Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 1

Even Better Than the Real Thing

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 15, 2004 on CTV
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Even Better Than the Real Thing
And the first ever Instant Star is.... Jude Harrison! With a record contract up her sleeve, will she make it on her own or will she be forced to change by her record company? What will her new life be like?

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  • Jude Harrison proves that you don't have to sing catchy pop songs and dance to win a singing contest. As the underdog, she comes out on top in the Instant Star competition, facing drama with her ex-boyband producer and writing her song.moreless

    Like people would be of any new show, I was very skeptical of Instant Star. I think the thing that made me tune into this episode was the fact that it was made by the same people as Degrassi, but I instantly fell in love. This episode was a great introduction into Jude Harrison's life, and the aftermath of winning an "American Idol" type contest. It is great for a pilot episode, convincing me that it is definately worth it to tune in for the rest of the sesaon. I loved how it shows the insight into Jude's parents and her family life, and it shows how just because you win a record contract people want to be your best friend.moreless
  • The very first episode ever and I was hooked in the first 5 minutes.

    The episode opens and we see that Jude is clearly in a singing contest. Although we do not get to hear the song that she sings, we get to see her win. We later discover that the song she sang was a version of what became "24 Hours." We learn she has a sister named Sadie who is immediately jealous of her little sister's newfound fame. She has parents who couldn't love her more, but how they love each other is a different story. Jude's best friend Jamie is head-over-heels for her, but Jude has no idea. We even see her falling head-over-heels herself, for Little Tommy Q, a former Boyzattack member. This is a pilot episode that has a million different directions that it can go.moreless
  • Jude Harrison wins the "Instant Star" contest and quickly finds herself thrust into the limelight.

    Instant Star could've been a lot of things. Mostly horrible; given thet fact that most teen shows are stupid, pointless crap like The O.C. So I didn't have my hopes up. But I was wrong; the writers of Degrassi have given us another gem and James Hurst, the head writer, does a great job of introducing us to Jude and her world. (Plus he throws in a Joe Strummer reference.) You really feel like you\\\'ve known Jude and Jamie forever and you kinda feel sorry for Jamie when Jude turns him down. The sibling rivalry between Jude and Sadie is perfect and Tommy comes across as jerk of the highest order but redeems himself at the last minute. All in all: not bad, not bad at all.moreless
  • Tommy's Right, She's Even Better Than The Real Thing!

    ude Harrison wins Instant Star and her life changes forever! I know this is a TV show but Jude is even better than some of the artist that are singing music today and I cannot wait for this season to come out fully on DVD. I love the songs and they are really great, the acting is great and everything is, well...JUST GREAT!
  • Jude's about to enter into a whole new lifestyle.

    Jude Harrison wins the Instant Star contest and everyone is competley shocked to hear it. Soon after she finds herself at the studio ready to be a star. Only to find that she has to work with Tom Quincy or aka Little Tommy Q from a 90s boy band. He soon takes her contest winning song and changes it completley.

    Even Better Than The Real Thing is a wonderful episode the intorduces this series into a fantasic story about a girl who woke up one day and was a star. I give this episode a 5 out of 5 and its a must see July 1st in the-n along with episode 102 which im looking foward to.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the original script, Jamie's gift to Jude (in place of Joe Strummer's guitar pick) was something made "out of old radio parts" in order "to help [her] channel [her] idols."

    • According to the Season 1 DVD set, Tom Quincy's Boyz Attack nickname was originally "Little Tommy C" instead of "Little Tommy Q".

    • Both Alexz Johnson (Jude) and Katrina Matthews (Eden) have been guest stars on "The Chris Isaak Show."

    • "Instant Star" is filmed on the same set as "Degrassi: The Next Generation" but not on the same days. The inside of the school is the same as in "Degrassi." You can tell by looking at the lockers, they're the same ones, and the hallways are indentical. The only difference is the exterior of the school.

    • In one scene, Jude's hair is in a pony tail then in the next, her hair is down and even curly.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Jamie: Next stop in the Jude-Jamie train is love. This is just the transitional phase.
      Kat: Transitional phase? You been watching Dr. Phil again?

    • EJ: I'm telling you Georgia, she's to young, to green, to un-packaged. I just want my objections put on record.
      Georgia: You can put them on MP3 for all I care, EJ. Then get over it. Jude is our girl.

    • Jude: If I don't win I'm going to look like such a dork in school tomorrow.
      Jamie: On the plus side, most people already think were dorks.
      Jude: (sarcastically) Thank you Jamie.

    • Kat: Is that your song?
      Jude: Kat, they're playing my song on tubas.

    • Jamie: Don't let them change you, ok?
      Jude: I'm not changing for them. I'm not changing for anybody.

    • Jamie: I always knew this would happen.
      Jude: What, that I'd win some cheesy TV talent search?

    • Georgia: And that's why we've teamed you with a writer/ producer with real substance.
      Jamie: Billy Joe from Green Day?
      Jude: Tim Armstrong from Rancid?
      Georgia: We were thinking more Tom Quincy.
      Jude: Little Tommy Q. from Boyz Attack?
      Jamie laughs
      Jamie: Oh sorry. I thought you were kidding.

    • Jude: Kat, I cannot like this guy. He's from a 90's boy band.
      Kat: This man is like an Orlando Bloom sundae smothered in Johnny Depp sauce.
      Jude: Yeah, I know. But it's more than that, Kat. I mean, he teaches me stuff. I make great music with him. And at the lake... At the lake, there was this moment. I don't know. Maybe I just imagined it.
      Kat: Yeah, but what if you didn't?

    • Tommy: Don't quit. Cause you're it girl. You're the real thing. You're even better.

    • Tommy: Look, working on a song... It's like falling in love. First it's a rush, but then it's painful, and sometimes you gotta walk away. But sometimes, you come out with something beautiful, like that song.

    • Jude: I wrote my first song when I was six, got my first acoustic at ten, and it has barely left my hands since. Everything I am, everything I've worked for, has brought me to this stage tonight. Sometimes if you listen really hard, you can almost hear it, that moment in your life that changes… forever.
      Host: Our first ever Instant Star is... Jude Harrison!

    • Sadie: If I would've won I would've actually read the what three year contract.

      Jude: But you didn't win did you Sadie.

    • Kid: Dude, your the envy of the school, you're friends with the famous chick.

      Jamie: She's not that famous, not yet anyway.

    • Jamie: I haven't see anything this dorky since the chess club strawberry social.

    • Jude : Thanks, but I quit.

  • NOTES (9)