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Season 3 Episode 12

Sympathy for The Devil

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Unknown on CTV
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Jude is still dealing with recently getting attacked while finding time to plan a party for Darius. Jude and Jamie also try to fix Sadie's love life by trying to get Sadie and Kwest back together. Meanwhile, Tommy tries to fix his life but some secrets may be holding him back.moreless

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  • Both Tommy and Jude are overcoming the fact they were attacked. Jude focuses her time and energy on restoring Sadie and Kwest's relationship, badly. Whereas, Tommy plans to leave town, Jamie makes a move on Jude and then a shocking secret is revealed!moreless

    Tommy deals with his grief by planning to leave town, he gives Kwest his motorbike in the opening scene. Tommy and Kwest had not been seeing eye to eye since Tommy had punched him and Sadie had kissed Tommy. However, they get over their quarrels and restore their friendship. Darius is having a big party held in G major as he is receiving a community award. Jude is help in charge of who uses the microphone. But, Jude seems to preoccupied trying to get Sadie and Kwest back together, using the help of her best friend, Jamie. We then see Jude starting to fall for Jamie :( Jude and Jamie sneakily organize a romantic dinner for Sadie and Kwest it seems to be working until Kwest discovers that Sadie had not organized it. Meanwhile, Jude asks Jamie to accompany her to the big party, but, he turns her down, believing that she only wants him because there is "Trouble in Tommy town." At the same time, Karma is desperately trying to convince Jude to let her sing her new song at the party by showering her with compliments. The night of Darius's party arrives and neither Jude or Sadie have a date to go with. Jamie is confiding with Paegan about his love troubles whilst the night is slowly thrown in to chaos. Sadie has a one to one with Tommy explaining that he and Jude both need closure before he leaves town. Meanwhile, Karma performs her new song 'No shoes, no shirt' and Tommy finds Angie's report for her car crash found under the Boyz attack gold record. During that, Jamie explains to Jude that he still likes her and their old flame starts to burn. The chief of police is ready to talk to the crowd however he is interrupted by Sadie grabbing the microphone and she nervously confesses her love to Kwest and they share a heartfelt kiss. Darius is pulled out of the crowd by Tommy who then confronts him about the police report. Tommy adds it all up and figures that it was Darius who cut the brakes on his car. Realization dawns on him as he realizes it was HIS car and that Darius wanted to kill him. However, Portia intervenes and honestly confesses that it was her who cut the brakes. Jude witnesses it all and Portia then calls the police to face up to her past. Jude and Jamie walk home together when Tommy turns up and tells her that he's done running away and hes not going to leave town. Tommy and Jamie share evil looks and Jude goes inside when she is asked: "How was your evening?" Jude just laughs at the craziness she has witnessed during the course of a single night. (My very long description!!)moreless
  • Trouble in Tommy Town...

    I thought it was cute the way Jude and Jamie were working together to help Sadie and Quest get together and I thought it was adorable when Sadie got on stage to profess her love for Quest. I was screaming in my seat. Uh...I don't know about you guys but Darius acting was horrible when he does the You're not going to blow this there's too much at stake line. Haha it was horrible. So overall the episode was pretty interesting. The ending was great to leave it on a cliff making viewers irk to want to find out who she's going to choose out of the two.moreless
  • While trying to get over the fact that she was almost killed, Jude tries to get over Tommy and help Sadie and Kwest rekindle their relationship.

    Deciding to go after what she wants, after her near death experience, Jude decides to go after what she wants. Jaimie and Jude decide to play cupid for Sadie and Kwest, unsuccessfully. Jude decides to go for Jaimie for her new beau. Jaimie shuts her down, not because of Patsy, but because he thinks she only wants her because there's trouble with Tommy, (whic is party true...). Tommy decides he's leaving (again), and Sadie tells him that Jude needs closure. Dateless, Jude and Sadie go to Darius's recognition party. Jude, in charge of the mic, has it taken by Carma once, and Sadie another. Sadie confesses she loves Kwest and they get back together, and while Sadie's confession's taking place, Jaimie decides that Jude wants him for him and tells her to let him walk her home. Tommy's in the back and accidently breaks his gold record, with which a police report for Angie falls out. Apparently, Darius slashed Tommy's tires in hopes of killing him for Porsche but Porsche confesses and is arrested. On their walk home, Jaimie and Jude are about to kiss when Tommy shows up and says he's not leaving after all and that he wants Jude. Jude walks into her house without a word, happy that both guys she wants, want her back.moreless
David Shore

David Shore

Police Chief

Guest Star

Craig Warnock

Craig Warnock

Paegan Smith

Guest Star

Mackenzie Steele

Mackenzie Steele

Darius Daughter

Guest Star

Wes Williams

Wes Williams

Darius Mills

Recurring Role

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    • Jamie: You ok with all of this?
      Jude: Yeah, it's just this industry, the fame, it makes people crazy.
      Jamie: Not you, you're different.

    • Jude: Portia sat on her guilt for years, and it almost destroyed her. Talk about tragic.

    • Darius: Who called the police?
      Portia: I did. I wanna face this. It's the only way.

    • Tommy: How long have you had this? Why didn't you tell me? You did it. You slashed the breaks on the car.
      Jude: What's going on?
      Tommy: Darius killed Angie. Why, so I wouldn't run off with her? Leave our marriage? Leave Boyz Attack?
      Darius: Go back to the party. I'll handle this.
      Tommy: I lied to her. Told her I didn't love her. She took off with my car and wrapped it around a tree. My car. It wasn't Angie you were trying to get rid of.
      Portia: Darius was just trying to protect me, okay? Darius just covered it up, but he didn't touch that car.
      Darius: Portia don't.
      Portia: I didn't want you to leave me. I couldn't let you go. I loved you too much Tommy. I didn't want anyone to die, but she did, and it's all my fault.

    • Tommy: Do you know what this is?
      Darius: A police report for the car accident that killed Angie.
      Tommy: You hid it under the Boyz Attack gold record.
      Darius: I wanted to remind myself of the sacrifices I made to get you that gold record.
      Tommy Why wasn't this filed?
      Darius: Part of the almighty dollar. I got connections.

    • Jamie: Listen, about last night.
      Jude: You wanna do the platonic thing, I get it.
      Jamie: The platonic thing is the complete opposite of what I wanna do with you.
      Jude: Oh Jamie Andrews, whatever do you mean?
      Jamie: Let me walk you home tonight and I'll show you.
      Jude: It's a date.

    • Tommy: I have to tell you something.
      Jude: Me too. I have too many doors open and I need to shut one.
      Tommy: Closure, I get it. Let me help you. I'm leaving town.
      Jude: I don't know why it is you do what you do Tommy Quincy, but I forgive you.

    • Karma: Oh my god, I totally know that guy. I think he works for much!
      Spiederman: Close, he's the mayor.

    • Paegan: You're playing it brilliantly. You've got Jude right where you want her.
      Jamie: Across the room and furious?
      Paegan: Furious, what'd you do?
      Jamie: I told her I didn't want to date her.
      Paegan: You trying reverse psychology or just lying through your pants?
      Jamie: She only wants me because there's trouble in Tommy town.
      Paegan: So? It's your job to convince her to commit to Jamieville.
      Jamie: Great. Advice from a guy who's been divorced five times?
      Paegan: Four. Wife number five AKA my former manager is still battling me in court. I always fall for the scrappy ones.
      Jamie: I guess that makes you a massacist?
      Paegan: Romantic. Being in love's the greatest feeling in the world, you just gotta risk a bit of pain to get there.

    • Sadie: Let's go celebrate the big bald cheese, shall we?
      Jude: We shall.

    • Jude: What time is Kwest picking you up?
      Sadie: Right after the Beatles reunion tour, so we might be a little late for the party.
      Jude: Oh, so last night didn't go well?
      Sadie: On a scale from 1-10, I'd say it was a -47.
      Jude: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.
      Sadie: It's not your fault. But hey, can I catch a ride with you and your date? Which is who, by the way?
      Jude: Nobody. Jamie declined my invitation.
      Sadie: Jamie?
      Jude: It's ironic. I just wish I knew what happened.
      Sadie: You know Jude, I started dating Kwest before I was totally over Tommy.
      Jude: You and Tommy broke up way before Kwest.
      Sadie: But I never totally closed the door on Tommy. Not til it was too late. You have to close a door before you open a new one.

    • Jude: Gourmet delicacies from Iron Chef Jude.
      Jamie: Careful. You don't wanna come down with a case of the orange lung.
      Jude: Hey, you should see what I can do with a can of tomato soup. My secret ingredient: water.
      Jamie: I can see I brought the perfect dessert then.
      Jude: Aw Jamie, my favorite. You remembered.
      Jamie: Yeah well we have been friends for oh, fifteen years.
      Jude: Fifteen kick ass years. We do have a lot of fun together, huh Jamie.
      Jamie: Yeah, I'm a pretty fun guy.
      Jude: Yeah, which is why I wanted to ask if you could escort me to D's big bash.
      Jamie: Like a date?
      Jude: Yeah, a date.
      Jamie: No. You and me, we cannot date.

    • Portia: I have to tell him D.
      Darius: It's over. Hunter's in jail.
      Portia: And his sister is still dead. Tommy's an absolute mess.
      Darius: Pull yourself together.
      Portia: I can't sleep. I have to end this.
      Darius: After all I've done? You're not gonna blow this! There's too much at stake!

    • Karma: So what's the prognosis?
      Jude: Looking good.
      Karma: Great, cause I just bought a fierce dress for when I sing at Darius' party.
      Jude: Oh, I haven't listened to the track yet.
      Karma: Oh. Well lucky for you I come fully equipped.
      Jude: Great, now I'm scared.
      Karma: (sings) Your pockets are swell. It looks like you're doing well. You're showing me something but you've got to prove-
      Jude: Ok, ok, got it.
      Karma: I can sing at the show?
      Jude: Let's just say I'm not saying yes, I'm not saying no.
      Karma: So can I take that as a yes?
      Jude: No.

    • Portia: Need to borrow a suit for the party?
      Tommy: I'm not going.
      Portia: D's big night. You have to be there. You're such a huge part of his life. Our life.
      Tommy: I was a lousy husband Portia.
      Portia: Took you five years and a divorce to figure that out. You fell in love with someone else. We were young. It happens. You still chose me over Angie when it counted.
      Tommy: I stayed for my career, for the money, for the fame. I should of been a better man.
      Portia: You need to let this go. Forgive yourself.

    • Jude: Wow he's pretty psyched. It's kinda cute.
      Sadie: Cute? Who's the man of mystery whose put you in such a good mood, huh?
      Jude: There is no man of mystery. I've had enough secrets to last a lifetime. From now on it's just men who are true and honest.
      Sadie: Yeah, yeah. But is he hot?
      Jude: (laughs) Speaking of hot, how's Kwest? When are you guys getting back together?
      Sadie: I think the Latin term is not in this lifetime. Which should make for one lousy life.

    • Jude: So what's with the big head?
      Sadie: In honor of winning a lifetime achievement award, we had a bust of Darius made. In butter.
      Jude: Wow it looks just like him, minus the horns. Who's this award from again?
      Sadie: Board of Associated Leaders in Development.
      Jude: B A L D? Bald.
      Sadie: They wanted to hold the party at City Hall but Darius decided to move it here instead. He says GMajor is his achievement of a lifetime.
      Jude: No he just wants everyone to see his gold records.

    • Jamie: For you. (hands her balloons)
      Jude: Oh how lovely. And what a delightful sentiment. (reads card) Congratulations big D.
      Jamie: He can spare them. Serves him right for having a party so soon after-
      Jude: I was held hostage by a maniac with a knife? Trust me Jamie, it's nice not having the spotlight on me for a change.

    • Kwest: So I hear you're on overdrive getting this Karma disc done.
      Tommy: Speaking of driving, there is something I need you to take off my hands.
      Kwest: Sure. What? You're giving me your bike?
      Tommy: Yep.

    • Tommy: Yo Kwest wait up. I know I got between you and Sadie.
      Kwest: Sadie got between me and Sadie.
      Tommy: But I put a fist in your face.
      Kwest: You think I'd let your weak up hit ruin a seven year friendship?
      Tommy: I'm just happy I didn't destroy your feminine jaw line.

    • Tommy: Jude.
      Jude: I thought you were leaving town.
      Tommy: My whole life I've been a coward, running away from what I wanted. I'm done running.
      Jamie: But you're so good at it.
      Jude: Be quiet, please.
      Jamie: Jude!
      Tommy: Jude!
      Jude: I gotta go inside, I'll talk to you later...

    • Sadie: Can someone please put a spotlight on Kwest. Hi, Kwest. . . umm, look I wasn't sure - but now I am. I just wish you'd give me another chance, because . . . I love you. I love you.

    • Sadie: Aren't you coming out to play?
      Tommy: I want to get Karma's album finished.
      Sadie: I saw Kwest pulling up on your bike. He almost took out two caterers.
      Tommy: I had to twist his arm to take it. I won't be needing it anymore.
      Sadie: Giving away your stuff, tying up loose ends, you pulling on committing suicide?
      Tommy: No Sadie pinches Tommy Ouch, what was that for?
      Sadie: Well if you're not suicidal then you're leaving town
      Tommy: There's nothing left for me here, Sadie.
      Sadie: What about Jude? Hhmm? Tommy, she needs closure. So do you. If you don't talk to her before you go, she won't be able to move on, ok?

    • Jamie: Operation Kwest-Sadie connection is lifting off.
      Jude: 10-4 command, this calls for a celebration.
      Jamie: What do got in mind?
      Jude: I'll make you dinner, with food and stuff.

    • Karma: Ah, Jude, I hope I'm not interrupting. Oh, by the way have I mentioned that I love what you do with your hair lately – that 'just rolled out of bed' look?
      Jude: What do you want Karma?

    • Jude: (voiceover) Tragedy has a way of changing people. Tragedy can make people depressed, angry and want to make amends. But there's a flipside to trauma, it can change your prospective – makes you realize what's really important, makes you realize what you want . . . or who.

    • Jamie: Hello?
      Jude: Hi it's me... I'm right here.
      Jamie: Are you being sneaky or just lazy?
      Jude: Jamie, get your bow and arrow. It's time to play Cupid.
      Jamie: 10-4.

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