Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 10

Lose This Skin

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on CTV

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  • Jude and Jamie? Kat and Jamie? Which one will it be?

    I find myself really liking this episode. It wasn't the best one, but still very enjoyable. I think Jude is taking all the blame when it could be handed out to Kat and Jamie. Jude was rude at times, but I don't think most of it was done on purpose. If my parents were seperated, the guy I love keeps putting me off, etc, I wouldn't be in my right frame of mind. Jude was caught up in her life and all her issues that she didn't see how her reactions and words were affecting her friends.

    Jamie on the other hand shouldn't have done that to Kat, he was in that relationship fair and square, his obligations were to Kat. But then Kat shouldn't be so jealous, she knew that Jamie is in love with Jude, and that he'd run to Jude when she called.

    Everyone had a part in the mess in the end... I loved the mall performance, the song was great, she looked great, the tattoo scene was funny (I liked it) even though it looked totally fake, I liked it in this epi, AND the parts with Tommy were cute!