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Season 3 Episode 9

18 (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on CTV

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  • And the party must go on.......

    Why why why did Tommy have to try embarrassing Jude like that. I'm glad Jude was able to cover things up and point towards her dad. Ugh I hate this stupid Hunter guy for messing Tommy and Jude up. But awwwiez for Jamie coming to cheer Jude up on her birthday. I knew he couldn't stay mad at her forever. He's her savior haha. What an eppy and what a party. I must say it was fun to watch and this Hunter dude is giving me the goosebumps. I'd hate to think what he might do to hurt Jude. I really don't want him to!
  • Good episode. Classic, if not typical, Tommy/Jude.

    For the most part, I liked this episode. Part one of "18" left me practically unable to wait for part two. With the appearance of Hunter, kin to the mysterious Angie (and when I say 'mysterious', I reference the fact that, although she's been mentioned for a couple episodes now, we still have very little of an idea of what happened between her and Tommy), the show got a lot more interesting. I was interested to see how Tommy would handle the threats made by Hunter, and was disappointed when he, in typical Tommy Quincy fashion, screwed it up. Not to say he didn't have help. Sadie did a pretty decent job of putting them in a compromising position for Jude to catch the pair in, and Portia was just mean. It seemed like Portia completely transformed once she got a certain amount of alcohol in her system.
    It's obvious, Portia is jealous of the Jude/Sadie relationship with Tommy, but she sets that aside normally. She came to play ball in this episode, basically helping Hunter destroy Tommy's happiness.

    In the end, when Jude runs to Jamie...I can't say I was entirely surprised. Jamie has always liked Jude, and Jude has always confused her feelings for other people when Tommy hurts her. I wonder who's going to get hurt in the end when Tommy comes crawling back?

    Quick note: The Spied/Karma relationship...just weird. Karma is far too mean and coniving for Spied. Yeah, he's not the brightest or sometimes even the nicest guy, but his heart is always in the right place and Karma seems to be in it for the wrong reasons. Possibly to have what Jude already has had?

    So, all in all, this episode was decent, but I was kinda of disappointed with how some things went. Maybe I'll change my mind later after the last 3 episodes of the season (I've already watched 'Nowhere To Run') The only question I really hope is answered in full is...What exactly happened to Angie?
  • The episode was very exciting and got me excited for the next episode.

    Jude was extremely upset after Tommy told her that she was embarassing gerself. Tommy ran to Sadie after it looked like Hunter figured it out. Jude saw them kissing and was really upset about the wholde thing. She ran to Jamie and Jamie apologized to Jude. I thought that Jamie and Jude were going to kiss at the end, but I guess I was wrong. Karma is now with Spiederman and Karma is sort of embarrased about being with him. But at the end it looked like Karma was ready to tell the world about their relationship. A good episode.
  • jude and tommy are over...jude and jamie are friends again...kwest and sadie are done...karma and speiderman are together.

    ok so i loved this episode...unfortunately it started out with Tommy being a jerk and telling her that she was embarassing herself by singing that song to him...then Jude found him and Sadie kissing and told him that it was over...but we find out that he wants and loves Jude...
    but this episode wasnt all heart breaking Pagen finally helps Jamie realize that he should apologize to Jude and when he does they are friends again...
    then we find out that Karma and Spiederman are a couple but they have been keeping it a secret just like Jude and Tommy...but Spiederman thinks that Karma is ashamed of him...later on Karma decides that they are going to take their relationship public which makes Speed happy...
    now last episode Kwest told Sadie that he loved her and said gave him the imfamous "thank you" which no one want to hear after they have said those three little words so he tells her that they shouldnt talk until she figures out how she feels...which leads to why her and Tommy were kissing...she wanted to see if she felt anything...and she didn't she realized that she loves she goes and tells him and also tells him that she kissed Tommy and Kwest tells her that he not sure if there is a them after that...
    And while all this is going on you have Hunter lurking in the background planning his revenge on i definaltey cant wait until the next episode..
  • Ahhh Jude walks in on Tommy and Sadie..

    This is not how I wanted it to happen. I don't like how this stupid Hunter guy had to come back and ruin all of this and now everyone's relationships are ending. Quest isn't buying Sadie's feelings for him and Jude called it quits on Tommy. At least Jude had her best friend back to help her and be there for her through all of this unforgettable drama. Definitely was an exciting episode and this Hunter guy really gives me the creeps because obviously I'm expecting an attack from him and it's no fun at all not knowing who exactly he's going after..
  • Jude walks in on her sister kissing tommy, which makes jude decide its over between the 2 of them. she then runs away from her party to run into jamie, where they talk eat and have fun.. not knowing that they are being watched by hunter

    i loved it but at the same time i was really sad... i want jude and tommy to be together... im very happy that jamie and jude are friends again. i believe this was a classic episode.. i really like this show.. i want to see more..this show is exciting and keeps you on your toes. you want to see the 2 main characters together but at the same time you want to see all the drama... all the charicters in this episode created there own drama.
  • Conclusion : Jude and Tommy call it quits. Plus we learn about Karma and Speed's relationship.

    Loved it! I really doubted this episode but it was greater than I could have imagined. I'm sad to see Jude and Tommy break up, but I loved clues leading into the Jamie/Jude pairing. I hated how Tommy was being such a jerk though..Bad Tommy! Plus, I'd like to thank my girl Porshia for giving us even more dirt on Tommy. Shame on you,again,Tommy for cheating on Porshia with little miss Angie. Shame on Sadie for playing with Kwest like that. And I hope Jude gives you a piece of her mind. And atleast someone (other than Jude) finaly realized that Karma is something that rhymes with the word witch! How dare she treat Speedy like that? On top of all of this - I hope someone stops Hunter (and we know someone will). All and all here is what I have to say - someone needs to yell at Sadie,Tommy,Karma and Hunter...Someone needs to comfort - Jude,Jamie,Speed and Kwest. One last thing - I just hope Tommy can prove himself to Jude later on...I hate to see him upset,especially since he knows that he keeps screwing up.
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