Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 3

Start Me Up

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 15, 2007 on CTV

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  • Did a great job of planting the seeds for future storylines.

    After coming on strong with the first two episodes of season three, the writers gave the viewers a bit of a breather episode with "Start Me Up".

    Jude is dealing with the fallout of her, well fallout. I still think it's kind of strange that no one has yet to mention the fact that Karma basically ripped Jude's shirt down, everyone's making it sound like she pulled a ditzy Tara Reid move. The "Boobgate" storyline is kind of dumb, and hopefully this is one of the last episodes that has it near the center of its focus. I realize this is very much a young teen show, but when you it on after a show like Degrassi, which is also a teen show, and it features stuff like rape and STDs, having Jude pull an inadvertent "Manny" and making a big deal out of a few pics of her dressed up as a fully clothed boxer really makes the show seem juvenile.

    Meanwhile Tommy is trying to grow as a producer by producing Karma's record, but he sends mixed signals to Jude who misinterprets his desires believing that he wants to work with Jude again . Compared to other "Jommy" fights, this is pretty tame and their situation is straightened out less than 10 minutes later when they agree to be co-producers on her third album.

    But the most intriguing storyline arc involves Patsy, as apparently she has a drinking problem. With death rumors surrounding the show, and Ms. Palmer still listed as a guest star, I guess we can all see where this will be going.

    Overall, not the strongest episode of Instant Star, although still much better than any episode involving Shay. But it finally feels as if the show is building up to a greater purpose, whereas in the past two seasons storylines scarely carried over from episode to episode. This was a transition episodes that planted the story seeds that should carry the show to its mid-season climax in episode 7. Fortunately, it was an effective effort.