Instant Star - Season 3

CTV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • All I Want Is You
    Episode 13
    After finding out Darius and Portia's secret, the people of G Major aren't too happy... It could be the end for Jude's record label, but that really isn't her biggest worry. It turns out she isn't the owner of her own music, and even bigger than that: both Jamie and Tommy want her affections. Both of them have an offer Jude can't refuse, but which one will she accept?moreless
  • 9.5
    Jude is still dealing with recently getting attacked while finding time to plan a party for Darius. Jude and Jamie also try to fix Sadie's love life by trying to get Sadie and Kwest back together. Meanwhile, Tommy tries to fix his life but some secrets may be holding him back.moreless
  • Celebrity Skin
    Episode 11
    Things go bad for Jude when she wears a vest made of real animal fur. Animal rights activists protest against her so she tries to fix it but instead accidentally insults meat eaters. With all of this drama going on, everyone wants to see Jude hurt. Everyone at G Major has to work hard to protect her or else something terrible might happen.moreless
  • Nowhere To Run
    Episode 10
    An MTV crew is supposed to be filming the production of Jude's new single. With Tommy producing, everything goes wrong and Jude ends up producing it herself. Also, Speed is keeping a secret from the band.
  • 18 (2)
    Episode 9
    After performing the song about her relationship with Tommy, Jude expects everything to be fine and for Tommy to make the announcement with her. They're together! But his reaction isn't as great as she hoped. He embarrasses her in front of cameras and runs off to Sadie. Meanwhile, Jude runs to someone else for comfort.moreless
  • 18 (1)
    Episode 8
    Jude's turning 18; Tommy loves her; life is good. So why won't he let her sing about him on stage at her birthday party? And who's the mysterious dude from Tommy's past that's making him flip out? Jude's 18 now, why isn't everything instantly perfect?!?! Things aren't perfect for Sadie either, and she's wondering if Kwest is the right guy for her. She might doubt it so much that she'll never find out.moreless
  • 8/1/07
    Jude and Tommy want to produce a hit record so they hit the road to find unique recording locations. As much as Tommy tries to hide it, his past comes bubbling up along with his feelings for Jude.
  • Heart Of Gold
    Episode 6
    Jude is planning a major event dedicated to Patsy, who would be turning 23 if it hadn't been for her untimely death. She really needs Sadie to help, but when Jude dumps a little to much responsibility on her, Sadie drops the bomb... Sadie's sick of being the help and plans on moving to New York so she can live her own life. Meanwhile, Jamie sets his sights on signing a new act on the G-Major label.moreless
  • Let It Be
    Episode 5
    Jude usually deals with her own G Major drama, but now she's going to deal with someone else's... Someone who can't speak for herself.
  • Helter Skelter
    Episode 4
    Patsy's burning out fast, and Jude's not sure she can stop her- or if Patsy even wants her to.
  • Start Me Up
    Episode 3
    Jude has to deal with the aftermath of her breast being shown to the public, just as she learns that not only will Karma be doing a cover of her song "Waste My Time" but that Tommy will be producing her album.
  • Like a Virgin
    Episode 2
    In an interview, Karma says she's a virgin, and they automatically assume that Jude isn't. Jude and Karma begin to not get along, and Jude ends up flashing her boob to an entire 13th brithday party while performing.
  • Lose Yourself
    Episode 1
    Jude's life is changing...for the best. Her CD is skyrocketing, and she's become a real star. That is, until the new Instant Star Karma comes in and changes everything...for the worst.