Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 22, 2008 on CTV

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  • Definately good

    I loved this episode personally. I feel like it foreshadowed what may happen by the end of the show/season. I really enjoyed the whole Karma and Speiderman sub plot. I think that they are going to end up a great married couple even though I think the show is trying to make you think they aren't going to work out. They seem to bring out the best and fun side in each other as they showed when dancing at Jude's party. I also think that now that Kuest is moving in that maybe at some point Jude may ask Tommy to move in also. But the Jamie and Jude plot was very well thought out I think. Personally I'm a supporter of Jommy but this episode really made you feel bad for Jamie. I also think that the scene of her having trouble letting him go may either be a sign of her letting him go with their friendship or a sign that she still loves him because she said she couldn't let him go at first and couldn't tell him why. I'm personally hoping that Kat comes back and takes Jamie back because Jude and Kat's friendship was in a way left on pause and all Kat ever wanted and loved was Jamie. I guess it's just because I want Jude and Tommy in the end- the show has been about them. Not so much Jude and Jamie. This episode was strong for Jamie and Jude.
  • Jude and Jamie's friendship is ending, and it seems to be because of her previous choices. When Jamie takes a step up to try and avoid Jude to nurture his heart, she takes a step to try to intervene. She wants her friend back, no matter what.

    I loved it. It was a sad moment for the Jude/Jamie friendship, but it was still a great episode. To start, some of the footage for Karma and Speed's reality show was funny, yet insulting... I really felt for Jude when she was the only person not invited to Jamie's party. In a way, I wish she would have taken Spiederman's advice though. I really thought their friendship would be saved when they were finally hanging out together, but as we know, Jamie's love for Jude always wins over the rest of his emotions... Wally, Kyle, and Spiederman were funny when they went on the panty raid in Jude's room (that lingerie looked familiar...), though it was sort of cruel when they left Pagen on the roof like that, but luckily Jamie found him and went to the rescue. It was so funny to see Karma let loose the way she did and just act goofy with Spiederman, even if it did come back and get her when it turned out someone else had her necklace cam and recorded the whole thing. I think she's slowly learning how to live a little. The most important part(in my opinion) however was when Jamie was falling off of the roof and Jude was holding on, trying not to let go, but Jamie told her to. It was just emotional because it symbolized how she was letting go of Jamie and their fourteen year long friendship... I kind of wish they could make up, but I guess we'll see what happens. There are ten more episodes before the series ends.