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Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 7

Not An Addict

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 20, 2008 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Not An Addict
After the break-up, Jude keeps the info to herself and throws herself into making her third album the best ever as she spirals into a musical obsession that threatens her career, her relationships and her health.

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  • Reeling from the breakup, Jude works a little too much on her third album. The over-working effects her career, her health, and her relationships.

    This episode is a hard one to watch and think about. It is so sad to see Jude handling the break up as bad as she did. I guess that's what happens when you really love a man. It was sad to see her so caught up in the album that she would steal, and even blow off important things in her career. I feel like, if her album blows it is entirely her fault because she over produced it. There was too much there for that one song, but she was just trying to make her music perfect. I thought it was interesting how Karma and Zeppelin connected through Karma's "help" with her situation with Jamie. The scene that really made me like thsi episode, and feel for Jude, was after she collapsed and Jamie, Kwest, and Sadie tried to talk to her. I really felt for her and understood her pain whens he talked about how the only thing she had left was the music and how hurt the breakup had left her. It must have really hurt her if she felt the urge to hide it from everyone. I think this episode is full of emotion, and that's what makes it so hard to watch. You don't want Jude to be hurt the way she is, but you can't stop it.moreless

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    • Jude: Jamie, ok, I'm fine. I just need to lie down.
      Sadie: You need more than that.
      Jude: What is this, a surprise party or a family intervention?

    • Karma: Clearing out your things before Darius finds out you're the link between Jamie and the blue haired troll? Good idea.
      Zeppelin: Everything's gone wrong...I didn't take your advice, I cried mascara into your good towels and I'm a dirty double agent.

    • Jamie: Have you ever heard of privacy?
      Reality Show Producer: Privacy? This is reality tv. Ain't no such thing as privacy.

    • Zeppelin: I hear Tokyo Police Club is doing a surprise gig next week...Exciting.
      Jamie: Kind of liked them before they hit the cover of every magazine.
      Zeppelin: Of course.
      Jamie: What's that supposed to mean?
      Zeppelin: Just that you probably had blue streaks in your hair two years ago and hate every band that breaks the top one hundred...What is with my eye?
      Jamie: I had blue streaks three years ago, big difference...Your hair is in the way...Are you calling me a music snob?
      Zeppelin: Or someone who was in the AV Club in high school?...How about now?
      Jamie: It's mascara goop...Your calling me a loser?
      Zeppelin: I'm saying you were an outcast and now you're fighting your nature. You secretly hate indie bands that break out but you started a record label to do just that.
      Jamie: Yeah, but it's in my Nana's basement.
      Zeppelin: But you have a love hate with the glam which is why you only noticed me tonight with my water bra and mascara...Which is so sticky.
      Spiederman: What's a water bra?

    • Spiederman: Jamie...There comes a time in every dude's life when he needs a good ambush.
      Reality Show Producer: I need you to sign here and here to release the Rock n Roll Honeymoon show of any liability.

    • Zeppelin: (putting on glasses) I have to wear them or I'll be a teen movie cliche.

    • Spiederman: I'm on a mission...My lady requires your presence at dinner tonight.
      Jamie: Why? What did I do?
      Spiederman: Don't know but you have to wear shiny shoes.

    • Spiederman: Jamie...I swear the secret to your Nana's cobbler is love.

    • Karma: Why are you slurping in my ear and not answering my fan mail?
      Zeppelin: I need your help...
      Karma: Oh?
      Zeppelin: Jamie Andrews...He's so smart and cute, but I don't think he really sees me, you know? And then there's this other girl and...Ugh! So I need a strategy...For men.
      Karma: Yes you do and rule number one, be more mysterious. Spilling all your details is not attractive.
      Zeppelin: Right. You're absolutely right. Spillage is not good...What's rule number two? Oh, you know what, there's probably more than two rules. I'm gonna need a notebook.
      Karma: Okay...Be at my loft for a dinner party tonight...I see makeover, man hunt and mentoring. It's like I'm doing charity work without the lepers.

    • Blu: (to Jamie) Could we get Black Sabbath to get us coffee or something? She's distracting you...
      Zeppelin: It's Zeppelin...

    • Zeppelin: She's really winky...

    • Darius: Jude, remember Milo? Man does things with a guitar that will make Jimmy Page weep, and Kadijah, R&B prodigy with the soul of Mary J. Our Instant Star finalists.
      Jude: Yeah, I heard the one with the blue hair left the competition.

    • Jude: (voiceover) Bob Marley said the great thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain.

    • Sadie: Why are you obsessing over that hard drive?
      Jude: Because!
      Sadie: Because what?
      Jude: Because the music is all I have left....I can't believe he didn't call or come back...He said we were over, I can't believe he meant it...

    • Milo: Well I hope your album is brilliant because it would really suck if you were a bitch and a hack.

    • Jude: Okay..Speed, I uh need you to play like Karma just punched you in the face for breathing too loud.

    • Jude: Just look at it...Sitting there, staring, judging...
      Kwest: That's what you get for pulling an all nigther. It's just a hard drive, Jude.
      Jude: I know...It's a hard drive that contains my third album, Kwest.

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