Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 13

London Calling

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 31, 2008 on CTV
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Episode Summary

In the series finale, Jude is faced with a tough decision when she's offered a recording contract in London just as her relationship with Tommy is heating up again.
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  • I Get It

    I get the reasons for shutting down Instant Star,but if this was suppose to be the last episode they shouldn't have left such a huge cliffhanger. It was a great episode but its a horrible finale. They should have thought this through and made a different ending that didn't confuse people and leave them angry from a good episode that makes a bad finale!
  • Jude makes two of the most biggest decisions of her life. London wants her....but so does Quincy. Which/Who will she choose?

    The show was an even 5 out of 10. It had surprise, suspense, and drama. But there was no closure. (spoiler alert) For Jude maybe, but what about Sadie and Quest and Darius. That sexual tension was building up and I swear I didn't know which way that girl was gonna swing. Then there's cute Jamie who's saved Jude's life more than once and is due to save her from herself again in London if they would only let him. And to be perfectly honest, as much as we all wanted that fairytale ending, Quincy was not right for her. (Deep down in your heart you know its true)The show does leave much to be desired, but for a show that is determined not to have anymore seasons, it pretty much said all it was gonna say. Jude is happy. Jamie is happy. Sadie is happy. Quincy is S.O.L. Didn't know a good thing when he had it. That's all she wrote folksmoreless
  • It wasn't the best episode they had and ended the series in a cliff hanger. I expected a lot considering it was the finale,but I was just disappointed. normally i rate the show very high,but this episode wasn't that good.moreless

    I was disappointed with this episode. They left it as a cliff hanger. I was sad when jude and Tommy didn't even get

    together in the end. They built Jommy up the whole season just to end it bad. I was hoping for a very well written

    plot,but it wasn't anything what I expected. People couldn't

    get enough of Instant Star and loved it,but with how this

    ended it disappointed almost all of us. I was how ever happy

    when Speed and Karma got together. What was with the darius

    and sadie thing? I never thought of that. I wish they would of done the series finally better or atleast make a 5th season to answer all the questions they left us with.moreless
  • A finale with a natural ending true to the characters and story.

    This finale was very appropriate for this season. I don't think very many people understand that this was not meant to be a SERIES finale. This show was canceled.

    With that said this season made it clear that Jude was very dependent on Tommy. Even when he was not in her life, he still affected her. (SPOILER)- I.E. he was in her head when she overproduced her CD.

    She had to overcome this and look into herself to really be able to make music that was great and that wasn't cluttered. Hence why the basement song was so important, it made her realize that. In the end had Jude not made the decision she did, she would not be able to grow. Which is the basis of this show.

    Now Tommy will always be an important part of her life, hence why only he could help her finish the CD. If this show went on longer or had a movie, it would end the way everyone wished it would. But this ending for this season finale (that later became series finale) was natural.moreless
  • Jude has Tommy but she also has the chance to go to London.

    This did not do Instant Star any justice. I thought the series finale would be better than this!, I mean it isn't all that bad but again this felt very rushed. Everything was resolved so quickly. I know it was the series finale and they couldn't do much more but it was just rushed. They barely had any scenes with the original charecters (Sadie and Jamie) which was a huge letdown. Jude doing that thing to Tommy was also a letdown too, it's like 'Come on already!'. The series finale was just a plain flat episode that could've been way better if the writers put more heart into their final show of a great series.moreless

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