Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 13

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on CTV

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  • Jude is preparing to go on tour.

    Jude prepares to go on tour with speidermans mind explosion, when she is suddenly given another offer out of the blue. Shay (Judes ex boyfriend)turns up and gives Jude the oppurtunity to go on a tour with him as his opening act. Jude is yet to forgive Shay for dumping her and hooking up with Eden (Judes enemy). At a party Sadie tells Jude that she is seeing someone and Jude tells Sadie that she kissed Tommy on her birthday. Jude is in shock when she finds out the person Sadie is seeing is Tommy!Jude doesnt know who to trust anymore and decides to ask Jamie to go on tour with her, he agree's instantly. But at the airport Jude makes the final decision to drop the tour with Shay and go on her own tour with SME. Before she leaves Jamie kisses her and states that hes not going to go so she can realise how mauch she really loves and misses him.
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