Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 10

Lose This Skin

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on CTV

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  • Jude turns to Jamie to help cope

    The last two episodes of Instant Star were emotional roller coasters; so I think it's nice we get a light-hearted Jamie-centric episode. Jamie comes clean to Jude about his relationship with Kat and she's fine with it. Or is she? As established in "Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind" Jamie is Jude's pillar and this episode explores how that effects Kat and Jamie's relationship. Jamie loves Jude and no matter how badly it affects his relationship, he will always be there for her. And Jude knows it. So does Kat and the last scene with her and Jamie is heartbreaking as Jamie realizes that to Kat, he was Jude. However the episode is fun, with the introduction of Speiderman and some bonding between Jamie and Tommy, but it's the Jude/Jamie moments (like the tattoo) that make the episode. And make you ask yourself: Does Jamie stand a chance with Jude after all?
  • Jude and Jamie? Kat and Jamie? Which one will it be?

    I find myself really liking this episode. It wasn't the best one, but still very enjoyable. I think Jude is taking all the blame when it could be handed out to Kat and Jamie. Jude was rude at times, but I don't think most of it was done on purpose. If my parents were seperated, the guy I love keeps putting me off, etc, I wouldn't be in my right frame of mind. Jude was caught up in her life and all her issues that she didn't see how her reactions and words were affecting her friends.

    Jamie on the other hand shouldn't have done that to Kat, he was in that relationship fair and square, his obligations were to Kat. But then Kat shouldn't be so jealous, she knew that Jamie is in love with Jude, and that he'd run to Jude when she called.

    Everyone had a part in the mess in the end... I loved the mall performance, the song was great, she looked great, the tattoo scene was funny (I liked it) even though it looked totally fake, I liked it in this epi, AND the parts with Tommy were cute!
  • Jamie and Kat finally reveal to Jude that they are dating, and while Jude says she's cool with it, Kat doesn't believe it. At the same time, Jamie is questioning whether or not he really is over Jude. He realizes he's not, and so does Kat, thus ends their

    Definitely not one of my favorite episodes. The main reason is that Jude acts completely out of character. She becomes a jealous person who knowingly pits herself against Kat. That kind of attitude is very anti-Jude. I found myself getting frustrated with how rude she was being to Kat and how demanding she was with Jamie. Of course, when Jude wagged the bone Jamie came running. Both Jude and Jamie showed very little regard for one of their so-called best friends. A very out of character move by both of them.
  • Yeah, definitely not one of my favorite episodes.

    Of course I enjoyed this episode just because it was "Instant Star." However, I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did with the other episodes. This episode focuses on the relationship between Jude and Jaimie. Jaimie is by far NOT one of my favorite characters, especially when he is paired up with Jude as a potential boyfriend. As friends they're perfectly fine, but once they cross that line, it is unbearable. I didn't like this episode because Jude has undergone a change for the worse. All of the stress and drama is really getting to her, and it has affected her greatly. I feel really bad for Kat in this episode because Jaimie is just a little love-sick puppy and slave when it comes to Jude, even though it is Kat who is his girlfriend. I think Kat's a wonderful friend and character in this show. So it just breaks my heart that Jaimie (and Jude) would do something like this to her. However, one reason why I did like this episode is because I love the featured song, "Me Out of Me." It's a great song, and her performance was amazing as well. Her look at the mall performance was just as amazing. She looked gorgeous. Also, another downside to this episode is that there just wasn't enough Tommy in it. We always need to see more of him. :)
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