Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 12

Sympathy for The Devil

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Unknown on CTV

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  • Both Tommy and Jude are overcoming the fact they were attacked. Jude focuses her time and energy on restoring Sadie and Kwest's relationship, badly. Whereas, Tommy plans to leave town, Jamie makes a move on Jude and then a shocking secret is revealed!

    Tommy deals with his grief by planning to leave town, he gives Kwest his motorbike in the opening scene. Tommy and Kwest had not been seeing eye to eye since Tommy had punched him and Sadie had kissed Tommy. However, they get over their quarrels and restore their friendship. Darius is having a big party held in G major as he is receiving a community award. Jude is help in charge of who uses the microphone. But, Jude seems to preoccupied trying to get Sadie and Kwest back together, using the help of her best friend, Jamie. We then see Jude starting to fall for Jamie :( Jude and Jamie sneakily organize a romantic dinner for Sadie and Kwest it seems to be working until Kwest discovers that Sadie had not organized it. Meanwhile, Jude asks Jamie to accompany her to the big party, but, he turns her down, believing that she only wants him because there is "Trouble in Tommy town." At the same time, Karma is desperately trying to convince Jude to let her sing her new song at the party by showering her with compliments. The night of Darius's party arrives and neither Jude or Sadie have a date to go with. Jamie is confiding with Paegan about his love troubles whilst the night is slowly thrown in to chaos. Sadie has a one to one with Tommy explaining that he and Jude both need closure before he leaves town. Meanwhile, Karma performs her new song 'No shoes, no shirt' and Tommy finds Angie's report for her car crash found under the Boyz attack gold record. During that, Jamie explains to Jude that he still likes her and their old flame starts to burn. The chief of police is ready to talk to the crowd however he is interrupted by Sadie grabbing the microphone and she nervously confesses her love to Kwest and they share a heartfelt kiss. Darius is pulled out of the crowd by Tommy who then confronts him about the police report. Tommy adds it all up and figures that it was Darius who cut the brakes on his car. Realization dawns on him as he realizes it was HIS car and that Darius wanted to kill him. However, Portia intervenes and honestly confesses that it was her who cut the brakes. Jude witnesses it all and Portia then calls the police to face up to her past. Jude and Jamie walk home together when Tommy turns up and tells her that he's done running away and hes not going to leave town. Tommy and Jamie share evil looks and Jude goes inside when she is asked: "How was your evening?" Jude just laughs at the craziness she has witnessed during the course of a single night. (My very long description!!)
  • Trouble in Tommy Town...

    I thought it was cute the way Jude and Jamie were working together to help Sadie and Quest get together and I thought it was adorable when Sadie got on stage to profess her love for Quest. I was screaming in my seat. Uh...I don't know about you guys but Darius acting was horrible when he does the You're not going to blow this there's too much at stake line. Haha it was horrible. So overall the episode was pretty interesting. The ending was great to leave it on a cliff making viewers irk to want to find out who she's going to choose out of the two.
  • While trying to get over the fact that she was almost killed, Jude tries to get over Tommy and help Sadie and Kwest rekindle their relationship.

    Deciding to go after what she wants, after her near death experience, Jude decides to go after what she wants. Jaimie and Jude decide to play cupid for Sadie and Kwest, unsuccessfully. Jude decides to go for Jaimie for her new beau. Jaimie shuts her down, not because of Patsy, but because he thinks she only wants her because there's trouble with Tommy, (whic is party true...). Tommy decides he's leaving (again), and Sadie tells him that Jude needs closure. Dateless, Jude and Sadie go to Darius's recognition party. Jude, in charge of the mic, has it taken by Carma once, and Sadie another. Sadie confesses she loves Kwest and they get back together, and while Sadie's confession's taking place, Jaimie decides that Jude wants him for him and tells her to let him walk her home. Tommy's in the back and accidently breaks his gold record, with which a police report for Angie falls out. Apparently, Darius slashed Tommy's tires in hopes of killing him for Porsche but Porsche confesses and is arrested. On their walk home, Jaimie and Jude are about to kiss when Tommy shows up and says he's not leaving after all and that he wants Jude. Jude walks into her house without a word, happy that both guys she wants, want her back.