Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 2

She Drives Me Crazy

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 15, 2008 on CTV

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  • Karma and Speed's wedding approaches.

    This episode rocked! I loved it! It was so dramatic and it was very entertaining to watch. There was a lot of drama as Karma and Speed's wedding approached. Karma was asked to create more fights with Speed for their reality television series, but Speed doesn't know that the fights are staged. They fight just before the wedding, about Speed's father, and Speed calls of the wedding. It was so intense. Plus, Jamie's desire for Jude and his jealousy are very entertaining to watch. Alexz Johnson once again shines in this episode, with her amazing vocals. Karma and Speed eventually get married, providing a happy ending for them, at least.
  • Karma and Spiederman have a lot to learn about each other before they can really be a married couple...

    All I can say is wow. This episode is revealing... It is a good thing that they decided to focus on someone other than Jude in an episode and it isn't a waste. I love the fact that we learn where Karma came from, what her real name is, and about Spiederman's family. Aside from us learning Karma's emotional issues in the last episode, we learn that she actually has a heart (atleast when the cameras aren't on). This episode gives Sperma hope. They barely know each other yet they're giving each other the benefit of the doubt and a chance. Hopefully their reality show doesn't tear them apart, like it almost did in this episode. This is a good direction for Instant Star and I'll be interested to see how things unfold with this marriage. Aside from the revealing truths and interesting facts, the wedding was quite entertaining and Jude's performance of "Deeper" was awesome. That song has such a great meaning...
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