Instant Star

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 27, 2007 on CTV
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Jude is determined to have a normal, non-famous, non-G-Major-drama seventeenth birthday with her friends and family – minus her former friend and producer. But fate has other plans, and Jude finds herself locked in a most unusual setting with Tommy. Will they tear each other apart – or make beautiful music together?moreless

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  • My personal faviourite of season 2.

    Its Jude's birthday, and following the hot tub disaster in a previous episode Jude and Tommy arenot getting on too well but all of that was soon to change on Jude's 17th birthday! Jude plans a "caveman days" event for her siter, mum and Speiderman (her current boyfriend). Jude's mum invites Jamie without knowing what has been going on wth jude, Speid and Jamie. Sadie bets her mum that the night will end in disaster and she agree's to it. During the night Sadie and her mum are delibaretly trying to either spice things up or cool things down so either can win the bet. Meanwhile Jude and Tommy get accidentally locked in together. Jude re-tells the Tommy incident through song - Liar Liar and Jude and Tommy get through their differences when Jude finds out that Tommy never actually cheated on Sadie. They spend the night together and re-develop their feelings for each other, when Jamie and Speid find them together and bring Jude home.moreless
  • Jude and Tommy are locked in on Jude' birthday

    While many shows have done the "characters-locked-in-a-room" episode, "Instant Star" makes it fresh. Jude and Tommy clear the air in this episode and get themselves back to the flirting mess that is "Jommy". Both Alexz Johnson, looking extremely pretty, and Tim Rozon turn in the best performances since "Unsweet Sixteen" and every single "Jommy" moment had me, a diehard "Jade" fan, on the edge of my seat silently screaming "Kiss already!" Perfection.

    Now let's turn our attention to the b-plot, which is just as entertaining; Jamie and Spied's fight at Jude's birthday party. A bissfully unaware Victoria (Jude's mom) invites Jamie to the party where he and Spied, once best friends, engage in what I can only call the greatest cave-fight in television history. The fact that Sadie and Victoria take bets on whether they'll make up or not is great but it's the moment that brings the two back together, placing those napkin-thingys on their tounges, that's hilarious. I told you we need more Jamie!moreless
  • ahh i cant wait till they get together

    omg!!! seems like jude and tommy can\\\'t be apart for much longer i mean in unsweet sixteen she ended up with tommy after getting hurt by shay and then in this episode she gets locked in a room with him and they make a song and talk things out how awesome it that!!
  • It\'s Jude\'s 17th birthday and she\'s having a party at a caveman restaurant, which her mum accidently invites Jamie to and Jude misses it because she gets stuck in the basement with Tommy.moreless

    This episode was awesome. I loved it most when Jamie and Speed were at the restaurant challenging each other to who could eat the \'hottest\' food, and then when they had a fight with the blow up clubs - that was hilarious.

    I think that Jude and Tommy are really sweet but there\'s something about Tommy that\'s just a bit off. I think he\'s a bit of a jerk sometimes but who isn\'t.

    I also liked the way Tommy tapped the pipes to get Jude\'s attention, and she didn\'t just happen to \'wonder down to the basement\' and find him because that is such a cliche.moreless
  • OMG!!!!!!! Jude and Tommy finnaly made up.

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the seson. When he told her that she knew exactly why him and sadie were right for each other, i thought they were gonna get it on right there. i was on the edge of my seat when the woke and tommy was leaning for the kis spiederman and jamie walked in and ruined it. I can gues that jude's birthday's from now she will always think of tommy. i'm glad that jamie and spiederman made up because they are good friends. i reall don't think that spiderman is the right man for jude.moreless

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    • Spiederman: Those wings are a major after burn.
      Jamie: I know. I think my molar self cremated. I think you ruptured my spleen.
      Spiederman: Dude, you busted my nose.
      Jamie: Kinda gives you an Owen Wilson thing. Jude loves Owen Wilson.

    • Sadie: I should've bet a hundred. (to Spiederman) Jamie told Jude not to date you. He said you play guitar worse than Madonna and you have the IQ of her cone bra. (to Jamie) Spiederman does this great impression of you. It involves pulling his pants up to his chest and weeping. Makes Jude howl.

    • Spiederman: I'll take hot, please.
      Ugg-ugg: After what happened the last time you were here?
      Spiederman: That wasn't me.
      Ugg-ugg: I'm only giving you mild.
      Jamie: I'll have an order too please. Volcanic.
      Sadie: With your stomach?
      Spiederman: I'm going inferno. Please.
      Ugg-ugg: I'm not giving you inferno.
      Jamie: Post apocalyptic lava, please.
      Ugg-ugg leaves
      Spiederman: Well done.

    • Spiederman: Ugg-ugg. Ugg-ugg! (Flapping his arms like a bird) We want more spicy wing of small flying beast.
      Jamie: Chicken wings. Can we just call them chicken wings? What are you, three?

    • Sadie: Finale? I'm not staying for a finale. I'm calling her right now.
      Spiederman and Jamie; Can I talk to her-
      Spiederman: Too?

    • Sadie: So boys, enjoying the party?
      Jamie: Hardly. Not Jude's usual birthday crowd. You know what, with this year's annoying, though very temporary addition. (coughs) Rebound. Rebound.
      Spiederman: Oh don't choke dude. You gotta save your breath for your blow up girlfriend.
      Jamie: You're at dinner with her family Stifler. A little deportment?
      Jude's mom: Speaking of her, where is Jude?
      Spiederman: I bet she'll be coming out as Princess Paleolithic in the finale. I love Princess Paleolithic.

    • Spiederman: Ok dudes. We get free Jurassic poppers because I brought my frequent fire starters caveman card.
      Jamie: Should of known Jude would never of picked this farce.
      Spiederman: What can I say? The girl likes my sense of fun. But I'm sure she misses your romantic trips to the morgue.

    • Waitress: If you are caught with forbidden utensils, they will be taken and melted in our communal forge. If you need anything get on your hind legs and holler. Ugg-ugg is my name.

    • Jude: Ok, just so you know, I have a phone and I have a boyfriend upstairs. He's 200 pounds and a moving man. And he has scaving anger management issues. Ok?
      Jude opens the door
      Tommy: A moving man?

    • Sadie: You should of worn a leopard print helmet. This is gone explode.
      Jude's Mom: Fifty dollars says tonight ends peacefully.
      Sadie: My fifty says we need a UN intervention by midnight.

    • Spiederman: Good afternoon Jamester. So have you heard about me and Jude being you know, me and Jude?
      Jamie: Sorry, do you mean have I heard about my ex friend who fired me as his manager and hooked up with my girlfriend two nanoseconds after we broke up?

    • Tommy: Why don't you focus on just giving me one song I can work with?
      Jude: Why don't you start by being a good producer?

    • Jamie: Could you give this to Jude? I haven't missed her birthday ever.
      Jude's Mom: So give it to her yourself. We'll give you a ride at 6:30.
      Jamie: Are you sure?
      Jude's Mom: Absolutely. Be there or be square.
      Jamie leaves
      Sadie: Do you have any idea what you've just done? Do you know what's going on between Jude and Jamie and Speed?
      Jude's Mom: What?

    • Jude's Mom: Jamie, don't you think that Caveman Days place is fun?
      Jamie: Hmm... bloody meat, fruit punch, and full of Neanderthals. Fun for some. Nightmare for others.
      Jude's Mom: See. Jamie loves Caveman Days.
      Jamie: No further comment. I am a man of mystery.

    • Jude: Your French Quincy?
      Tommy: You actually think my name is Quincy?!

    • Tommy: I never lied to you Jude. I never cheated on Sadie. I swear by anything you want.
      Jude: So I pushed you into the hot tub for telling the truth? *Sighs* What else can I be? All apologies.
      Tommy: You know people, they don't always see who you really are. But I need you to try.
      Jude: I always thought I saw the real you.
      Tommy: Believe me, in me, again.
      Jude: I want to but...

    • Jude: Oh, no cell phones. It's like the middle ages in here.
      Tommy: Or the 50's. I think we're at the Chrome Cat. Used to be in this area.
      Jude: Okay.
      Tommy: The Chrome Cat (unveils piano) was it. Artists used to stop by here, on their way through town. Sinatra would've played here. Peggy Lee, Cleo Lane. There's a rumor about Elvis from the time the Colonel let his cross the border. Sad seeing it looking like this.
      Jude: I guess everything falls apart sometime right?
      Tommy: Hmm

    • Jude: Hey, can you stop writing your groupies on your crackberry and listen to me?
      Tommy: Give me something worth listening to, and I might.

    • Jude: Mom, J shaped pancakes? And an mp3 player from Dad. So far so good.

    • Tommy: Sadie and I... we weren't right.
      Jude: Why?
      Tommy: You know exactly why.
      Jude: Yeah.

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