Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 13

All I Want Is You

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 02, 2007 on CTV

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  • The episode that wraps up the loose ends of season 3, and opens so many doors for the final season.

    The episode that wraps up the loose ends of season 3, and opens so many doors for the final season was well written. Paegan's getting ready to start the process of establishing his record label, with musical guru, the loveable guy next door Jamie, and Jamie's offered Jude to join them as well. The guy also declares his love for the Instant Star. (again) Only problem does Tommy. So as Jude is trying to decide which guy she should choose, Speed and Karma are struggling in their marriage, but they're gonna give it a shot since they think they really do love each other, and Speed does not want to end up like his parents. He wants marriage to last forever. The episode ends with Jude running down the street, knocks a door, and says, smiling, "Let's do it. All of it." End of season 3. Who does she choose?? (Well duh Tommy.) Now it's time for season 4, the final season...
  • Who will she choose?

    After a long time abscence on our screens it's bothering me more and more, that The-N doesn't give us the chance to find out the answer to the question evryone asked himself after this "earthshaking" season finale. I prefer Tommy a lot more than Jamie and the few details one can find in the internet about the upcoming season are pointing in this direction. But in the end nobody can be totally sure and I just want to know it. I think this and the last ep suprised most viewers and showed a new, dark side of IS. So this ep was very specail.
  • Jude must finally make a decision.

    This was definitely by far the best Instant Star season finale yet. It was really nerve-wracking waiting for Jude to make her decision but as usual we dont get to see who she chooses until season four airs. Most people says she choose Tommy which i dont want to believe because her and Tommy make the worst couple since any show ever. I really hope she chooses Jamie because her and Jamie have a more meaningful friendship and relationship than her and Tommy have. All they have alike is probably the music career. Jude needs to wake up and realize she needs to choose Jamie.
  • This is the episode where Jude has pick Tommy and Jamie.

    I absolutely loved this episode. I think it was definatly one of the best. It was a totally pivital episode in the series. I loved the ending, where they didn't tell you who she picked. In this episode Jude has to choose between Jamie, the boy-next-door who has always been there for her, and Tommy, the man she loved ever since she met him. I am so excited to see who she chooses. In this episode Spied and Karma also get hitched in a supposed-to-be-fake wedding, but come to find out that the fake wedding was very very real. I can not wait until next season, I think the fat that we didn;t get to see who she chooses was an awesome way to keep me watching next year.
  • G Major goes down..

    So G Major is down the drain and everyone is trying to find a way to save their careers. Damn does that suck but it's funny how everything turns out. So Karma and Speiderman is married. WOW that's a funny match I didn't see coming but it's hilarious they're going to do a Newlyweds show on MTV hahaha the next Nick and Jessica we all know how that ended. Ahhh this indecisive character of Jude is killing me. Who the hell is she going to choose. I really thought she would choose Tommy but what the hell they had to end it with a cliffhanger. That's so annoying. Overall a good episode though. The concert performance was awesome.
  • Well, it was a great episode, I could say, but it just had to have one of those cliff-hangers that you always have to wait and see for another 3-6 months from now.

    It was down to Jude, to pick her final decision on who she truly wants to be with: Is it Jamie or Tommy? what is she to do? Though the whole episode seemed to be on this situation, the sub-plot of this of Karma and Spied's relationship was amazing, had the whole development of it in a matter of minutes.. I mean them married?! That's crazy, but I loved it. So, I cannot wait for another season, and I need to know who she picked.. already.
  • lame

    This episode did nothing.... it said nothing... revealed nothing and could of not been made... it was dull... you are left at the same piont of thought from the first prelude to the end... i found it rather un nessary. they only made it as a lead in to next season.. this episode is by far my least favorite episode ever. i hope when the show comes back it picks up to be higher paced cause that is what i liked about it.... well i guess that is all i am not that picky well maybe a little bye bye
  • One of the most memorable Instant Star episodes.

    "All I want is you" is definitely one of the best Instant Star episodes ever. There is a lot of drama, because Jude have to choice between Jamie and Tomy, and if she picks one of them, the other one will be really dissapointed and that will by painful for him. Besides, there's a humor part in this episode. I'm talking about Karma and Spieder's fake wedding. And such as always there is a some great music in the show. The Jude's performance... I was very upset because the G Major have been closed, but during this concert, when I saw how wany fans Jude has, I got my smile back.
    And the final scene... it leaves us with a question - "Who Jude definitely chose?" I hope it will be Jamie.
  • Jude has a choice to make: The Choice of her Life.

    This episode was the moment every viewer has been waiting for. Music, romance, drama, and everything in between. All loose ends and questions fans have had were answered! Each second was cleverly filled with witty dialogue or a pivotal moment in the series! Everybody will be on their toes for season four! Beware though; This episode is a cliffhanger!
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