Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 1

Lose Yourself

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 26, 2007 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • In this episode we learn that Spiederman can play the piano. He is playing the piano as back up for Jude's performance of "I Don't Know If I Should Stay" in this episode.

    • This is the first season that the featured song are not all sung by Alexz Johnson.

  • Quotes

    • Jude: Karma, hey. I know it's too late to change them, but Darius hates stilettos. Instant Star sisterhood, right?

    • Patsy: You're quivering like a porn star in church.

    • Jude: They are real. Me. What's so scary about the real me?
      Patsy: More importantly, what's the real you so scared of?

    • Patsy: I can't believe you're doing it.
      Jude: I have an image to cultivate.
      Patsy: Oh my god. They've even got you speaking the lingo.

    • Patsy: I know what's got your panties in a bunch. What's next, a Playboy centerfold?

    • Karma: Blackmail?
      Jude: Don't ask. It's a long story that involves tequila and a creepy guy with a camera.

    • Karma: What if I can't do it Jude? I'm not a pro like you.
      Jude: Please. A pro? Look, you're talking to a girl who played a whole set with salsa on her shirt, lost a six figure earring down a toilet, and is currently the center of an ellaborate blackmailing scheme.

    • Jude: Finally heard from Tommy.
      Sadie: Oh yeah? So what was it? Did he join a cult or knock someone up?
      Jude: I'm definitely thinking alien abduction.

    • Jude: (to Sadie) So which do you prefer? Half cup or push up?
      Jude's Dad: I'm going.

    • Jude's Dad: Just one quick question. Why are Patsy and her car in the driveway?
      Jude: She kinda lives in it.
      Jude's Dad: Well hey, we got a futon with her name on it.
      Sadie: Yeah we told her. She kinda prefers her car.
      Jude: She said she can't fall asleep unless she's wearing her seatbelt.

    • Jude: Drunk and passed out. The ultimate rock star cliche.

    • Spiederman: (to Jude) Hey ego trip. You handle all your fans that way?

    • Jude: Well stick with me kid. I'm blasting off on a whole new phase. Nothing can keep me down.

    • Jude: (voice over) I have 3 different types of people in the world: suckers, victims, and grownups. Being grownup means you get to choose your own destiny.

    • Darius: You did it! That's why you'll always be my number one diva.
      Jude: I didn't do it for you. I did it for my fans. I'm a pro, D. So get ready to treat me like one.

    • Jude: Tommy has a kid. Did you know this?
      Jamie: Do you ever get tired of talking about him?
      Jude: Jamie! This is a big deal!
      Jamie: It always is, Jude! Tommy does something bad and you threaten not to perform, or you cry, or you run away!
      Jude.: Oh so what?! There! You caught me! I always end up the freaking sucker!
      Jamie: No. You always end up the victim, Jude! Whose fault is that? Really?
      Jude: So you hate me now, too.
      Jamie: Jude. Jude--
      Jude: What?
      Jamie: I love you. Okay? Maybe it's time to grow up.
      Jude: What? What?!
      Jamie: Time to grow up.

    • Jamie: Uh- is this the right movie?
      Jude: Everything sucks! I can't do the finale! I can't do it!
      Jamie: Ah. Time for the annual "Jude Self-Destruction Festival" I see.
      Jude: Shut up! Shut up!

    • Tommy: Judging by Instant Star last night, I'd say your right on your game.
      Jude: You saw that?
      Tommy: Uh- Jude Harrison Night? I might have cleared my schedule for it.

    • Spiederman: I don't know. You've been where she is. The dice rolls. She's either a star or a nobody. Maybe you've forgotten where you come from.

    • Jude: He said yes! Darius! Yes, to me! Jamie? Hello?
      Jamie: Sorry, Jude. It's just when Liam bailed, guess who got asked to clean up his mess?
      Jude: Oh, any news?
      Jamie: Official word is that he's running the South American division.
      Jude: And the unofficial word?
      Jamie: Went snaky. Took off to find himself. Think he's in Paraguay. Or Uraguay. One of the Guay's.

    • Jude: Playing guest-star on the show that made you is a real mixture of pride and nerves. Pride, because you're the original; nerves, because you have to listen to a bunch of strangers re-interpret your music. From emo, to punk, to Sinatra? Still, it's kind of moving to see how my music's inspired others. Inspired them to want to be me--(sees Karma performing) maybe even to replace me? There are those nerves again. The ones that never really go away.

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