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Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 10

Nowhere To Run

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 19, 2007 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Nowhere To Run
An MTV crew is supposed to be filming the production of Jude's new single. With Tommy producing, everything goes wrong and Jude ends up producing it herself. Also, Speed is keeping a secret from the band.

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  • Lights! Camera! Action! Jude is being followed.

    As if things couldn't get any worse Jude is being hovered over by camera men watching her every move. I think it's great that her and Jamie are reviving their friendship and is it just me or is there something that may be happening between them?? ;P I must say I wouldn't mind them being together although I do love Tommy with Jude. Speiderman works on his demo woot woot. What a hunk. Hahaha a hunk with a voice too! And woot woot for Jude patching up her broken heart in front of the live audience. Not a wow factor episode but a good episode nonetheless.moreless
  • The media after Jude.

    So Jude tries to hide her broken heart. I must say I feel bad that she has yet to learn about the whole Hunter situation. I'm not very pleased with Quest not giving Sadie the time of day. I'm glad Speiderman gets more screenplay in this episode. It's funny the way he made up excuses to the rest of the band for no apparent reason since they could care less he was working on a solo demo. I loved the excuses they gave for being part of the band haha. Overall the episode was fairly enjoyable.moreless
Corey Sevier

Corey Sevier


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Ian Blackwood

Ian Blackwood


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Bobby Del Rio

Bobby Del Rio

Camera man

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Wes Williams

Wes Williams

Darius Mills

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Christopher Gaudet

Christopher Gaudet


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    • Karma: Guilt's for the little people.

    • Tommy: Jude, wait.
      Jude: Tommy, why didn't you even try and explain what happened with Sadie? Why? Even after you swore you wouldn't hurt me anymore.
      Tommy: Believe it or not, I was trying to protect you.
      Jude: Come one Quincy. Even you can do better than that.
      Tommy: It's the truth! Jude, there is something I need to tell you.

    • Hunter: How have you been Portia?
      Portia: Hunter. How did you find me?
      Hunter: You're hard to miss.
      Portia: I'm calling the police.
      Hunter: Not a very nice way to welcome an old friend.
      Portia: An old friend with a history of assault charges.
      Hunter: I only wanna talk.
      Portia: About what?
      Hunter: About how Tommy Quincy ruined my life. Wait, you know what that's like, right? The man played you, cheated on you. Shouldn't he pay? Shouldn't we work together to make him pay?
      Portia: That was a long time ago. I don't wanna go back there.
      Hunter: I need to know what really happened to my sister that night. I want you to help me. Call me.

    • Jude: (voiceover) Some days, you feel like singing from the rooftops, and other days, all you want to do is scream. But today, all I want is maximum R&R. Maybe make a little music while I'm at it.

    • Hunter: Are you trying to get rid of me Tommy?
      Tommy: What would it take if I was?
      Hunter: A hundred large.
      Tommy opens a briefcase full of money.
      Tommy: You are so predictable. But this is it Hunter. If you take this, I don't ever want to see your face again. Cause if I do, I'll break it.

    • Spiederman: Anyone up for desert of the baby back variety?
      Kyle: Why'd you lie to us?
      Wally: We're your peeps.
      Spiederman: Because I cut a demo. A solo demo.
      Kyle: ...And?
      Spiederman: What? You don't care?
      Kyle: You were always a true musician dude. You think I wanna do this forever? I wanna be a geologist.
      Wally: I'm just in it for the chicks.

    • Camera guy: Jude, how about a couple more candid shots?
      Jude: Here's something candid for you. Despite what you saw back there, Tommy Quincy changed my life. When I met him, I was just a kid who won a talent contest, and he opened my soul and let the real music come out. And even though we might not be working together anymore, no one will ever replace him.

    • Kyle: Make anything out?
      Wally: No. But I sure hope they make out.
      Kyle: Really? But they're sisters dude.
      Spiederman: A boy can still dream.

    • Spiederman: Ground control to major dude. We're ready to rock it.

    • Jude: Can I get some help here guys or are you just gonna watch while I'm swallowed whole?
      Wally: Speed's web of lies is threatening to swallow us whole.
      Kyle: Dude, this might be SME's last jam together.

    • Spiederman: I'm kinda recording my own solo demo. By myself.
      Karma: You're ditching the boys for the big time and not even saying goodbye. That's so bad. Not bad like bad, but bad like sexy good.

    • Karma: You're in a good mood.
      Spiederman: What can I say baby? Everything is just coming up Spiederman.
      Karma: Probably cause you cut out the dead weight. Saw Kyle and Wally at the mall. They seemed positively lost without you.
      Spiederman: Did you tell them where I was?
      Karma: Seemed to think that you should be catering to my every whim. And FYI, you should be.

    • Jude: You found me! This is my best friend Jamie.
      Jamie: Hello.
      Jude: Whose always there for me in times of crisis. Like now. 911!
      Jamie: Ma'am there's a vehical on the way. (awkward laughs)
      Jude: Ok, so I'm gonna go back in the studio now and produce a single by myself. All by myself.
      Jamie: And if I know Jude Harrison, she will do stellar.

    • Jude: I don't know what I just did Jamie.
      Jamie: You just fired Little Tommy Q. On camera. Which millions of people will now watch.
      Jude: That's not helping.
      Jamie: I feel like it's my birthday.

    • Tommy: Do you need to take a break?
      Jude: No. You do. Permanently.
      Tommy: What are you saying?
      Jude: I don't want you producing me anymore. You're fired.

    • Tommy: What else can I say? She's come a long way and I have nothing but respect for her. Jude is a real professional.
      Jude: Sorry, am I interrupting something? I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Can we get to work?
      Tommy: Sure, I already have the board set up.
      Jude: Without knowing what song we're doing?
      Tommy: Ok, what song are we doing?
      Jude: I don't know. Why don't you ask Sadie?
      Tommy: Jude, let's just be professional. Like we always are.

    • Spiederman: Wasabi!
      Kyle: Dude, how did Karma's surgery go?
      Spiederman: Oh, well her wisdom teeth are out. And she looks much less smart. And puffy.
      Kyle: So you're sure you aren't going to be able to make meat night.
      Spiederman: She's having a real barfy reaction to the painkillers. Sorta turns me off barbecue sauce.

    • Spiederman: Raw fish is like my new crush.

    • Kwest: Can't you see it? Your name in lights.
      Jamie: And after you strike it rich, you can outfit your boys the finest jumpsuits money can buy.
      Spiederman: Well Wally does love a good jumpsuit.

    • Spiederman: I feel like I'm cheating on Kyle and Wally.

    • Spiederman: Why did you guys even ask me to record a solo demo?
      Kwest: We need to present new artists to Darius.
      Jamie: And you've got mad skills. Lost puppy dog looks. Girls love puppies.

    • Darius: (rapping) Yeah check it out. Yeah yeah, listen. It's all about Jude Harrison. Ain't no comparison. They try to play her out, but no she's still smashing them. We top billing, we still winning. GMajor is the label, and yeah, we still killing.
      Jude: You know honestly, this camera crew should be following you around.
      Darius: No it's all about you. Check this out. Jude Harrison right here ladies and gentlemen. Singer, song writer, and producer. Triple threat. The star right here.

    • Jude: Oh, Karma! Old pal. This is the new Instant Star. Karma did a cover of one of my songs, and some people say it's even better than the original. Isn't that right, Karma?
      Karma: Wow, Quincy shorted out your circuits.

    • Jude: This is my sister, Sadie. And we work at the same place, and it's very awkward. Right Sadie?

    • Jude: Oh, I know what this guy does. He rocks. Hard. This is my guitarist, Speed.
      Spiederman: Uh Jude, I'm not really supposed to be here right now. (Pulls his shirt over his face) No ablo Engle?
      Jude: He's certifiable. Great riffs though.

    • Jude runs into someone
      Jude: He's a really wicked guy. I just wish I knew what he did here.

    • Spiederman: Alright, well it's been swell. "Thank you Cleveland!" And adios amigos.
      Kyle: Hey, aren't you forgetting something?
      Spiederman: What? You want a hug?
      Kyle: No, we're supposed to go to the butchery. Get ready for meat night, remember?
      Spiederman: Yeah, right. Karma, she's getting her wisdom teeth removed. Gotta take care of her. You know how it is. Makes whipping gesture

    • Jude: I look like a dog's breakfast with poached eggs fries. I can't do this.

    • Sadie: Jude, we need to talk.
      Jude: No Sadie, you need to talk. I need you to leave me alone. Which means we have our selves an old fashion sister standoff.

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