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Season 1 Episode 7

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 06, 2005 on CTV
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I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Jude's landed her first official boyfriend…and it doesn't hurt that he's an uber-famous rapper! But she can't keep him separate from the rest of her world forever. So Jude invites Shay to the school dance…and dinner with the family. As if that wasn't awkward enough, Tommy shows up, determined to prove to Jude that Shay is NOT the guy she thinks he is. Jude wants to defend her boyfriend, but she has doubts…especially when he starts flirting with her high school nemesis…moreless

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  • Jude and Shay are finaly and officially an item, and Jude wants him to get a good look at her world.

    This is my favorite episode with Shay in it. I love how throughout the entire episode Tommy is jealous of Jude and Shay, it is the slow beginning of what so many fans have come to know and love as "Jommyness". The episode was cute, in him agreeing to go to the dance and have dinner with her family, then her writing "Your Eyes" for him. That's a great song. The Jamie and Kat moments were cute too, they were my favorite couple of season one. I also thought it was cute how Sadie was flirting it up with Tommy, and I never noticed until now how he first denied her because of his feelings for Jude.moreless
  • Jude invites Shay to a dance

    At first glance "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" seems like filler, and in some ways it is, but upon closer inspection the end of Jude/Shay and the beginings of Jude/Tommy can be found in this episode. The "unwritten rules of the road" set up Shay's betrayal in the next episode and Tommy's protectiveness of Jude hints at something more. Everything else, the dance and Jamie and Kat's budding relationship, aren't given that much thought and come off as kinda plot devices to further the show rather than actual plots. But hey, they managed a dysentary joke and that's always something, right?moreless
  • Lovely episode

    I liked this episode. It showed how Jude and Shay's relationship was developing. It also expanded on Kat and Jaimie's relationship. We could see how Tommy is getting more and more protective (maybe even more jealous as well) of Jude. The featured song "Your Eyes" is amazing, and the school dance was fun to watch. Of course it all ended with a sweet scene between Jude and Shay where he apologizes and tells her he wants to be her boyfriend. Can we all say "awwwwww"? :)moreless
  • Jude invites Shay to the dance and also to her house for dinner. Then Tommy shows up and Sadie asks him to stay! This was a great episode!

    Another great episode!! I loved how Tommy was at the dinner table embarrasing Shay some! I thought this showed alot of Tommy jealous side. But also it shows how Sadie wants Tommy and wont stop till she gets him! I think that Shay bringing them presents was soooo nice! And the dance with Jamie/Kat that made me smile.
  • good

    This was a pretty good episode! I enjoyed watching Jude and Shay acting like a real couple and having a serious relationship, I do agree that it was wrong for Shay to keep avoiding the topic but in the end he came through for her and it was pretty sweet. I also that it was very sweet of Tommy to look out for Jude, I noticed that he\'s been doing that a lot lately, looking out for Jude and really caring about her not just as one of his artists, but as a person, a friend, or like a family member.

    Kat and Jamie were so cute in this episode, dancing together!! Kat loves Jamie, she should just admit it!!

    9 out of 10, great episode!!!!!moreless

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    • Shay: You must be Jude's older sister.
      Jude's mom: And you must be Shay. Jude said you were a charmer.

    • Jamie: I can't believe I'm actually having fun at a high school dance. It's totally against my religion you know.

    • (Kat starts dancing)
      Jamie: Do I need to call a paramedic?

    • Jamie: Alright we came, we drank punch, we felt pains of alienation, I think our job here is done. Lets blow.

    • Tommy: It's like she can't record without him. What does she see in him?
      Kwest: Money...Fame...Talent...You're right, complete mystery.
      Tommy: That's a rhetorical question, I know what she sees in Shay. I was Shay.

    • Shay: My girl has been rockin' the mic all night, the song's done, Quincy. We have places to hit.
      Tommy: It's done when i say it's done, Shay-Shay.

    • Jude: Lately, my life is like a really cool puzzle: School, home, the album, Tommy, and now, Shay. All these different pieces that I have to keep together. Problem is, some of the pieces just refuse to fit.

    • Jude: What's the number one rule of the road?
      T-Bone: You really wanna know?
      (Jude nods)
      T-Bone: Break up with your girlfriend before you go on tour.
      Jude: That's what I thought.

    • Sadie: (After Sadie tries to kiss Tommy) I'm 18, just so you know?
      Tommy: I know. That's not the problem.
      Sadie: Then what's the problem. Please tell me 'cause I pulled out my best material here.
      Tommy: Look, things with me and Jude, it's complicated. If you and I hook up, I mean, that could mess it all up.
      Sadie: Jude's a big girl, okay. She can look after herself.

    • Jude: I think you're jealous because Shay has the solo career you wanted after Boyz Attack, right? Okay I so didn't mean for it come out like that.

      Tommy: I was just watching your back.

      Jude: Well don't. I don't need it.

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    500 Questions
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    The Bachelorette
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    The Island Man Up