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Season 2 Episode 11

Mother's Little Helper

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 05, 2007 on CTV
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Mother's Little Helper
Sadie is unhappy about Jude and Tommy working so closely together, and both of the Harrison sisters are upset with their mom's surprise decision to sell their childhood home. Jude realizes some of her money is missing and wonders if it could have been stolen.

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  • The funniest episode I've seen so far...

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to see all of the episode, or in its correct order, but I can fill in the blanks for myself: Sadie isn't happy that Tommy and Jude are working together (and neither is Spiederman, but I'm getting ahead of myself). Sadie and Jude find out that their mom put their house up for sale. And their mother also tells Sadie that she thinks Don (her boyfriend) is going to propose. I have to say that their mom is extremely selfish in this episode and is doing everything for herself. SME decides that Tommy doesn't have a sense of humor, so they take everything from Darius' office and puts it in Tommy's. Darius confronts Tommy about it, and they pull the best prank EVER on Spiederman and the gang. Its absolutely hilarious. Sadie confesses to Jude and her dad that she's been shopping with Jude's money, and that their mom didn't take it when she went on her honeymoon to Rome (without advanced notice to Jude or Sadie (like I said, selfish mother)). To make up for using all Jude's money, Sadie applies to be the new receptionist at G Major.moreless
  • Jude's mom takes off

    "Mother's Little Helper" is the kind of episode that at first glance doesn't seem like much but at second glance moves the show forward. Firstly, Jude's mom shows just how flaky she is by not only putting the house on sale, but by getting married and leaving on her honeymoon, all without telling her daughters. It's not only bad parenting,but it's a way to get rid of Victoria who has always seemed to be the lesser parent. Secondly, it brings Stuart back into the fold by having him step up and move back in with the girls so that they don't have to leave. Thirdly, it tests Jude and Sadie's relationship, not only by having their mother abandon them, but by revealing Sadie has been more or less stealing from Jude. And fourthly, it reunites Jude and Jamie. Their friendship is restored in this episode and it seems like it's just as strong as it always was.

    Much like the last two episodes, this one is not without it's share of comedic relief and since it's Jamie sharing the main story with Jude, Tommy becomes Spied's foil. The prank Speid and SME pull on Tommy is brillant but the revenge Tommy and Darius extract on them, and their terrified reactions, is pure comedy gold.moreless
  • Victoria puts the house up for sale much to Jude & Sadie's dismay.Meanwhile Sadie countines to use Jude's money(without her knowing)shopping. Tommy and Darius decide to play a prank on Spiederman and the boys for breaking into G-major.moreless

    I thought diz was a gr8 episode!! I was so upset when Victoria(Jude & Sadies mom) got remarried without telling them and then left 4 Europe! When Tommy and Darius played that prank on Spiederman I really thought Darius waz dead. But it waz a funny joke and a good episode.

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    • Jamie: It should always be Christmas in our hearts.

    • Jude: (voiceover) When I was a kid, my sister Sadie loved to dress up. Then, she'd hide in some weird place in our house, then Sadie would wait and pop out when I least expected it. And I hated it just as much back then, cause when you're not expecting something, it feels twenty times more awful – even with your sister there.

    • Wally: Dude. I've always wondered what it would look like in here after hours.
      Kyle: Kinda like it does during the day genius. Except with the lights off.
      Spiederman: Dude, we didn't come in here to bicker like little girls.
      Wally: Yeah Kyle.
      Spiederman: We broke in here to teach pretty boy a lesson about humor.

    • Jamie: What's the difference between a musician and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family.

    • All SME boys are talking in a British accent
      Kyle: Hey it's our girl singer.
      Wally: She's a lady, she is.
      Spiederman: Whatever. Where you been since yesterday Lady Harrison?
      Jude: It's a long gossip rag kinda story.
      Darius: Jude, stop distracting your sessions guys before they go it.
      Jude: Hey, you say distracting. I say inspiring.

    • Spiederman: Ladies and gentlemen, the "Why Can't We Have Kwest" blues... (Singing) King Kwest was the best. Made us a huge sandwich fest. Now he's lost his crown. And now we're stuck with Lord Squinty Frown.
      Tommy: You done?
      Spiederman: Yeah, dude, yeah.
      Tommy: I haven't got all day to waste with this moron convention, you understand?

    • *The SME boys walk in*
      Liam: Don't take another step.
      Spiederman: We're supposed to be recording.
      Liam: Yeah, well we've got an unsafe situation here.
      Tommy: *Tommy yelling, fighting the cops at his side, kicking the door.* Get off me man! I'm not going back to jail man! I'm not going back!
      Portia: *crying* Just tell me why Tommy? Why?
      Tommy: Portia look, I'm sorry. *Portia slaps him hard* Get off! Just leave me alone man!
      Spiederman: *Sees Darius on the floor* Dude, you killed him?! *Kyle and Wally run away*
      Tommy: Look, man, he came in screaming, alright? He said I stole his stuff! And then he came at me and we struggled with the gun, and then-- D, I forgot... What happened next?
      Darius: You shot me, T. *Darius and crowd laughing.
      Tommy: That's right, I shot him.
      Spiederman: Really funny. You nearly gave me a heart attack!
      Tommy: You know what your problem is man? You just, you don't have a sense of humor. *In mocking tone* Oh, whatever!

    • Darius: T, I heard you've been redecorating.
      Tommy: Yeah, and I went shopping at "Hip-Hop Moguls 'R' Us".
      Darius: You wanna explain this to me now, because once I start strangling someone I get this hysterical deafness.
      Tommy: Yeah, I wanted a new vibe in here, you know? I thought I'd pimp it out a little. And I gotta say, I'm all about this cougar right now. D man, c'mon! I'm innocent.
      Darius: Who put an M-4 firecracker in my hotel toilet in Tokyo?
      Tommy: D, I was 16 man! C'mon, this ain't the prank king style, all right? It's amateur. But I bet I can tell you who the amateurs are.

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