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Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 11

All Apologies

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on CTV
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Episode Summary

All Apologies
Jude's thrilled to be playing the big music charity do she grew up watching on television, until informed that she'll be dueting with Eden - the Instant Star runner-up, and bleached blond shedevil who stole Shay. Unusually Zen-like Tommy implores Jude to bury the hatchet – that is, until his own nemesis - and former bandmate - shows up pushing a Boyz Attack reunion. With Tommy desperately trying to shake his past, and Jude trying to control her future, this is one charity event that'll be lucky to end in peace…moreless

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  • a reunion, not quite an apology on stage and a realization

    One really great episode. Jude and Eden are fighting again, but Jude leaves as winner this time, though Eden thought she gets everything under control. But that was when she didn't know that standing on a stage alone singing a song written for the two of them could happen so fast and being so humiliating.

    Jude did a bad job in being a understanding friend to Kat, til realizing that it doesn't matter how long you're dating someone, but what you felt about that someone. She was all over Eden for stealing Shay from her, but couldn't see that her best friend was in a similar situation. Finally she got it and Kat and her seem to get along again.

    Tommy and his Ex-band: The performance was great, though the path reaching it was rough. I could totally understand that Tommy was pissed when he was standing on this stage and then all of a sudden there were all the other band members just throwing him of his guard. And Sadie was sweet being all excited about the reunion like a little kid. So all together I loved it. Jommy was sweet as ever. And Eden got kicked in her ass, hell yeah!moreless
  • Ahh when Jude sang Pick up the Pieces with Tommy's old band I felt like a little kid at my favorite singer's concert.

    I loved that Tommy was mature enough to stand against the pressure that his old bandmates were putting on him. I would have lost a lot of respect for Tommy if he had done the dance moves and put on the little costumes like his old friends had wanted him to. I loved that they decided to have Jude sing their song "Pick up the Pieces." It was a perfect song for Jude to sing and I loved that the band still sung backup. It made the whole think much more grown up but it still had the swoon-factor as the guys were still on stage and looking very sexy indeed.moreless
  • Jude and Tommy both come face-to-face with old demons: Tommy with his old bandmate and archenemy, Chaz, and Jude with Eden, her runner-up on Instant Star.

    This episode was a welcome change to the stress and fighting on the show. By this point in season one, all I could think was, when are they going to relax already? Isn't a star's life supposed to be fun sometimes? This episode was the answer to my questions. Jude and Tommy seem to be back to normal (almost preemptively - we never really see the pair make up) and joking as if nothing romantic happened between the two of them. In addition, we finally get some clue to the mystery that is Tommy Q. Instant Star is not about Tom Quincy, and, consequently, a lot of answers are left...well, unanswered. I found this little jaunt into Tommy's past refreshing and fun. In addition, the battle between Eden and Jude rages, for the last time. After this episode, Eden seems to almost disappear from the face of Instant Star to be replaced by future villians such as Jude's former best friend Kat, the man who takes the drunk photos of Jude in the season two finale, and the soon to be unveiled Karma, the third Instant Star. I still consider Eden my favorite enemy, because I always thought she had the most obvious reason to hate Jude.moreless
  • Jude and Tommy face their pasts

    "All Apologies" exsists simply to answer some unanswered questions. What happened with Tommy and his boy band? How will Jude and Kat get along? And when will Eden show her ugly face again? Thankfully Eden is gone after this episode and Jude and Kat make up, a little too easy.

    The real great part of the ep, is Tommy and his boy band. the storyline is equal parts drama, with the tension and repressed anger, and comedy, with it being a boy band. Plus, Sadie and Tommy's relationship begins in the last scene setting up a storyline that will continue well into season two and, more than likely, season three.moreless
  • jude and tommy are forced to work with their rivals for a child benefit concert.

    yea this episodde wasn't all that great i mean it didn't suk but it wasn't as good as it could have been. tommy is forced to do a boyz attack reunion and jude has to work wit eden..aka the girl whoe stole shay. so jude make seden apologoze nut eden embarrases her on tv. i was crackin up though when tommy tried 2 sing 24 hours it was hilarious! the good part of the episode was at the end when jude was all u know u luved it and tommy smiles at her and says u know me anything for the kids. i was like yea rite u know u wanna say anything 4 u jude. o and jude blew the f%$&ing roof off the place when she was singhing pick up the piecesmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The song that Jude and Eden were supposed to sing, "Shatter Me", can be heard faintly in the beginning of the episode sung by Alexz Johnson (Jude).

    • Damhnait Doyle has helped write songs for Instant Star, including "Time to Be Your 21".

    • Kim Stockwood, Tara MacLean and Damhnait Doyle, the members of Shaye appeared at the Music Helps benefit singing their Juno nominated single "Happy Baby".

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Jude: I can't believe that Tommy and Chaz are working together and Eden's going to be apologizing to me on live tv. I guess it just a time for forgiving.

    • Sadie: Where's Jude?
      Tommy: Right now... on Georgia's hit list.

    • Jude: What about the kids?
      Tommy: The kids can help themselves. I'm going to kill Chaz. A lot.

    • Eden: Where are you going?
      Jude: You want the spotlight Eden, it's all yours. Just good luck with hitting my high notes.

    • Jude: What is your problem?
      Eden: My problem is you always playing sulking victim and making me look like the bad guy.
      Jude: What? You stole my boyfriend on national TV. You're the bad guy!
      Eden: Oh please, you dated Shay for like two months. I've had longer colds. Get over it.
      Jude: Get over it? I loved him!

    • Eden: I'd just like to say that I'm sorry Jude. I'm sorry that you're a played out rock cliche and I'm really sorry about Shay. I guess he likes his women to be well, women.

    • Tommy: Jude Harrison: closet Boyz Attacker!

    • Jude: Look, I know this is because I couldn't make your fashion show, but I'm doing Music Helps tomorrow and I was thinking maybe I could wear a Kat design and mention your name on TV.
      Kat: Ok I'll come by tonight, but as your stylist. That means no friendship activities, including movie watching, boy talk, and gossip.

    • Jude: What happened between you and Chaz anyways?
      Tommy: It's the same old story. Boy meets band, boy becomes big star of band, band wants to kill boy in his sleep.

    • Jude: She hates me. She physically hates me.
      Jamie: Welcome to club. Wanna learn the handshake?
      Jude: You know this is all your fault. This is what happens when you decide to hook up with someone's friend.
      Jamie: Whoa easy young lady. I'll have you know there was no hookage. Maybe you should try apologizing.
      Jude: I did. I told her I'm sorry if I got in the way of you guys, but she's acting like I stole you. Like I'm some hoochie, like i'm some-
      Jamie: Eden?
      Jude: Yeah, Eden. Now she stole my boyfriend, and she did it on national TV.
      Jamie: Uh Jude-
      Jude: I mean if anyone is owed an apology Jamie, it's me!
      Jamie: Jude, Satan and a half talk, Channel 8.

    • Kat: Jude, let me give you some advice, friend to friend.
      Jude: Sure.
      Kat: Go to hell.

    • Jude: You should of seen it. Tommy was totally like this close to biting Chaz's head off.
      Jamie: I guess that's why they call it Boyz Attack, huh? Bada-bing! I'm sorry, I'm off my game lately. Kat still won't talk to me. If I call her anymore, I'm officially stalking.

    • Tommy: Look, producing's a full time gig, I haven't written any new material, I'd rather yodel than cover Boyz Attack!

    • Tommy: I haven't performed in five years. I'm not about to start now.
      Jude: What are you, scared?
      Tommy: Psh, no.
      Jude: Aw Tommy that is so adorable!

    • Jude: Guys listen to this. "Eden cancels concert due to emotional distress. Claims Jude Harrison is stalking her." What is with psycho Barbie? She got Shay, why can't she just leave me alone?

    • Jude: You're not nearly as hot as you think you are.
      Eden: Funny, that's what Shay said about you.
      Jude: Okay, it's on. Tommy, I saw this on Law & Order, it's justifiable homicide.

    • Eden: You want what?!
      Jude: An apology.
      Eden: Fine, I'd be happy to, you overdyed sore loser.
      Jude: Thank you, you cradle robbing, boyfriend stealer.

    • Kat: So, how was hell? They say it's dry heat.

    • Jude: It's a dirty little fact of life, we all have enemies, no matter who you are, there's someone out there who doesn't like you. I figure there are three basic types of enemies: those you were once your friend, those who will never be your friend, and those who come back to haunt you.

  • NOTES (3)