Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 6

Heart Of Gold

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Unknown on CTV

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  • Sadie has had enough.

    Though i could see why Sadie wanted to get away from Jude but she was dealing with the death of Pasty. So after the death of Pasty Jude was just freaking out. Like making Sadie do every thing for her. Acting like that's what big sisters are supposed to do. Jamie gets to manager a new talent. So she supports this charity that was for Pasty since the fact that she steal from stores to provide home less children to eat some thing. Even with her unpredictable life style and in her own twisted way she really was a caring person.
  • Sadie stands up for herself. :P

    It's awesome that Sadie finally slapped Jude into reality. I mean she didn't literally slap her but you know what I mean. She definitely deserved to call Jude out on her crap. I love Jude and all but come on Sadie doesn't deserve to be bashed especially the way she said it so harsh by claiming Sadie has a crappy life. Jude is so lucky that Sadie was sweet enough to be a sister and not go through with the U.N. and especially helped her stick up to the mall lady which I found laughter in. That mall lady was an a&&. Overall loved the performance as always. Great episode.
  • woohoo sadie!!!!!!!

    Finally Sadie let Jude know that she wasnt going to be taking any of her crap was so wrong for Jude to just push everything off on Sadie...i mean Sadie just offered to help and Jude just gave her everything to do and then got mad when her concert was canceled which was technically her fault becuase she didnt tell Sadie that she needed a 403 i was glad when Sadie got accepted into the UN program but of course the show wouldnt be as good without the sisterly drama so they couldnt let Sadie go so Jude apologized, Darius gave her a raise and all was good at G Major...hopefully Jude has learned something from this.
  • Sadie has had enough..

    It was wrong for Jude to be constantly counting on Sadie so much. Sadie does deserve her chance to be noticed beyond the secretary. I'm glad they worked things out in the end and Jude realized she was wrong to throw her off. I loved when they stood up to the mall lady ahaha that was funny. I wanted to smack that lady the first time when she was giving Sadie a hard time about holding the place. I loved her performance at the mall. I thought it was nice of her to bring Sadie on the stage. Overall another great episode. Can't wait til the next episode. I love the previews :P.