Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 5

Let It Be

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 25, 2007 on CTV

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  • No one at G Major seems to know who the real Patsy Sewer was,and they don't seem to care...Atleast no one except for Jude and the Spiederman boys.

    R.I.P. Patsy Rachel Sewer

    I really doubted this episode,until I saw it...Although everyone at G Major acted as if they cared,it was obvoius that they didn't.The only ones with genuine emotions were Jude,Spiederman,Wally,Kyle and (to some extent) Jamie.Everyone at G Major claimed to know who Patsy was,and what she stood for,but no one wanted to realize that what Darius was doing was wrong.I thought Karma was being really rude about the death of Patsy...Seriously,Karma needs to get a taste of karma.Darius was using Patsy's death to make money,and Jamie just wanted to play the blame game.I loved that Jude,Speed,Wally and Kyle wanted to celebrate Patsy's life,the way it was...A way that she only shared with her closest friends.I also loved that this was the first episode where Jude and Speed connected since their break-up back in season 2...We know that Jude will fight for what she believes in....We also know that Darius can sometimes be a softie,the way he gave Spiederman the key card so that they could get in and take Patsy's ashes....I liked this episode.
  • Patsy is dead :(

    I'm not going to lie I shed a tear when the doctor pronounced Patsy was dead. Gosh man! It's sad to see a good character go but whatever with these shows it's all expected for them to keep the bad ones and throw off the good ones. I really hated to see Jamie so hurt but what the hell it wasn't Jude's fault! I mean I understand that he's in great pain but to end a friendship just like that is insane. He's being incredibly unreasonable and it sucks. I really enjoyed the way Speiderman, the band, and Jude preformed a separate little funeral for Patsy and threw her ashes into the water. It was bittersweet and touching especially because Jude sang her song beautifully. I think Darius was kind to give Speiderman the key and let them supposedly steal the ashes away from his office. Aww so Darius has a sweet kind side lol. Overall a great episode.
  • Remembering Patsy...

    Gosh! Why did they have to kill of Patsy? I really liked her character and I really liked her friendship with Jude especially the way she stuck up for Jude against Karma. Karma pissed me off showing no sympathy whats so ever for Patsy. Ugh! I want her to get run over by a bus LOL. I really liked the way Jude and the guys wanted to do something special for Patsy's wake and I thought it was sweet for Darius to give Speiderman the key card. I felt really bad for Jamie with the way he was handling Patsy's death but then again you really can't blame him. I thought Jude sang Patsy's song very well and I couldn't help but shed a tear for her. Overall a great episode.