Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 13

London Calling

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 31, 2008 on CTV

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  • I Get It

    I get the reasons for shutting down Instant Star,but if this was suppose to be the last episode they shouldn't have left such a huge cliffhanger. It was a great episode but its a horrible finale. They should have thought this through and made a different ending that didn't confuse people and leave them angry from a good episode that makes a bad finale!
  • Jude makes two of the most biggest decisions of her life. London wants her....but so does Quincy. Which/Who will she choose?

    The show was an even 5 out of 10. It had surprise, suspense, and drama. But there was no closure. (spoiler alert) For Jude maybe, but what about Sadie and Quest and Darius. That sexual tension was building up and I swear I didn't know which way that girl was gonna swing. Then there's cute Jamie who's saved Jude's life more than once and is due to save her from herself again in London if they would only let him. And to be perfectly honest, as much as we all wanted that fairytale ending, Quincy was not right for her. (Deep down in your heart you know its true)The show does leave much to be desired, but for a show that is determined not to have anymore seasons, it pretty much said all it was gonna say. Jude is happy. Jamie is happy. Sadie is happy. Quincy is S.O.L. Didn't know a good thing when he had it. That's all she wrote folks
  • It wasn't the best episode they had and ended the series in a cliff hanger. I expected a lot considering it was the finale,but I was just disappointed. normally i rate the show very high,but this episode wasn't that good.

    I was disappointed with this episode. They left it as a cliff hanger. I was sad when jude and Tommy didn't even get
    together in the end. They built Jommy up the whole season just to end it bad. I was hoping for a very well written
    plot,but it wasn't anything what I expected. People couldn't
    get enough of Instant Star and loved it,but with how this
    ended it disappointed almost all of us. I was how ever happy
    when Speed and Karma got together. What was with the darius
    and sadie thing? I never thought of that. I wish they would of done the series finally better or atleast make a 5th season to answer all the questions they left us with.
  • A finale with a natural ending true to the characters and story.

    This finale was very appropriate for this season. I don't think very many people understand that this was not meant to be a SERIES finale. This show was canceled.

    With that said this season made it clear that Jude was very dependent on Tommy. Even when he was not in her life, he still affected her. (SPOILER)---> I.E. he was in her head when she overproduced her CD.

    She had to overcome this and look into herself to really be able to make music that was great and that wasn't cluttered. Hence why the basement song was so important, it made her realize that. In the end had Jude not made the decision she did, she would not be able to grow. Which is the basis of this show.

    Now Tommy will always be an important part of her life, hence why only he could help her finish the CD. If this show went on longer or had a movie, it would end the way everyone wished it would. But this ending for this season finale (that later became series finale) was natural.
  • Jude has Tommy but she also has the chance to go to London.

    This did not do Instant Star any justice. I thought the series finale would be better than this!, I mean it isn't all that bad but again this felt very rushed. Everything was resolved so quickly. I know it was the series finale and they couldn't do much more but it was just rushed. They barely had any scenes with the original charecters (Sadie and Jamie) which was a huge letdown. Jude doing that thing to Tommy was also a letdown too, it's like 'Come on already!'. The series finale was just a plain flat episode that could've been way better if the writers put more heart into their final show of a great series.
  • Am I the only person in the world that thought this was a fabulous series finale?

    Everybody I know that watches Instant Star was completely upset with how it ended, complaining that she should have been with Tommy, they should have tied up the loose ends, yada yada yada.

    I thought it was fantastic.

    Let's be honest, even though Jude and Tommy got engaged, there still would have been problems. They would have been happy for a little while and then gotten in a fight and wanted to get divorced. That's just how their relationship is. And yes, I was a Tommy-not-Jamie supporter, but honestly, it wouldn't have worked. Kudos to Jude for figuring that out. It was comforting to know that after all that Jude went through, going out with that one random guy back in Season 1, Jamie, Speed, Tommy, Milo-if-we-want-to-count-him, etc., she didn't have to choose someone. She could be independent and really take on her music without all that drama.

    Oh, by the way, let me just say how much I adore the final song of the show, "The Music." I think the song really epitomizes what the show was about, that no matter what's going on in life, Jude (and the rest of us, for that matter) will be ok as long as she has her (our) music. I can hardly wait for the soundtrack to come out so I can have the song on my iPod.

    And finally, all those loose ends, like Karma and Speed being evicted, Kwest quitting, and Darius taking on World Instant Star and by the way Sadie (let me just say that is SO creepy)? I thought it was kind of nice. When shows end with everything tied up perfectly, it is so cheesy and so unrealistic. Like everything comes together at exactly the same time. Right. The point, to me, was that no matter what happens -- Jude can go to London and ditch Tommy, whatever -- all the G Major drama is still going to happen. It just is. Which is the truth in life as well, just not with...well, G Major.

    I loved it. That's really all there is to say.
  • This was the worst episode ever made! Hello writers time to actually write th3e series finale! *Spoiler Alert*

    I hate this episode! I hate that Jude chose the rockstar life (which won't last)over Tommy! I can't believe she would do this! It isn't like her! Jude is not like that! I understand music is important but how long will it be before she wants Tommy. Besides, Tommy helps her make great songs anyways. The writers screwed up big time on this epsiode and I wish that they could just make one more episode which would actually be the series finale where Jude and Tommy are together and stay together forever! I think Jude may need to get slapped upside the head and I for one would totally do it to get her to go back to Tommy.
  • This episode is completely ridiculous! What were the writers thinking! Jude is completely out of character!

    This is one of my favorite shows. I loved all the seasons. They spent 4 years allowing Jude to grow as a character. Then they messed it all up in one episode. After everything that she has been through how could she just walk away from Tommy? She did the exact thing that she has been waiting for Tommy to stop doing to her! That makes no sense at all! The whole show Jude has been talking about staying grounded and then all of a sudden out of no where she decides that she wants to be a glamorous rockstar! Talk about random!
    This episode resolved absolutely nothing, if anything it created more problems! Besides the Jude and Tommy situation...we had Speiderman and Karma staying together, but broke and being sued, we had the whole Kwest, Sadie, Darius love triangle and then we Jamie and his basement record company and his new girlfriend! How could they do this???
    I am disappointed and angry! There are so many ways that they could have ended the show and this was all that they could come up with???
  • I can't believe they would end an otherwise great show like this. (Spoiler alert.) The episode was a real let down in every sense of the word.

    Jude never struck me as a complete idiot until this final episode, but when she chose something false---the glamorous rock star life---over something true, all my respect for her evaporated. The realization that this is the final episode---that she won't even have a chance to redeem herself for that truly stupid decision---is truly painful.

    Jude's actions in this episode seemed totally out of character. After all the bad things that had happened to her that turned her life into a train wreck, she finally found something stable, something true. Then, she just threw it away like it wasn't important. For all her criticism of Tommy for throwing her away too easily, she then turned around and made the same mistake. More to the point, she made the same mistake he made when he chose his career over the girl in the flashback a couple seasons ago. So not only did she turn into an idiot, but she also turned into a *hypocritical* idiot. That's so radically out of character that I don't even know where to begin.

    I always assumed Jude and Tommy should end up together because they were too much alike not to do so. It is ironic, then, that in the end, Jude dumped him and ran off to England, showing that she really isn't like him at all; she is like he used to be---an immature child with her head in the clouds and rock star dreams. For all her talk about not being a child and not needing safety net, she showed that she needs one more than ever.

    If Jude were a real girl, I'd tell her that she'd better enjoy her pop star life while it lasts; when it fades and dies, she'll be left looking back on her life and the choices she made and have exactly one regret... with a capital T. Indeed, what hurts the most about this episode is realizing how many times I've watched this happen in real life. A girl finds a guy who adores her and she throws him away for something false, and by the time she realizes her mistake, it's too late. I was hoping that this show would have the guts to lead by example instead of merely reflecting the misery of reality, but I guess a happy ending was too much to ask for.

    Such a shame. It could have been an incredible season finale if they had just forgotten to air the last ten minutes. In the end, Tommy finally grew up. Too bad Jude couldn't have done the same.
  • steaming mad.... this whole episode should have been toss out before it hit the table let alone the airways...

    Ok. So I have watched this since season 1. I fell completely in love with this. I am about the same way in my life with the man who has my heart so I relate to this story greatly. This show ranks in my top favs. This show ended so ridicusly. I mean seriously it just flipped the character upside down and said o well. I almost wished I hadnt watched it.. it would have been better to stop with the Megan drama. You can have the best of both worlds -- Rockstar and love. The writers must have been on something when they wrote this. I hate this ending and if and when I buy this show on dvd that episode will not be watched again.

    Thank you writing of instant star for 51 great episodes and 1 very crappy episode... my question... why not a crappy episode before now and the best for the end?!
  • The series finale to one of my favorite shows of all time!

    I thought this was a great way to end the show. Yeah, a huge part of this show is relationships and love but different types of love. I'm sure a lot of people are disappointed about *SPOILER ALERT* Jude and Tommy not staying with each other at the end but Jude chose her first love which is most important in her life right now....MUSIC! I think music is the biggest part of this show and to me, music is the only thing that keeps me sane and it's my true love, my passion. I'm glad with how the show ended and that's that. I'm going to miss it terribly.
  • yea.... not my favorite episode... and that's something because... i have given this series a 10 on a majority of the episodes... i have watched it from day 1 but im disappointed ***spoiler alert***

    yea.... not my favorite episode... and that's something because... i have given this series a 10 on a majority of the episodes... i have watched it from day 1 but im disappointed in the season fanalie... i mean tommy and jude dont end up together... its rediculous... i cant believe that you fall in love with the perfect couple... well they are perfect together even though it can get a little messed up... but omg... from the first episode there was so much chemistry!!! but i cant believe it... tommy and jude aren't together but karma and spied are!!! it's completely and totally rediculous!!!