Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 4

Hey Sister

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 06, 2005 on CTV
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Hey Sister
The record company freaks out when Jude plays her new song for the radio powers-that-be and gets some very negative reactions. Tommy's so disappointed in himself that he even threatens to quit. Desperate to keep her number one producer (and crush) in the picture, Jude hatches the perfect plan –insisting that she and Tommy just need to "get away" with nothing but a guitar and four-track to perfect Jude's sound. Things get complicated when the isolated mentor and his student find themselves connecting over more than just the music…and things get downright messy when Jude's hot sister Sadie shows up.moreless

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  • Jude and Tommy got a little closer in this episode, but then... so did Tommy and Sadie.

    I have always hated this episode. It's the one episode I never watch when going through the series. My negativity, however, is only due to my hate for the upcoming Sadie/Tommy relationship. And even I have to admit that it was an important point for the season. It did a good job at showing off the characters. It gave us a look at just how hard Jude had fallen for Tommy, and the possibility of his mutual affection for his artist. I enjoyed the fact that they brought along chaperons, even if just to ease her parent's minds. I thought it was hilarious, "You and me, all alone?" And they had some good flirtation until Sadie ruined it.

    Sadie's major role in this episode was obvious, and I think it really showed her as the true overachiever in the family. It was clear that she was envied by her younger sister. Their rivalry was set in stone during this episode. The kiss between Tommy/Sadie was hard to watch, and Jude's reaction didn't disappoint. We also had some new dramatic irony, learning of Stuart Harrison's affair despite Jude being left in the dark. It was only one of the new starting points for future drama. The Jamie and Kat scenes were funny breaks from the serious atmosphere in the house, and I like their feuding type of friendship.moreless
  • For me anyways.

    This episode will always be a little more special to me than the others because it was the very first Instant Star episode I saw, and it's a big part of what helped me get hooked on the series and keep watching. (I totally had the wrong misconseption about the show after this episode, but it's still a great one nonetheless.) Jude and Tommy become a little closer, Sadie interferes, Jamie proclaims his love for Jude, and things get even more oh so complicated... Haha. But it was a great episode of season 1. I like it very much. :) Definitely very well done.moreless
  • The record company freaks out when Jude plays her new song for the radio & gets some bad reactions. Tommy's so disappointed he wants to quit. Jude has a plan that she and Tommy go to a get away with nothing but a guita but it gets bad when Sadie shows up.moreless

    I think this was the episode that made me dislike Sadie's character the most. I hat the fact that she actually kissed Tommy, I mean couldn't she tell that her sister liked him, I know she felt bad about her dad but come on not even I would do that to my sister. ( and I don't even like my sister that much at all)Personally I think she should have told Jude, I know if it was me I'd want too know aspeiaclly if I had a close relationship with him. Over all it was a really good episode and I loved the song that they wrote it's still my favorite.moreless
  • Jude and Tommy write a new song.

    After her song is deemed a "flop" jude needs a new one so she and Tommy go off to write one with Jamie and Kat as chaperones. But Jamie's car breaks down, and Sadie crashes the song writing.

    This episode felt like it was missing something. All the key elements were there: Jude and Tommy flirting, Sadie being evil, Jamie being flustered and dorky, but something didn't click. Sadie telling Tommy about her dad's affair, and the subsequent kiss, seems a little forced and rushed. So does Jude crying. Again. Also, although the scenes with Jamie and Kat were funny, we didn't really need to be reminded that he loves Jude. We get it.

    The Tommy and Jude save this episode to me. I like how slow and subtle their romance is. Also it was nice to see Kat have something to do for a change.

  • Jude and Tommy go to a ranch but things dont go as planned when Sadie shows up! Also Kat and Jamie are stranded it has to walk to the ranch, where Jamie admits his feelings for Jude! Sadie and Jude then get into a fight because they both like Tommy!moreless

    I thought this was a good episode! Not the best but good. I didnt like how Sadie and Jude were arguing, But i did like how Sadie admits the real reason why she came to the ranch! How she wanted to tell Jude of their dad affair! This overall was a good episode!
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