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Season 4 Episode 10

Every Breath You Take

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 10, 2008 on CTV
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Every Breath You Take
Karma's reality show premieres, and she isn't thrilled with what she sees.

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    Clé Bennett

    Clé Bennett

    Thermin/Reality Show Producer

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    Ian Blackwood

    Ian Blackwood


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    Christopher Gaudet

    Christopher Gaudet


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    Wes Williams

    Wes Williams

    Darius Mills

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      • Spiederman: You know why our audience hates you? Because you have no soul.

      • Karma: You know, I'd do anything for charity, and I'd hope you would to. Which do you think would make me look more maternal, Africa or South America?"

      • (Jude opens door)
        Spiederman: Expecting someone a little more, squinty? I'm sorry about the Karma drama...I got nowhere else to stay. Well, nowhere else where I can be as bummed as I am, and dude, I'm really, really bummed.

      • Karma: That's it cheater, fame has turned you into a monster. Get out of my life, get off of my show!
        Spiederman: Your life and the show, aren't they the same damn thing?

      • Spiederman: Yo, what's up?
        Jude: What's up? Karma told me to meet you here, 'cause you wanted to talk about something?
        Spiederman: Karma told me that you wanted to meet me here...Uh oh.
        Karma: I didn't want to believe it, no matter how many people told me to open my big beautiful eyes.
        Jude: What are you talking about?
        Karma: My husband is having an affair with his man hungry, c-listed ex. Right under my nose!
        Jude: Oh, you gotta be kidding...
        Karma: Your career is on the skids and Tommy Q. broke your heart, so you do this? You were the best man at our wedding!
        Jude: This...This isn't right.

      • Darius: You think you can take me down?
        Sadie: Absolutely, baldy.
        Darius: This ain't uno.

      • Jude: The whole poker thing, you were just messing with me?
        Tommy: Well documented breakup rule...Exes get to push each other's buttons just for the fun of it, and you're the one who convinced the shop owner to sell us the Bowie in the first place.

      • Darius: Counting my chips, Sadie? More than you make in a year...
        Sadie: Do you realize you just let everyone know what a cheap employer you are?
        Darius: Shouldn't you be out there ont he floor making sure things are running smoothly? I'm sure I got some napkins out there that need to be folded.

      • Tommy: (to Jude) Just so you know, when the dealer is referring to chips, he's not offering you a snack pack.

      • Karma: Am I being stupid? I've always wanted to be adored, now I'll settle for tolerated.
        Spiederman: You will be, ok? By episode five, six at the latest.

      • Jude: So when the dealer puts out the first three cards, I have to raise a blind man's flop unless I'm flooding the button...
        Kyle: This is like teaching sign language to a donkey.

      • Reality Show Producer: But we can't rest on our time slot anymore, so we gotta use it, gotta expand. So I'm thinking, double dating with Darius. Or maybe you can convince Kyle to go into the army. No, love triangle, with Jude playing the part of the other woman.

      • Karma: Scrambled! I said scrambled!
        Spiederman: (to camera) I must have been scrambled to marry her...

      • Spiederman: You all know this little lady as Jude Harrison, well I just call her the person I owe everything...
        Jude: Yeah, true...He owes me money.

      • Spiederman: Hi folks, I'm Vin Spiederman.
        Karma: AKA Mr. Karma.
        Spiederman: That too...

      • Karma: How about a camera free weekend in the mountains? Just you...Me...
        Spiederman: That blue, lace number that's two sizes too small...

      • Karma: If I didn't know you worshiped the pedicure I walked on, I'd swear you were mad at me.

      • Jude: See you at the poker pit...
        Tommy: Table.
        Jude: Whatever.
        Tommy: Oh and Jude, just so you know, poker involves actual math.

      • Darius: What are you doing here, Jude?
        Jude: I just came to um...
        Tommy: Uh, she came to tell you that she'd like to play in tomorrow's charity poker tournament.
        Jude: I do...What? What, I do?

      • Tommy: Hey you...
        Jude: Hey... I just snuck in to get one thing and then I'm leaving.
        Tommy: I sure hope that one thing isn't a David Bowie gold record we found at the memorabilia shop.
        Jude: No...It's my Bowie that I got at the memorabilia shop. Well documented breakup rule, all nonessential purchases made during the relationship, transfer to the girl.

      • Reporter: You guys are pretty young to be married, how long have you actually been together?
        Karma: Oh, uh...Such a blur, who can keep track?

      • Spiederman: (to Jude) Thanks for acting as a buffer between me and Karma's big head.

      • Jude: (voiceover) They say fame is like a drug, one taste and you're hooked... When it comes to celebrity cravings, nobody has a more addictive personality than Karma... But there's no one less impressed by fame than Karma's husband, he just wants to keep his wife happy.

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