Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 13

All I Want Is You

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 02, 2007 on CTV



  • Quotes

    • Jude: (voiceover) Making choices has never been my strong suit . . .
      Sadie: Acapulco has incredible Ecolodges.
      Jude: Yeah, and Cancun has drunk girls losing their bikini tops. You're so lucky you and Kwest are going on vacation together.
      Sadie: Why, you craving a little beach time with Jamie or Tommy?
      Jude: Nice try but I'm not playing. (voiceover) Only because I'm too terrified to pick.
      Sadie: Oh, Jamie certainly has transformed from lost puppy dog to full-on stallion.
      Jude: (voiceover) Oh, I've noticed . . . A stallion's a horse.
      Sadie: . . Then there's Tommy: those lips, those eyes. Bad boy will always be a contender
      Jude: (voiceover) It's the always that worries me. Tommy-a-do, Tommy-ah-do, I mean you know, Jude's neglected her third album for too long. Romance is just going to have to wait till G Major is finished with me.

      They walk into G Major where everything is being taken away by the cops
      Jude: Hey, what's going on here?
      Man: I'm sorry ladies, until further notice G Major is closed for business.
      Jude: (voice over) Only thing worse than not being able to make a decision . . .
      Sadie: Looks pretty finished to me
      Jude: (voiceover) . . . is having the big ones made for you . . .