Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 13

London Calling

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 31, 2008 on CTV

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  • It wasn't the best episode they had and ended the series in a cliff hanger. I expected a lot considering it was the finale,but I was just disappointed. normally i rate the show very high,but this episode wasn't that good.

    I was disappointed with this episode. They left it as a cliff hanger. I was sad when jude and Tommy didn't even get
    together in the end. They built Jommy up the whole season just to end it bad. I was hoping for a very well written
    plot,but it wasn't anything what I expected. People couldn't
    get enough of Instant Star and loved it,but with how this
    ended it disappointed almost all of us. I was how ever happy
    when Speed and Karma got together. What was with the darius
    and sadie thing? I never thought of that. I wish they would of done the series finally better or atleast make a 5th season to answer all the questions they left us with.