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  • its driving me nuts

    instant star is on netflix but only has season 1 and 2!!! sooooo angry and cant find it anywhere else! i miss tommys face! damn he's hot! if anyone knows where to watch the rest please send me an email at
  • this show need 2 come back....

    the best show i ever watch the last episode of seasons 4 i was crying cant believe they canceled it... sad face
  • I cant believe it was canceled!!!

    Believe me, I thought that this show was going perfect and that every girl in america had it bad for tommy. i know i did. this show inspired me even more to write songs since ive been writing since i was 9.
  • It was canceled why?

    I watched this show from the very beginning. I still can't get over the ending of the fourth season, but since I know that it wasn't supposed to be the final season, I'm a little more over it. I loved this show so much that I can't even watch The N (now TeenNick) any more, because as the poster below me said, it was replaced by shows that weren't nearly as good as this. Even Degrassi, which I used to watch, isn't as good as it used to be. I just wish I could see what the fifth season would have been like.
  • Great Great great show. Tell me why this was canceled again?

    This show was great I remember seeing it for the first time but I didn't really like but then I saw it last year and I stayed up hours last night to get another episode in its funny and dramatic and just really amazing. I feel this show was ended prematurely, it should have been on so much longer than it was only to be replaced by shows that wasn't even a fraction as good as this. I know I will never find a show as cool as this or as much fun to watch. Its almost like watching a friend going through her life on TV.
  • A popstar who goes threw her everyday life. battles with fans, people in the industry, and the people she does not get along with. Jud Harison, her puducers, and peers do a good job.

    It is a favourite to me. I like the sory it tells. Producers, popstar, models, and muc more. too me it is a mtv or much much, one of the good shows. good luck with the new showers i willl be watch when it is one. MUCH all the way. MUSic all the way. Why? it is a big thing too me those two. I wonder what will be the beef or problems in the next episodes. Last i saw th wild rocker drove a care into a bridge. hope there is no whiplash on that one. That would be after the win with the G-Major.
  • Jude Harrison is the newest winner of G Major's contest. The life of a super star isn't so easy. Instant Star is about Jude's ups and downs of being a super star. She making mistakes like a lot of teens but trying to learn as much as she can from them.

    When I first heard about this series on The-N, I was curious about the show. So, when it first aired on television I watched the first episode. From then on I was hooked and I watched almost every episode. Sadly, I hear that the series ended or near ending. Whichever one it is, I am sad to see it go but glad I was able to watch the episode. It was a great series for any teenagers and young adults. I hope The-N come up with new series that was as great as this one. I am glad I was able to see this series when it was on.
  • Jude Harrison learns that being a famous singer is not all that it is cracked up to be.

    I love "Instant Star" so much. It is one of the best shows on television and one of my favorites. The songs are excellent. I have both Instant Star CDs and I listen to them non-stop. They are the best songs ever and Alexz Johnson is a great song writer. Unfortunately, each season of "Instant Star" is only 13 episodes. At least there is always one great song in each episode. I don't know what I would do without "Instant Star" because it is the best show on The-N. The good news is that the creators are going to keep making "Instant Star" as long as the viewers keep watching. Thankfully with a show as good as that, there is no need to worry. For the moment at least.
  • The show is about Jude Harrison's rise to fame and all the relationships and music in her life.

    I love Instant Star! Jommy is the best couple in my opinion! I'm sad that it's ending but Tommy is going down as one of the hottest guys in the history of TV and Jommy as one of the best couples in TV! I love this show and it's totally relatable! I love how Jude uses music to voice some of her feelings and I think that the music is great. I really feel that for those who have not watched Instant Star to watch it because it is a great show that really takes love and music to a new level! Instant Star rocks!
  • Best show for music and drama ever.

    It's amazing to me that such a good thing has to come to an end, but they all do I suppose. I kind of give them credit for not dragging it out or god forbid going to a different instant star winner to center around next. Jude harrison's character has changed and grown, stumbled and gotten back on her feet and is a great role model for young women of what to do and not to do. Kudos. And, LOVE the music. Alexz Johnson has an amazing voice with no seeming limits to it's range of style. The supporting cast has all the needed archetypes so that everyone can find someone they relate to. As for Tommy or Jamie. The boy next door will always be number two, (look at Dawson's creek's ending)so here's hoping Tommy and Jude can straigten things out.
  • Instant Star follows Jude Harrison, the winner of am "American Idol" esque reality show. It documents her battles with her record company, the public, and her personal life as well. As of season 3, they have started to focus on other characters as well.

    Instant Star is the greatest show I've ever seen. The music is great, the actors are great. The entire cast has a real talent to deliver the emotions of the characters. The show lets you see what it's like in the world of someone who wins a show and becomes instantly famous, much like American Idol contestants. Alexz Johnson is an amazing actress/singer/song-writer who contributes greatly to the show, along with fellow cast members Tim Rozon, Laura Vandervoort, Kristopher Turner, Tyler Kyte, and Cory Lee. While the show can sometimes go in a tense, drama-ish direction, it can also appear as a sitcom with it's relieving jokes and pranks played on others by the characters Spiederman (Tyler Kyte), Wally (Christopher Gaudet), and Kyle (Ian Blackwood). The writers do a great job at portraying the trials and tribulations of being a celebrity. From failing albums, blackmailing plots, feuds, and reality shows. Instant Star is timeless and a great success, which unfortunately will not go on past a fourth season. Anyone who has a love for music should check out this great show.
  • One of my favorite shows EVER!!

    I recently started watching Instant Star and got hooked. I think it has the perfect mix of comedy and drama. I tune in to watch it whenever I can and the last season just came out so I pretty much tune in a lot. The whole Tommy, Jude, Jamie thing is interesting and amusing to watch. You never know what's going to happen next on this show. Alexz Johnson is a great singer and the concept of the show is great. A typical girl with an amazing singing ability that wins a singing contest that gets a record deal and becomes famous. Instant star =
  • Instant Star- a music show with wonderful music and wonderful characters.

    As an aspiring musician, this show is inspirational for me. It reminds me how much music means to me... and gives me the inspiration to practice, because I can't really even play piano or guitar yet. Just flute, and that's kinda pointless. The music is spectacular, although the lyrics are usually about love. Not only is the music fantastic, but it's music that gets in your head where you can't get rid of it. Following Jude's career makes you feel like you're in the music industry yourself; a friend of Jude's she just doesn't speak to. It's an original show and I absolutely adore it. It's so good I just spent the past week watching every episode online at The N.
  • A young and talented High School girl wins an "American Idol" type contest. And her life becomes inspiration for her music. The highs and the lows. At the center of it all is her ongoing, and ever growing relationship with her record producer. I am hook!

    This is one of the best shows of all time! Right up there with "Lois and Clark" and "La Femme Nikita". The chemistry between characters "Jude & Tommy" is priceless. And Alex Johnson is the most amazingly gifted singer/songwriter/actress of this generation. Tim Rozon has intoxicating charisma. The sexy voice. And the way he lights up when he looks at Alexz Johnson. I could lock myself in a room and watch back to back episodes for days. All I can say is "WOW"! A must see for females of all ages. Wish I had found this show sooner. It is the best!
  • Instant Star, a show about life, love, and music.

    Instant Star is one of my favorite shows. The show is based on Jude, a young girl who grows up and matures as the show goes on. It also deals with her many relationships, including her on/off love with her producer Tommy, and her best friend, the sweet and dorky Jamie. It also features Jude's music and her life as she grows up a star. Alexz Johnson is truly talented, not only is she an amazing singer but she's a great actress! I love this show and the music. The only thing that stinks is the long wait between seasons. The final season of Instant Star is airing hopefully soon, and I can't wait to see how everything turns out!
  • Jude Harrison learns that being a famous singer is not all that it is cracked up to be.

    I love "Instant Star" so much. It is one of the best shows on television and one of my favorites. The songs are excellent. I have both Instant Star CDs and I listen to them non-stop. They are the best songs ever and Alexz Johnson is a great song writer. Unfortunately, each season of "Instant Star" is only 13 episodes. At least there is always one great song in each episode. I don't know what I would do without "Instant Star" because it is the best show on The-N. The good news is that the creators are going to keep making "Instant Star" as long as the viewers keep watching. Thankfully with a show as good as that, there is no need to worry. For the moment at least.
  • this so good so im hoping it will keep going on so anyways i love jude and tommys relashoinship i think they are cute!

    i think jude has amazing voice and i just love the show all together!!!
    i havent been able to keep up with all of the epys that are new
    but im rlly hoping they will it coming back soon
    so anyways love this show and most of all the-n shows
    but i think everyone should should give this show a try
    i did and i loved it so if you havent ever watched it and you think its stupid it wouldnt hurt to try:]:]:]
    so anyways I L.O.V.E. this show and how its diffrent from some of the shows!
    so anyways tootles
    --lovable _ lexi:]:] :] :]
  • I love this show!

    I really enjoyed this show, i really hope that jude picks tommy because i think they're perfect for each other. Jamie, aw he is an amazing person and friend and his feelings for Jude are big , but i don't know if he's ready for a serious relationship with Jude, I think they should stay friends. Jude has waited for tommy for such a long time he finally made the move she should at least try. I really enjoyed this season I hope everything works how it should. Instant star is one of my favorite shows ever, I really llike the cast. By the way about spid and Karma, I really didn't like Karma at the begining but then she was sweet, i really hope it works out, even do i really liked spid with Jude, but still Tommy is my favorite.
  • absolutley perfect a teen who is talented trying to struggle being famous with evrything else in her lyfe.

    jude harrison was just a normal girl no one noticed except her friends she then won a contest called instant star and became famous. every thing changed. she now has to handle being famous, her friends, her family, and her own love lifeas well as her parents spliting up. i love this show. it is filled with drama and i love the music. it also influence ppl to continue with their dream they just might get it but you have to struggle to keep that dream. i especcial love the whole jude, tommy, jamie spiederman thing. i absolutley love this show.
  • This Show is About Jude Harrison and her life as a superstar that she was thrust into after she won an talent contest. The show revolves around her love life and her social and Family life. Other Characters in the show are Tommy, Sadie and Jamie.

    This show is absolutely amazing and anyone who watches it can concur that Jude Harrison is Amazing! Seriuosly, I have been watching this show since July 1st 2005 and I have been hooled ever since. The Constant Jude-Tommy Love Thihg going on just keeps me watching every week...not to mention the AWESOME music. Never have I watched a show that had a soundtrack that I actually cares for.i know all the words, I know all the episodes, there's fan art on my walls, not many shows can draw me in like that and keep me there after all these years. I cannot wait for season four, even though there is a slight chance that jude will pick Jamie and i am NOt a Jade fan...I was during "Should I Stay or Should I Go?", but once no sleep til brooklyn2 aired, i was over that relationship...anyway..that is my critique on instnat star!!
    HAPPY JOMMMY Hunting!
  • Alexz Johnson: the world's hidden beauty.

    When I first saw the teaser trailers for this show i thought what most of us (probably) thought- that it was another generic copy of american idol, a reality show, etc. What I found was this amazing girl's rise to fame in a fictional world- interladen with real, beautiful music, raw talent and strong acting chops in people and faces that i had never heard of or seen before. Alexz Johnson co-writes many of the songs that are created for her character and her voice is a gem. She also plays guitar. The story lines follow her as her career takes off, each episode centering around a main song, and as her love life and personal life take their ups and downs. If the world doesn't know Alexz Johnson by the end of instant star... I will make it my civil duty to shout her name to the world.
  • One of my favorite shows.Plz look at my blog I have a great game.

    I think this is an awesome show but sometimes there's way too much drama. I totally hate the newest Instant Star winner Karma she is such a hypocrite. I always wanted Jude and Spiederman to end up together butI guess that's never going to happen because Karma and Spiederman are married I don't know what he sees in her. I don't know if at the end of the episode Jude decided to go with Jamie or Tommy but I am hoping it was with Tommy because who even cares about Jamie. My advice to anyone who hasn't watched this show and doesn't have a life watch it ASAP atleast you'll have something to look forward to.
  • Instant Star... way better than American Idol!

    A great show that follows the fame and life of Jude Harrison. Filled with love, laughs, and plenty of drama. This show is a hit with teens, and others for many reasons. One of them of course is "Who doesn't want to be a rock star?". The viewers get to see the good and the bad of fame. They all get to see a teenager (now adult) struggle with more than just the right cords and perfect lyrics. Jude isn't perfect, obviously if you ever watched to show you could get that, but she has strong qualities that make this show addicting.
    A bold teenage rock star. Drama starts NOW!
  • Instant Star is about a girl named Jude Harrison who won a contest called Instant Star.Afqter she wins the contest her whole life channges completely.She has to dealer with her friends, family, and people not liking her music.Well she did win the contest.

    I love this show.I am so glad that they are going to have a seaoson four, and I hope that they have a lot of more seasons after season 4.My favorite season of Instant Star was the third.My favorite song from Instant Star is Skin.My Favorite episode of Instant Star is Celebrity Skin.
  • Instant star is an amazing show.

    This show has by far been one of the most shows to grow on me ever. It is an amazing show and the plotlines are good. The first two seasons did not really do it for me, but the third season has just been phenomenal. It will really leave you wanting to know more. It's suspenseful, funny, romantic, and heartbreaking. It will leave you screaming for more. I enjoy watching Instant Star every Friday since it's also a show you can relate too. Even though not everyone is a television pop singer show winner, you'll feel right at home with Instant Star.
  • Instant Star is about Jude Harrison the first Instant Star.Winning the contest at 15 she was thrown into the world of fame.With a hot ex-boy band producer,a jealous sister,a rocking best friend,and the pressure of staying on top this girl has it made.

    Instant Star is one of my favorite shows.Second in my mind only to Degrassi.
    The show displays the after 'American Idol' stuff.I think that the show is very informational and fun and dramatic all at the same time.Jude has to deal with relationships,the press,and her career itself.
    Jude somehow manages to bring it all together in harmony to write inspirational and considerably moving songs.This music is absolutely addictive and it gets better every season.
    Yes I admit her life is hectic but that's what makes the show.The show is very much underappreciated.
    People hate it because of all the changes Jude has gone through or because of some of the actors,specifically Alexz Johnson.
    I think more people should watch it because music is taking over and if you love music as much as I do you will love this show.
  • I love,love,love this show!

    I started watching it because I was curioius how such a formula for a series would play out.
    I fell in love with the music,which is still awe inspiring and so good.
    So easy to listen too and even quite deep at times. I have not enjoyed this much music in any one series ever!
    The plots are twisted and fun. The cast is a total kick!
    I cannot really say a bad word about it.
    They even resisted an obvious cliff hanger and let the bad guy be arrested. Not some cheesy,struggle for the knife both guys fall to the ground and "wait" till next season sillyness alot of shows would have done. I hope it keeps going as I totally enjoy watching it.
    It's been a long while since a show about music performers has been on. I really hope it lasts.
  • Jude wins the GMajor contest and is boosted into a career of fortune and fame. She has to worry about recording an album, her friends, family, school, and much, much, more. Episodes are aired in Canada and the U.S. There is a new song every episode too.

    I personally love this show. Jude is the girl I think who everyone wants to be. Throughout this series she has several hot guys to choose between and that's every girl's fantasy. Jude dreamed of becoming a singer and did. I think the focus on all the characters is very important. Everyone knows who they want Jude to end up with but it just never seems to happen. Every time things are going good for her something bad happens so it makes the audiences want to watch the next episode in hopes that everything would be ok again. Jude is the person every one envies, yet pities. It seems that she has the easy like but shows how hard her life really is. I expect this show to be on for years to come. I think it gives people hope, in a twisted way, I know it does for me. In my darkest days I can watch it and say, Ok, everything will work out. At least my life isn't that complicated. Of course there is much more to the series than just Jude. She has friends, producers, and enemies. Not the enemies who write something bad in a newspaper. The ones who hold a knife to your throat. Yeah, intense.
  • Not bad!

    This show is about a not very popular teenage girl who wins a contest because she's a good songwriter, then gets a recording contract that doesn't turn out to be what she expected. She goes on to discover that all the things that go along with stardom are pretty hard to handle--especially for someone still learning to just maneuver through life. She's a sweet and talented kid, and the show is about her joys and disappointments. BTW--The songs are all really sung by the actress (unlike most TV shows where they overdub) as can be seen in the credits.

    I watch this show every Friday and anxiously await the next episodes. The actors are all talented, nobody shows excessive skin, and nobody talks potty-mouth or jumps in bed with ANYONE. Teen angst, yes, but told poignantly and with talent. The writing is great, music as heart wrenching as any teen could want, and acting superb.

    And now for my input on the topic of sex. I am a fairly strict and prudish parent and I think this show is fantastic. As far as the sex and sexuality in this show, I disagree with what another IMDb poster/reviewer said. The star doesn't sleep with anyone to get ahead, or for any other reason--she doesn't even sleep with anyone--at least not in the shows that have aired so far; I'm not sure what TV series this person watched, but what s/he describes is not the series "Instant Star" that is airing now on The-N. The most "sex" in this show (as of writing date) is kissing. And it's not passionate as much as it is sweet and romantic. Without giving anything away, I can say that each kiss has happened for good reason and isn't just gratuitous making out scenes. The show is about relationships of all kinds--family, friends, self, and romantic. I've seen TV commercials with far more sexuality than this TV show! I'm not saying the actors aren't sexy and gushing charisma, I'm just saying that the scripts and drama are plenty chaste.
  • Awesome episodes with addictive songs you wont be able to stop singing.

    Instant star has some really good songs , Alexz Johnson is a really talented singer and guitarist as Jude Harrison winner of the original instant star. The show follows Jude through her many boyfriends, inspiration for her song writing and lots of broken hearts. The main focus couple is Tommy and Jude, soulmates but there is always something there to interrupt their relationship whether it is Sadie (Judes sister) or allegations against Tommy for lying about one thing or another. Other couples involved are Sadie and Tommy, Jamie and Kat, Jamie and Patsy, Jude and Speiderman, Jude and Shay to name a few. Instant star has great storylines and is defenitley one worth watching!
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