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Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 2

Like a Virgin

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 08, 2007 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Like a Virgin
In an interview, Karma says she's a virgin, and they automatically assume that Jude isn't. Jude and Karma begin to not get along, and Jude ends up flashing her boob to an entire 13th brithday party while performing.

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  • Steam erupts between Jude and Karma.

    This episode was awesome. It was so amazing and fun to watch. It was so well written. I loved the song played at the Bar Mitzvah. Alexz Johnson and Cory Lee give off amazing performances in this episode. I can not believe that Jude's boob was exposed in front of a bunch of thirteen year olds. This episode was definitely a series classic. It was so above average. It was a very exciting episode. This episode is definitely one of my favorites out of the entire series. I love to see Karma and Jude fight. This episode is another great installment.moreless
  • I didn't know they were gonna go there.

    This episode was about Jude and Karma. So Karma tells the media that she is still a virgin. Then the media assumes that Jude isn't. which make Jude and Karma instant enimes of course. So she sings for some little boy 13 year old party since he's rich and its gonna be broad cast and every thing. Then Jude wasn't thinking so she gonna pull up her shirt. So the 13 year old boy said that was so cool and his party is gonna be remember for ever. So every one is all up in her face because of what happen.moreless
  • Our favorite Instant Star is growing up

    Not the long ago Jude was behaving as a normal fifteen and sixteen year old, handling her business and relationships they normally would. But she doesn't lead a normal teenage life and it was time for her to grow up and face everything, the good and the bad. When she posts the pictures of herself on her website she shows a responsible side to herself that she didn't even realize she had. She wanted her fans to see the real her, not the image G-major wanted to create. Though it did produce some negative feedback in the beginning due to Karma, it made her popularity sky-rocket.moreless
  • This episode is about Karma and Jude has an interview together. Karma tells the reporters that she is a virgin and they assume Jude is not. Meanwhile, Sadie and Kwest become a little more than friends and this raises a problem for Tommy.moreless

    I like this particular episode because this is the continuation of Jude and Karma’s feud. I think Karma has been out to get Jude every since she won Instant Star. She has a hidden agenda and I hope that the rest of them don’t fall for it. She is out to make Jude look bad. That is why she told those reporters that she was a virgin. She wanted them to make the assumption that Jude wasn’t. But in the end, it shows her leaving Spiederman’s room which means she really isn’t a virgin like she says. I like the fact that Sadie and Kwest hooked up in this episode because they look REALLY cute as a couple. But I don’t like the fact that Tommy has a problem with Sadie being with Kwest. This ultimately resulted in a fist fight between Tommy and Kwest. I guess you can say he’s a little bit jealous. He should be worried about his relationship with Jude before anything.moreless
  • Jude and Karma are not getting along and Jude posts the pictures of her drunk on her own website; Kwest and Tommy fight over Sadie and Jude accidentally ends up exposing her breast at a bar mitzvah party.moreless

    I liked this episode. It was...important almost, because Jude's breast falling out caused some events in the next episode. A good episode, all in all, I think so. I liked it and I like how now there is a sort of war going on between Karma and Jude. I think that it will be fun to watch what goes on between them. I also actually liked the part where Jude's breast fell out. I do not know why, though. I enjoyed this episode and I think that Season 3 of Instant Star is going well so far, even though there has only been 3 episodes. A good episode.moreless
Zoie Palmer

Zoie Palmer

Patsy Sewer

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Conrad Bergschneider

Gary's Dad

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Brandon Craggs


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the part of the episode where Patsy pushes Karma into the cake, they show a close up on Jude's chest and you see Karma's hand pulling Jude's shirt off.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Tommy: Relax Harrison. Your instincts weren't totally off. I'm a mess.
      Jude: So? Me too. But we make quite the pair.
      Tommy: What do you know? You're just a kid.
      Jude: Not for long. Just a few weeks and I'm turning eighteen.

    • Jude: Up for some groveling?
      Tommy: Is it gonna take long?
      Jude: I was wrong. It wasn't your kid. So I suck, and you're the best. There. Short and sweet.

    • Jude: So what now? You gonna force me to apologize to Gary's dad?
      Darius: Why? He's a happy man. His kid got what he wanted. Party of the year. Two dueling divas. They'll be talking about this for decades.
      Jude: Yeah, Jude Harrison. Boob-gate.
      Darius: Hey. Wardrobe malfunction.

    • Jude: Before you say anything, I stand by my decision to crash the Bar Mitzvahs. I got dumped for all the wrong reasons. Which I think I proved. Before I flashed a bunch of kids.

    • Patsy: Savages. Even their cocktails are virgin!

    • Security: You on the list?
      Patsy: No, but my two friends are.

    • Sadie: What if I told you it makes your butt look huge?
      Jude: Then there's more of me to love.

    • Jude: You know, I'm a seventeen year old Instant Star who's had some famous boyfriends. The subject's gonna come up.
      Jude's Dad: Yeah cause you're a girl. It's a double standard. Nobody ever asks Bob Dillon about his sex life.
      Jude: I certainly hope not. The guy's like sixty.

    • Jude: I'm not gonna get sucked into a fight. I am zen. I am dignity.
      Tommy: I am speechless.
      Jude: Yeah, well that's cause you never change. But I have.

    • Patsy: Dignity time...
      Jude: To hell with dignity... This is war!

    • Sadie: Quite a show.
      Jude: Oh my god. Everyone saw. My boobs.
      Sadie: Just one of them.
      Jude: Dignity.
      Sadie: Oh. And what do you call lefty?

    • Jude throws drumsticks at Speed
      Speed: Wha? How many drumsticks you got?
      Jude: Next time it'll be a cymbal.
      Speed: Whoa what ever happened to Saint Jude?

    • Jude: I didn't tell the press anything, I'm not gonna tell you guys anything, okay? Not who I've done, what I've done, or who or not I've not done.
      Wally: You lost me. Why didn't you tell her to bite you?
      Kyle: Or better yet, pull her hair, tear off her clothes.
      Wally: Wrestle her to the ground.
      Kyle: In pudding. No. Jello.
      Speed: Wait, hmm, just getting a visual. sort of.
      Jude throws a drumstick at Speed
      Jude: Sorry, sorry to interrupt your little pervert fantasy. But the new Jude, she doesn't cat fight. The new Jude is a model or decorum. Yeah. The new Jude-

    • Wally: Man Karma nailed you.
      Kyle: Apparently so did Speed.
      Jude throws a drumstick at Kyle.

    • Gary: My Bar Mitzvahs gonna be so off the hook. Beth Wilson will wish she never dumped me.
      Jude: Well nothing says becoming a man like sweet vengeance.
      Gary: Fo shizzle.

    • Spiederman: Virgin's got some booty.

    • Jude: Kurt Cobain once said that punk rock is freedom and the worst crime is faking it. Which is why I posted some not so perfect pictures on my website, so my fans could see the real me. I think it's time I channeled my inner Sid Vicious. Hello Jude, rock goddess. (sees the word "slut" written on her poster) Goodbye dignity?

    • Karma: Of course, Jude and I are so different. She's into heavy-rifts and punk influences. Where I got a soft spot for power ballads and I'm a virgin.

    • (Patsy pushes Karma onto a cake for calling Jude a whore. Karma immediately reaches for Jude's boob covering on her dress.)
      Patsy: Jude, your boob's out.

    • Tommy: I'm only saying it to protect you, man!
      Kwest: Oh my God, you are unbelievable! All of this righteous indignation and she's not even the sister you want!
      Tommy: Back off!
      Kwest: Not that the underage thing ever stopped you in the past, though, did it?
      Tommy: I am serious man! Shut it!
      Kwest: If you ever did get with Jude, it would be the worst thing that's ever happened to her! (Tommy Punches Kwest, who gets knocked to the ground. Sadie enters.)
      Sadie: (Runs to Kwest and looks at Tommy) Now you fight for me?

    • Karma: This song is dedicated to my friend, Jude Harrison, who couldn't be here because of her struggles with promiscuity and the bottle.

    • Karma: This is my song.
      Jude: Now you know just how it feels.
      Karma: Seriously, I will cut you.
      Jude: Oh, that's not virgin talk; don't worry I got this.

    • Patsy: Good news, I found the bar.

  • NOTES (3)