Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 13

All I Want Is You

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 02, 2007 on CTV

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  • G Major goes down..

    So G Major is down the drain and everyone is trying to find a way to save their careers. Damn does that suck but it's funny how everything turns out. So Karma and Speiderman is married. WOW that's a funny match I didn't see coming but it's hilarious they're going to do a Newlyweds show on MTV hahaha the next Nick and Jessica we all know how that ended. Ahhh this indecisive character of Jude is killing me. Who the hell is she going to choose. I really thought she would choose Tommy but what the hell they had to end it with a cliffhanger. That's so annoying. Overall a good episode though. The concert performance was awesome.