy stories there's always a dark side to it and the dark side to their relationship is Hunter. Hunter is one creepy guy and I really hope nothing bad happens to Jude or Tommy for that matter. I couldn't help but get my heart racing for each time he crept up against Jude. I loved Jude's performance as always. Can't wait to see the next episode. I wonder if Jamie is going to come and save Jude if anything were to happen.
  • Jude's turning 18! She wants to tell everyone about her relationship,but Tommy has his doubts once someone from his past shows up.

    Three words. It was awesome! Jude's birthdays are always gauranteed to be great, especially with some Jommy drama mixed in. This year, they're actually a couple (although it doesn't seem likely to last long). I hate the fact that Jamie is still hating on our girl Jude. It's not her fault, but I understand if he has to hate someone. Why not pick Speed, or Karma, or someone like that. Anyway, I was hoping to see Jamie at the big extravaganza, and I was hoping to see more Jommy love. I wish I could say that Tommy would come around, but we (who have The-N) have seent he promo's for part 2. I just want to see an episode where they're actually happy together, no drama, just love.
  • It's another installment of Jude's birthday and as per usual, things don't go exactly as planned.

    Poor Jude, another bad birthday - well, I guess her 17th wasn't that bad because her and Tommy resolved their differences - but we finally find out that Angie was Tommy's girlfriend and Hunter's sister. It's Tommy's past that catches up to them, and Hunter wants revenge for Angie's past. We don't know exactly what happened with Angie, but we do know that Hunter ended up in jail for 5 years, so he probably had something to do with her death. At the beginning, everything is good between Jude and Tommy, but at Jude's request, they decide to keep their relationship a secret for the meantime. Unfortunately, Hunter resurfacing causes another road block for Jude and Tommy and timing hasn't always been good to them. Just as Jude realizes that she should come clean about her and Tommy to everyone, Tommy is trying to push her away to protect her from Hunter. Jude has no idea what is going on and this will inevitably end up in another heartbreak. The rest of the season looks like a great one.
  • a classic instant star episode

    ok so this was a classic instant star the beginning everyone is happy...jude and tommy are together just like everyone wants...but jude wants to keep them a secret which i can understand because it did take them forever and she doesnt want anything to ruin it...then we find out that sadie may still like tommy (and i am totally hating her right now because she has kwest)...then we meet Hunter who has some harsh feelings toward tommy and wants revenge which is never good...then we cut to judes party and jude decides that she wants to tell everyone about her and tommy but of course that doesnt go as planned becuase Hunter finds out that they love eachother and is going to hurt jude to get back at tommy has to show him that he and jude are nothing...which goes back to the unhappiness that makes it and instant star episode...
  • this is a classic episode where of course, everything goes wrong.

    well, from last episode, everything was going so perfect; tommy and jude were finally together (just like we all wanted!) yay! but of course something stupid had to happen to separate them. well,somebody from tommy's past came back and he is angie's brother (angie is tommy's ex that he talked about in the last episode). well, her brother is blaming tommy for his sister's death and says he wants to get back at tommy for ruining his life. he swore he would get tommy back by hurting someone that tommy cares about most. well jude doesn't know any of this, but in the begining of the episode, she told tommy that her life is public enough and she didn't want people to know about theur relationship, so they decided to keep them a secret. in her birthday party, (which the guy was also there) tommy didn't want to talk to her because he knew the guy would be watching. jude ended up feeling bad, but after speaking to her father, she decided to out her and tommy by singing the song he wrote for her.
    thats where the episode finishes and they show clips of: tommy accusing jude of being drunk after she sings the song, tommy kissing sadie, jude firing tommy, jude and jamie kissing (wack), and then jude running into tommy's arms. can't wait til next episode!