Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 13

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on CTV

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  • or at least it should be the series finale...

    Okay, this series is good, and the season was good. But this standalone episode isn't the best, and it really left no reason to come back for another season. The Jude/Tommy/Jamie thing always bothered me, and Jude/Jamie isn't the best couple in my opinion. It just felt like this episode was a rehash of all the others in the season, and instead of having it's own plot it just used all the other plots and crammed them sloppily into the episode.

    Season2 better get some new relationships and characters and I think it will. Look at Degrassi... first season wasn't too good, season 2 got new characters and new issues and kaboom it was good. We'll just have to see with this one.
  • Jude is preparing to go on tour.

    Jude prepares to go on tour with speidermans mind explosion, when she is suddenly given another offer out of the blue. Shay (Judes ex boyfriend)turns up and gives Jude the oppurtunity to go on a tour with him as his opening act. Jude is yet to forgive Shay for dumping her and hooking up with Eden (Judes enemy). At a party Sadie tells Jude that she is seeing someone and Jude tells Sadie that she kissed Tommy on her birthday. Jude is in shock when she finds out the person Sadie is seeing is Tommy!Jude doesnt know who to trust anymore and decides to ask Jamie to go on tour with her, he agree's instantly. But at the airport Jude makes the final decision to drop the tour with Shay and go on her own tour with SME. Before she leaves Jamie kisses her and states that hes not going to go so she can realise how mauch she really loves and misses him.
  • Ok, so Jude is gonna go on tour, but then all of a sudden her ex, Shay, shows up asking her to go on tour with him. So then she has to decide. Meanwhile, Jamie wants her attention, and Sadie and Tommy have something going on.

    The perfect way to end the season, because it leaves us with enough questions to keep us coming back for more. However, I've only been watching this show for a couple of episodes, but I thought I had everything worked out. You know, Jude loves Tommy, Tommy likes Jude, Jamie likes Jude, Jude's friend (who's name I can't remember) likes Jamie. It all fits. But then Tommy and Sadie hook up (which I think is totally stupid & confusing) and Jamie makes a move on Jude!!! Why would he do that? WHY? WHY? WHY? It makes no sense to me. Spoiler coming up. So, at the end of the episode Jamie KISSES Jude!!! Then Jude goes up to hand in her ticket...and comes back and KISSES JAMIE BACK!!!! WHY would she do this if she is obviously still in love with Tommy? Anyways, I'm gonna keep watching to figure out what she is doing.
  • Jude must make a chocie; Tommy, Shay, or Jamie?

    Here it is. The episode that will answer the big question: will Jude end up with Shay? Tommy? Or Jamie? Told in flashback "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" is the turning point in the lives of the characters. Shay returns and offers Jude the opening slot on his tour but it's pretty clear he's out, despite Darius wanting her to take it for the exposure. Jude is desrtoyed when she discovers Tommy and Sadie's relationship and when Tommy runs after Jude, Sadie is likewise destroyed. But, in a moment right out of "Pretty In Pink", Tommy shows up and gets Sadie back. Only he looks as if he still wants to be with Jude. And finally, Jude is ready to embark on tour with Jamie when Jamie stuns her with the news he isn't going with her so that she can decide if she really loves him. After delivering a great line ("I'm the man next door") he kisses her.

    So who does she end up with? Well let's just say he wears glasses and he ain't Tommy or Shay.
  • In this episode, Tommy and Sadie start to get a lot closer, along with Jude and Jamie. in the end, Tommy ends up going to Italy with his new girlfriend, and Judes sister, Sadie, while Jude and Jamie share a kiss at the aitport before she leaves for her to

    I enjoyed this episode but i felt that there was too much happening in one episode. so many things happened like jude going on tour, Jude being offered the Shay tour, Tommy and Sadie start dating, Jude finds out about her sister dating her producer, and Jamie kisses Jude. Although i enjoyed this episode, i feel it could have been better
  • ok jude/jamie sadie/tommy ...yuk!

    i can't beleive jude would go out with jamie..eww! i mean she was all into tommy when it first started and at the end she wants jamie? o and tommy is the biggest A$$HOLE I've ever seen. he make sout wit sadie yet again an when jude tells sadie about the kiss tommy tells sadie it was just one kiss way before we hooked up. i was like wtf? how could u say that kiss was just a kiss.that kiss was the BEST KISS on t.v ever!!!!! urggg i want to slap him sooooo bad. this episode made me so pised off but it's left me on the edge of my seat wonderin wats gonna happen next season.
  • Awesome.

    Shay comes back and rears his ugly head (well his kinda cute and I really like) and then Jamie kiss Jude. This the best season finale that I have ever seen (well after the season finale of degrassi) and I'm going to watch it again and again. This is the second best show to come out of Canada and it makes me proud that I live in Canada.