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Instant Star

Season 2 Episode 8

Personality Crisis

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 29, 2006 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Personality Crisis
Jude is thrilled to be nominated for a music award, but what she finds less exciting is the prospect of attending the ceremonies with Spiederman, who hasn't been the ideal boyfriend lately. So it's understandable when Jude agrees to let Mason escort her to the event.

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  • Jude is nominated for an award and her quest to have the right "look" puts her and Spied at odds.

    This episode explores the relationship between Jude and Spied and really shows that underneath his "surfer/beach bum" look, Spiederman is really deep. While Jude doesn't seem to notice that G Major is changing her for the awards show, Spied does and he doesn't like it, which of course puts a strain on their relationship. The episode perfectly captures the relationship and it's just a shame that it will have to end.

    Sadie running into Aubrey Graham, while being a nice shout-out to "Degrassi", isn't really necessary and comes off a little gimmicky. Also, Mason coming out could've used a little more attention.

    To me the scene stealer in the episode is Tim Rozon, who (if i remember correctly) has one or no lines of dialouge in the entire episode and still manages to steal the scene with his facial expressions. (Especially his reaction to Spied's hair comment) My one nitpick is my boy Jamie is nowhere to be found in this episode. What gives?moreless
  • What can I say, other than...I loved it!!!

    "Personality crisis" was...how should I put this? Amazing!!! Not only did it have Aubrey Graham and Stacy Farber (from DeGrassi: The next generation) but it brought back the increasingly cute & hug-gable Mason. (played by Nicholas Rose) The episode was about Jude, who's first CD supposedly didn't do so well, getting nominated by her fans to win an award. It was also about her relationship with Spiederman and how his attitude about their relationship/friendship wasn't exactly working. There's some twists and turns in this one: Sadie & Tommy are now broken up [Stranger in the house], Jude decides to ask Mason to the award show, Spiederman asks Sadie to get revenge on Jude, Sadie accepts to get revenge on Tommy, Jude gets pissed, kisses Mason, Mason comes out, Jude wins the award, and...(take a breath) she kind of loses an earring!!! I love how much stuff they gave us in the last ten minutes. Instant Star, I love ya. Keep up the great work.

    [Did I mention Mason comes out? He is so much hotter now!!!]moreless



Guest Star

Stacey Farber

Stacey Farber


Guest Star

Nicholas Rose

Nicholas Rose

Mason Fox

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Christopher Gaudet

Christopher Gaudet


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Ian Blackwood

Ian Blackwood


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    • Sadie: Jude, you won!
      Jude: What?
      Sadie: You won! Come on!
      Mason: Go. I'll guard the bowl.

    • Spiederman: (sarcastically) Hair is important dude, I mean there's a whole sub-genre of 80's rock devoted to it.

    • Spiederman: Is anyone going to apologize to lil ole me?
      Jude: Uh ok, sorry you can be such a butt head.
      Spiederman: Thank you. You're the greatest.
      Mason: Juderman. You guys are adorable.

    • Jude: This is simultaneously the best and worst night of my life.
      Spiederman: It's like that time I ate three bags of cotton candy then went on the Zipper. So good then- so bad.

    • Spiederman: I'm not Jude, as you might be able to tell. But I gotta thank Gmajor and Jude and you guys the fans. You guys did the right thing voting for her. She's like this awesome rock goddess whether she's covered in mud or angry at me or whatever. She's just incredible. I'm proud of her. Way to go Jude- dude.

    • Mason: You didn't know I was gay?
      Jude: Um.. no?

    • Mason enters the girl's bathroom
      Mason: How much clam chowder did you have?
      Jude: I lost an earring that Portia got on loan and it's worth more than Bolivia. I think maybe I will be sick.
      Mason: Then I'll hold your hair back.

    • Jude: I wish he was more like you.
      Mason: Be careful what you wish for.

    • Spiederman: How's it going?
      Jude: Apparently my hair is uncooperative. Don't say anything!
      Spiederman: You still mad at me? Come on Jude. It's truce time.
      Hair dresser: Is that your natural hair?
      Spiederman: Me? Yeah.
      Hair dresser: It's magnificent.
      Spiederman: Would you call it cooperative?
      Mason: I think you look beautiful Jude.
      Spiederman: Hey, back off of my date there cow poke dude.
      Jude: Actually, cracks like that is the reason Mason's my date.

    • Spiederman: You forget how to play touch already?
      Jude: Football?
      Spiederman: Same rules as on tour.
      Jude: I thought we were on a date.
      Spiederman: Yeah, that's why you're on my team and not Kyle's this time.
      Wally: Remember, Speed hates losing.
      Kyle tackles Jude. Spiederman and Wally laugh
      Kyle: Sorry.

    • Spiederman shows up at Jude's door with a rose.
      Spiederman: I like your image.
      Jude: No being cute when I'm still mad at you.
      Spiederman: Do you wanna come out dude- I mean Jude?
      Jude: Ok let me get cute too.

    • Jude: (to Spiederman) I need support. And my name is Jude, not dude.

    • Jude: Did you hear?
      Spiederman: You're dating the hottest guitarist on earth?

    • Jude: What? People are actually voting for me.
      Mason: Your bootlegs a top download still. They love you. You're way more than the- size of your head.
      Jude: Which is good, because apparently it's too small.

    • Jude: This is my favorite chat threat. Why Jude sucks.
      Mason: It's probably got zero responses.
      Jude: Close. 283 actually. Ok. (reading) Jude is getting way fat. I hate Jude as a blond. Jude's head is disproportionate to her body.
      Mason: It actually says dys-pry-porsh-nyte if spelling counts.

    • Mason: I'm signing up for my seventh e-mail account so I can vote for you again.

    • Spiederman: I hope you lose. No one wants to see that butt-ugly hairdo back on stage again.
      Jude: That wasn't even close to a joke.

    • Spiederman: (to Jude) I thought you were cute along. That's why I did not get the whole "I need a makeover" thing.

    • Stacey: Hey cowboy. Wrong room.
      Jude: Oh... no don't worry about it. He's so completely gay it doesn't even matter.
      Stacey: Ok. Well y'all have a nice time in here.
      Stacey leaves the bathroom
      Mason: How did you know?

    • Sadie: Hey my little cousin loves your show. (Refering to Degrassi)
      Aubrey: Your little cousin....yeah sure, that is what everybody says, it's ok.
      Sadie: Oh, you caught me!

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