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Season 3 Episode 9

18 (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on CTV
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18 (2)
After performing the song about her relationship with Tommy, Jude expects everything to be fine and for Tommy to make the announcement with her. They're together! But his reaction isn't as great as she hoped. He embarrasses her in front of cameras and runs off to Sadie. Meanwhile, Jude runs to someone else for comfort.moreless

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Corey Sevier

Corey Sevier


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Jason Spevack

Jason Spevack


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Craig Warnock

Craig Warnock

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    • Jaimie: I don't think there's a Hallmark card that says: 'I'm sorry, I blamed you for my girlfriend's death'.

    • Jude: Look I haven't been totally honest with you. Before you showed up, tonight was-
      Jamie: A typically tragic Jude Harrison birthday?
      Jude: Before you showed up.

    • Sadie: Tommy this is so bad.
      Tommy: No it's simple. I want Jude but I messed up. The end.

    • Sadie: Does it matter? Does it matter? Jude just caught us kissing. Yes it matters!
      Tommy: You kissed me.
      Sadie: Yeah. My ex boyfriend, the ex best friend of my boyfriend, and now my sister's ex?

    • Sadie: What did Jude mean by over? Since when were you two under?

    • Little boy clears his throat
      Jude: What's your deal?
      Little boy: They won't let me into the pool without a grown up. Can you come with me?
      Jude: I'm no grown up. I'm a stupid girl who just caught my boyfriend kissing my sister.
      Little boy: That sucks.

    • Jude: Don't let me interrupt. I just wanted to tell you that it's over.

    • Jude: What's your beef with her?
      Spiederman: She's the meanest girlfriend I've ever had. (Jude gives him a look) Oh man. Just don't tell her I spilled. We're supposed to be a secret.
      Jude: First of all, ew. And second, secret relationships? They're not healthy. Trust me.
      Spiederman: Tell me about it. She thinks we should keep it private because of her public image, but it's starting to feel like she's ashamed of me. I mean why would she be ashamed of me? (Jude looks at his lap) Besides the chaps.

    • Paegan: I mean, why are you friends with her?
      Jamie: She's fun. She's compassionate, but doesn't let me get away with anything from music snobbery to pleated pants.
      Paegan: Good. What else?
      Jamie: She's willing to try anything once. Twice if it scared her the first time.
      Paegan: Hah. And?
      Jamie: She's loves music so much. She cries when she sees an old album in the dollar bin at the gas station. She's just amazing.

    • Jamie: This is ridiculous. I'm not a writer. I can barely compose a convincing grocery list.

    • Karma: The theme is dirty thirties!
      Spiederman: Yeah see, I thought the invitation said down and dirty.

    • Jude: So what do you think?
      Tommy: That you're drunk and you're embarrassing yourself.

    • Tommy: You're angry, I get it.
      Hunter: Shh. Join the show Tommy. The girl's singing to you. Maybe for the last time.
      Tommy: Leave Jude out of this. She has nothing to do with me.
      Hunter: I don't believe that. You're gonna have to prove it to me.

    • Portia: Where'd Hunter go?
      Tommy: Back under the rock he crawled out from
      Portia: And yet, you're still here. That was your trademark when we were married. Hmm? Taking off.

    • Jamie: Jude, just coming to find you . . .
      Jude: Found.
      Jamie: I know my timing's terrible - you're having a party and everyone who hasn't been treating you like dirt is here – but, I'm here now. If that counts for anything.
      Jude: Jamie. . . You had me at 'hello'.
      Jamie: I don't think I said hello.

    • Jude: (voiceover) The best presents are often secret gifts you give yourself, special things you've always wanted. So, for my 18th birthday, I went all out. I decided to tell the world how I feel about Tommy Quincy. Nothing says 'I love you' like un-wrapping your feelings to the world. And nothing says he doesn't like a huge dose of public humiliation.

    • Sadie: I want to fix this... Before it's too late.
      Tommy: And you will... After all you're Sadie freakin' Harrison.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jude: Jamie. . . You had me at 'hello'.

      This is a reference to the 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire (starring Tom Cruise), when Jerry expresses his love in a long speech to Dorothy, and her reply is: "You had me at hello."