Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 1

Lose Yourself

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 26, 2007 on CTV
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Lose Yourself
Jude's life is changing...for the best. Her CD is skyrocketing, and she's become a real star. That is, until the new Instant Star Karma comes in and changes everything...for the worst.

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  • Jude's life is changing... this time for the best. Her CD is sky rocketing and she's become a real star, until the new Instant Star Karma comes in and changes everything... for the worst.moreless

    This episode was an excellent season premiere. It was so dramatic. It was very well written. The writers are very talented. It was such a great episode, and the songs were good too. It was just so amazing. I loved the whole blackmail storyline. Karma and Jude battling against each other is just so fun to watch. This episode is definitely Instant Star at its best. This episode is a series classic. It was very above average. It was exciting and I was on the edge of my seat while watching this. It was yet another great installment to this amazing series.moreless
  • A stellar beginning to a stellar show!

    Instant Star has never failed to instantly draw you in and capture your undivided attention and the season three premiere has lived up to it. Jude is striving to cement the fact in everyone minds that she's no longer an instant star, just simply a star, and it is evident when she takes the stage and sings the beautiful song "Should I Stay". What else could make the premiere more exciting than the appearance of Tommy with the child from Season 2? And without a word spar between our favorite team Tommy and Jude. This one is guaranteed to be the best yet.moreless
  • And here comes the new Jude.

    I like the new Jude. I think it's good that she's not trying so hard to impress everyone around her. I hate this Karma girl. She's so effin annoying and she's a total itch. I don't really see how the drunk photos were even a big deal. It's not like she was exposed until that stupid itch Karma made her boob show in the end. Geeze! I could so go into the television screen and smack her. I really love the new song. Overall the episode was very well written and the fighting scenes were exciting. There was good drama and I can't wait until the next episode.moreless
  • The series returns with the 'new Jude'. Trying her hardest to distance herself from 'Instant Star' and do some growing up might not prove as easy as Jude first assumes. With the newest Instant star winner 'Karma' in the mix Jude faces an up hill battle.moreless

    What a series premiere!!! Waiting so long for 'Instant Star' to return the show's premiere didn't disappoint. The focus on Jude started to grow up as a musician and a person is genius. This season's love-to-hate character 'Karma' is sure to get viewers fired up and yelling at the T.V screen. To some viewers dislike there wasn't much focus on Tommy's return, but upcomming episodes should shed more light on where Tommy and Jude stand.

    Introducing more of Patsy to the show looks to be a good thing, adding a new spin on the show.

    I recommend watching this episode if you haven't already done so.moreless
  • In the season premiere, Jude's new CD is doing well and the blackmailing incident she's in gets worked out. Things are going well until Karma wins Instant Star and becomes Jude's best frenemy.moreless

    I absolutely loved this episode! I usually don't watch The-N that much and I have been trying to more lately, and this episode was just classic. I like Alexz Johnson a lot and she did well in this episode. I think Jude posting the blackmail pictures of her on her website was pretty smart, if you think about it. I love Karma! She adds so much glitz to the show, and she throws in a lot of excitement in Jude's life. Karma is devious and that's what makes her character so fun. Watching the war between Karma and Jude throughout this season will be enjoyable. All in all, I found this episode really good and I am looking foreward to the rest of Season 3 of Instant Star.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode we learn that Spiederman can play the piano. He is playing the piano as back up for Jude's performance of "I Don't Know If I Should Stay" in this episode.

    • This is the first season that the featured song are not all sung by Alexz Johnson.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Jude: Karma, hey. I know it's too late to change them, but Darius hates stilettos. Instant Star sisterhood, right?

    • Patsy: You're quivering like a porn star in church.

    • Jude: They are real. Me. What's so scary about the real me?
      Patsy: More importantly, what's the real you so scared of?

    • Patsy: I can't believe you're doing it.
      Jude: I have an image to cultivate.
      Patsy: Oh my god. They've even got you speaking the lingo.

    • Patsy: I know what's got your panties in a bunch. What's next, a Playboy centerfold?

    • Karma: Blackmail?
      Jude: Don't ask. It's a long story that involves tequila and a creepy guy with a camera.

    • Karma: What if I can't do it Jude? I'm not a pro like you.
      Jude: Please. A pro? Look, you're talking to a girl who played a whole set with salsa on her shirt, lost a six figure earring down a toilet, and is currently the center of an ellaborate blackmailing scheme.

    • Jude: Finally heard from Tommy.
      Sadie: Oh yeah? So what was it? Did he join a cult or knock someone up?
      Jude: I'm definitely thinking alien abduction.

    • Jude: (to Sadie) So which do you prefer? Half cup or push up?
      Jude's Dad: I'm going.

    • Jude's Dad: Just one quick question. Why are Patsy and her car in the driveway?
      Jude: She kinda lives in it.
      Jude's Dad: Well hey, we got a futon with her name on it.
      Sadie: Yeah we told her. She kinda prefers her car.
      Jude: She said she can't fall asleep unless she's wearing her seatbelt.

    • Jude: Drunk and passed out. The ultimate rock star cliche.

    • Spiederman: (to Jude) Hey ego trip. You handle all your fans that way?

    • Jude: Well stick with me kid. I'm blasting off on a whole new phase. Nothing can keep me down.

    • Jude: (voice over) I have 3 different types of people in the world: suckers, victims, and grownups. Being grownup means you get to choose your own destiny.

    • Darius: You did it! That's why you'll always be my number one diva.
      Jude: I didn't do it for you. I did it for my fans. I'm a pro, D. So get ready to treat me like one.

    • Jude: Tommy has a kid. Did you know this?
      Jamie: Do you ever get tired of talking about him?
      Jude: Jamie! This is a big deal!
      Jamie: It always is, Jude! Tommy does something bad and you threaten not to perform, or you cry, or you run away!
      Jude.: Oh so what?! There! You caught me! I always end up the freaking sucker!
      Jamie: No. You always end up the victim, Jude! Whose fault is that? Really?
      Jude: So you hate me now, too.
      Jamie: Jude. Jude--
      Jude: What?
      Jamie: I love you. Okay? Maybe it's time to grow up.
      Jude: What? What?!
      Jamie: Time to grow up.

    • Jamie: Uh- is this the right movie?
      Jude: Everything sucks! I can't do the finale! I can't do it!
      Jamie: Ah. Time for the annual "Jude Self-Destruction Festival" I see.
      Jude: Shut up! Shut up!

    • Tommy: Judging by Instant Star last night, I'd say your right on your game.
      Jude: You saw that?
      Tommy: Uh- Jude Harrison Night? I might have cleared my schedule for it.

    • Spiederman: I don't know. You've been where she is. The dice rolls. She's either a star or a nobody. Maybe you've forgotten where you come from.

    • Jude: He said yes! Darius! Yes, to me! Jamie? Hello?
      Jamie: Sorry, Jude. It's just when Liam bailed, guess who got asked to clean up his mess?
      Jude: Oh, any news?
      Jamie: Official word is that he's running the South American division.
      Jude: And the unofficial word?
      Jamie: Went snaky. Took off to find himself. Think he's in Paraguay. Or Uraguay. One of the Guay's.

    • Jude: Playing guest-star on the show that made you is a real mixture of pride and nerves. Pride, because you're the original; nerves, because you have to listen to a bunch of strangers re-interpret your music. From emo, to punk, to Sinatra? Still, it's kind of moving to see how my music's inspired others. Inspired them to want to be me--(sees Karma performing) maybe even to replace me? There are those nerves again. The ones that never really go away.

  • NOTES (3)