Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 11

Celebrity Skin

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 28, 2007 on CTV
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Celebrity Skin
Things go bad for Jude when she wears a vest made of real animal fur. Animal rights activists protest against her so she tries to fix it but instead accidentally insults meat eaters. With all of this drama going on, everyone wants to see Jude hurt. Everyone at G Major has to work hard to protect her or else something terrible might happen.moreless

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  • Hunter after Jude o_O

    Someone stop that insane man! Ah yes the beast has finally been captured. I'm so pissed at the way protesters were attacking Jude. She honestly didn't know she was wearing real fur. Cut the girl some slack especially since there's a mad man out to get her. Geeze Louise! Well I must say this was an intense episode. I was scared for Jude for a good minute until Tommy showed up of course. Woot woot for Jude for knocking the life out of that crazy Hunter! Hmmm so the end is pretty interesting with the Jamie coming in panic to see Jude and take her home. And the previews hmmm....that's all I have to say haha.moreless
  • This episode kept you guessing a little bit.

    Okay at some parts it was so obvious what was going to happen next. I wonder what really happen with that guy sister. It didn't really make much sense to me. I guess they gonna tell us that answer in the next episode. Jude and her friend are getting way closer then ever before so i'm guessing tom and jude won't be getting to together for a while which is pretty sad for the time they was together like a day almost. Can't wait for thr rest of the season and some more songs. My favorite song from the whole show so far is let me fall.moreless
  • Jude's life is in REAL danger.But can anyone help her?

    This show never ceases to amaze me.This episode was well written.So,starting off the episode. Jude walks the runway in a vest,one that happens to be made of real animal fur. She is then covered in red pain (resembling blood). That is only the beginning of the Jude backlash. In attempts to fix it she calls meat eaters "barbaric". Ok,that part of the episode. A lot of celebrities have to chose sides. Are you going to be on the fur side or the anti-fur side. Jude,I believe you are an animal lover and you would never do such a thing on purpose. Next... The protesters swarm her house and vandalize property. She gets death threats and Darius urges her to cancel an upcoming concert, but Jude refuses. Now if I were her, no matter how important my fans were to me, I wouldnt have taken that chance. Ok,something I failed to mention. Somewhere in there, Tommy tried to warn Darius that Hunter was going to show up but Darius told Tommy not to worry. HE SHOULD HAVE! Ok I know that Tommy doesnt hold the record for most trustworthy, but when it comes to Jude he will always be honest. Where did I leave off? Oh yea... So Jude meets Big Lou,her new bulky body guard! (May I mention that she recieves the snazzy nickname, Blonde Eagle). Big Lou attacks a fan while in the mall for getting too close to Jude, and that really makes her boil. All Jude wants to do is communicate with the people who love her music just as much as she does. So the show is back on! Personally,I wouldn't have done that (if I valued life). During her performance, she lets her fans past the doors...Dangerous move Miss Harrison. I would like to commend Big Lou for taking out that protester like that. He sure is dedicated. Now my real review begins....

    I loved the added drama.Before, Hunter never really had a chance to get Jude,but with all of that commotion going on no one would have suspected him.Now I love the show and I dont want to see her get hurt but I liked the way the character was in this episode. Since he had Jude held hostage in the rehersal space - and Tommy showed up - we learned more about this Angie girl. I think Tommy could have done a better job at protecting his "girl" Jude though.

    Something I thought was pointless.Sadie and Karma bonding time. It needs to stop. Yes Sadie can sometimes be really...How do I say this without using profain language, mean? Nevermind, mean is too nice of a word. I don't know how to describe her so I just wont. Anyway, that is one thing her and Karma have in common. Not the point though. Sadie deserves to hurt and suffer about the whole Kwest thing for a while so Karma - back off!

    Can't wait until next episode...Sad thing is though,there are only two more after this one.moreless
  • I am simply amazed! This show keeps getting better and better. (spoilers, of course)

    Okay... I just watched 007 Casino Royale before watching this episode. How on earth is it possible that I was more excited by this?

    Now, while I am not at all saying that this was [i]better[/i], I can honestly say that it was just plain awesome. The season continues down the dark plotline when protesters are offended by Jude's opinions. What's worse, Hunter continues to seek revenge, and it finally shows in a gripping climax. This episode's song wasn't earth-shattering, but it was still pretty good. The sub-plot involves Karma helping Sadie get over Kwest. It wasn't particularly well written, but I've seen worse.

    All in all, this is turning out to be the best season yet by far. I strongly suggest you tune in for this one, or go to The-N's website to watch it.moreless
  • Jude in danger

    So Jude gets attacked for wearing fur. I must say that was clearly a crazy scene when they showed the activists crowding around her home. Hunter is a crazy insane man and I was very much terrified at the way he was keeping an eye on her. I'm glad Tommy was looking out for her though and I'm glad she had some help by Big Lou hahaha. What a name. I also like the way Jamie was looking out for Jude.This was definitely an exciting episode. I'm glad the outcome was a good one and not a tragic one at that. Karma was annoying as usual as if she didn't have the money to buy her own Janet Jackson tickets haha. Overall a good episode. Can't wait til the next one.moreless

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    • Tommy: Jude I got your note.
      Hunter: Do you know what it feels like when a woman you love suffers? Well you're about to find out unless you wanna tell Jude what happened with my sister.
      Tommy: Just let Jude go. She had nothing to do with this.
      Hunter: Angie was supposed to spend the rest of her life with you.
      Jude: Angie, Angie?
      Tommy: She was wrong.
      Hunter: You used her, you broke her heart, so she killed herself.
      Tommy: Hunter, it's complicated.
      Hunter: Complicated! Hey Jude, you ever hear him use that line before?
      Tommy: Ok, I told her I wasn't gonna run away with her, and she was hurt. She took my car keys and I didn't stop her when she drove away. The next I heard, she was dead.
      Hunter: Why did you do it?
      Tommy: Because I wanted to be a star, and Angie was in my way.
      Hunter: You dead bastard-
      Jude hits Hunter in the head with a microphone stand

    • Karma: You know Kwest, you and me have a lot in common.
      Kwest: Oh yeah? Like what?
      Karma: We both like picnics, we're both sensitive souls, and we both like to be in control.
      Kwest: What do you want Karma?
      Karma: I want you to take me to the Janet Jackson concert.
      Kwest: What have you done for me lately?
      Sadie: Karma, a word?
      Karma: Yeah in a-
      Sadie: Now.

    • Big Lou: Please keep at least three feet between you and blond eagle.
      Jude: It's my code name. You know when Tommy was in Boyz Attack, security would call him jazzy hands. I'm sorry. I'm trying to lean off the Tommy mentionitus.
      Jamie: Don't worry. I know it's going to take a while like any bad habit.

    • Karma: So what else did you like about Kwest?
      Sadie: Well I liked that he planned all outings for us.
      Karma: Not spontaneous.
      Sadie: Other times he'd surprise me with a picnic.
      Karma: Cheap.
      Sadie: He was very sensitive.
      Karma: Not a man.
      Sadie: I miss him so much. He's all I think about. Everything reminds me of him.
      Karma: Ok I'm beginning to think this whole quest is useless.
      Sadie: Did you just say Kwest?

    • Karma: Ahem.
      Sadie: Fine. I need your help.
      Karma: Pardon? I didn't hear you.
      Sadie: Please.
      Karma: Ok tonight. You, me, sushi bar. Be ready to party and don't wear anything classy. Shouldn't be too hard.

    • Sadie: Hey, new shirt?
      Kwest: No I got it before. Before you kissed Tommy.

    • Tommy: Do you see what's happening out there?
      Darius: Yep. Trouble always seems to follow that girl around.
      Tommy: There are a lot of people who want to hurt Jude right now, people who want to see her go down. And with her concert coming up.
      Darius: Spit it out T.
      Tommy: I'm worried about Hunter.
      Darius: I thought you said you paid him off.
      Tommy: I did, but rats swim. He could turn up in all this chaos and it'd be really hard to tell.
      Darius: Look you've done all you could do. Nothing left but being tortured by your past. It's time to let it go.

    • Sadie: I'm serious Jude.
      Jude: I can't win Sadie, ok? I'm just trying to do the right thing. And whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    • Kyle: Meat eating is barbaric?
      Spiederman: Yeah you just insulted the one thing that we believe in.
      Wally: And you insulted another animal. The Neanderthal.

    • Karma: Oh sweetie, you don't need make up. What you need is a dark room.
      Sadie: What I need is earplugs so I don't have to listen to your lame attempt at wit.
      Karma: Don't mistake my prying for genuine concern, but what's wrong with you?
      Sadie: It's over between me and Kwest. He doesn't wanna talk to me, he doesn't wanna take me to the Janet Jackson concert. The faster I get over him, the faster I can be with someone else I like half as much.
      Karma: Wow, that is sad. Wasted Janet Jackson ticks.
      Sadie: Would of been better off confiding in the hand drawer.

    • Sadie: Hey, this came in the mail for you today.
      Kwest: Thanks.
      Sadie: They're your Janet Jackson tickets.
      Kwest: I know.
      Sadie: You know we could still go together, start rebuilding our friendship, make things the way that they used to be, before-
      Kwest: Before you kissed Tommy? AKA I don't think so.

    • Jamie: Cute disguise.
      Jude: It's not a disguise, Jamie. I'm trying to hide the red paint. It's not coming off.
      Jamie: Sorry Jude, but that's the least of your problems. You made people down at the internet mad.
      Jude: Let me see. Harrison the barbarian?
      Jamie: Instant Star caught with fur on and morals down.
      Jude: You know, for once this isn't my fault. I had no idea that that vest was real fur. I'm not an animal hater Jamie.
      Jamie: You are a bonefied animal lover. Remember that time a bird flew into your house?
      Jude: Yeah I made it a little shoe box bed. And it died.
      Jamie: The baby squirrel that got caught in your chimney.
      Jude: I fed it milk in an eye dropper. And it died.
      Jamie: The bee that you freed from the window pane?
      Jude: Stung me and died!
      Jamie: Look there's a game where you shoot baby chinchillas.

    • Sadie: My ear is hot from phone calls. Angry e-mails crashed our server. And people are so mad that they're sending regular mail.
      Jude: All because of my little meat comment.
      Sadie: Little? Jude, you have the cattle board on your back. The anti-fur people want your hyde.
      Jude: I thought they were against that kind of thing.

    • Jude: (voiceover) Broken-hearted? Me? Please, broken heart does not go with these boots. Ok, so maybe it's not as easy as it looks but sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it. After all, they say living well is the best revenge. And looking hot in front of your ex-boyfriend feels pretty good too. Looking like I slaughtered a baby seal . . . beyond horrific.

    • Darius: Okay, imagine I'm crazy.
      Jude: Imagine?
      Darius: And I'm coming at you praying mantis style. Try and hit me. (hard slap)

    • Sadie: I can't believe you, flirting with my boyfriend!
      Karma: Ex-boyfriend.
      Sadie: Using the information I gave you too.
      Karma: Come on, it makes me MENSA material.
      Sadie: You know you weren't even trying to help me. You were just using me to get to Kwest.
      Karma: No, I was using you to get to Kwest, to get to Janet Jackson.
      Sadie: Really?
      Karma: Yeah, when I see something I want I go after it. You should try it sometime. (walks out)
      Sadie: (to herself) Maybe I will.

    • on Jude wearing fur at the fashion show
      Paegan: Who cares? You mean animal rights, what about animal wrongs? Look what happened to the crocodile hunter, yeah?

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