Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 13

London Calling

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 31, 2008 on CTV



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    • Jude: If I had to make a choice, there's no contest. I'm a rock star.

    • Speed: Finally I can scratch my ass without the nation watching.

    • Jude: Jamie, he made it seem like living la vida rockstar is a bad thing.
      Jamie: I can't believe I'm defending the guy, but maybe he's trying to protect you. Keep your life from getting out of control.
      Jude: I'm not a child anymore! I don't need anybody criticizing my decisions. I can figure things out on my own.
      Jamie: Alright, you're down then little angry yelly woman.

    • Speed: You know, I don't actually want to see you cry.
      Karma: I don't give a rat's hiney.

    • Karma: You've broken my heart and kicked my dog, but I am still standing.
      Speed: I gotta hand it to you shorty, you are more fly girl that I could ever handle, but I will not leave this apartment until I see you cry.

    • Jamie: Speed, get down here. You are an internet sensation. Come and give me a big kiss!! Tommy comes down
      Tommy: Another time, maybe?

    • Thermin: Just to make sure we get what we need, I've had a script prepared. Make sure you learn your lines.
      Karma: Lines?
      Speed: Wait, you can read?

    • Speed: Hm, we're shooting the finale to our uplifting domestic drama, Thermin wants to end the season with a major bang, to launch your slutty solo spin-off?
      Karma: And you better play along.
      Speed: Oh don't worry honey bun. Whatever I have to do to put this all behind me.

    • Karma: Are you even paying attention, Mr. Slappy?

    • Tommy: I'll eat this mixing board if this is not your best album.

    • Jude: It may sound crazy, but I've always wanted two things: to be a normal girl and a rockstar. I was born to do the rock part, but the star part just got bigger than I ever imagined. With fame like this, who knows what comes next?

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