Instant Star

Season 2 Episode 4

Miss World

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 08, 2006 on CTV

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  • A Rock~n~Roll has been at the age of 16? Not Jude Harrison.

    Jude Harrison's cushy career as a rock star diva is crumbling to pieces, kind of like her parent's marriage.

    In Miss World, Jude is faced with suspension from G-Major and if she wants to continue recording her album, she needs to find some major cash, and fast. Jude decides to make a bootleg song and freelance the song on the internet; she pitches the idea to Darius and he loves it and lends her Tommy.

    On top of facing losing her place at G-Major studios, Jude is caught in the middle between a particularly nasty divorce and has no place to work on making music, leading to her finding her own place and signing her account over to her mother. Jude doesn't let anything hold her back; if anything she comes out on top and has boosted her credibility as an artist with her new bootleg. *This is a particularly depressing episode because there are only two episodes left until Jude loses all faith in Tommy, creating a major tension between the two, leading to the fall apart of their professional and personal relationship.