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Season 2 Episode 6

The Jean Genie

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on CTV
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The Jean Genie
The stage throbs with the beat of Jude and SME rocking out on Anyone But You and there's definite onstage electricity between Jude and adorable lead guitarist, Spiederman. Spiederman wants Jude to consider the possibility of transforming their sizzling onstage chemistry into an offstage romance, but Jude is running scared.moreless

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    • Jude: (about Spiederman) When I'm with him I feel like my ideas just click differently, you know... like... I feel like we could jam forever.

    • Spiederman: Hated first name usage? Low blow, Harrison.

    • Wally: Dudes, we got something funnier than that clip of the squirrel on water skis.

    • Spiederman: Here to spank me Harrison?
      Jude: Oh you wish Vincent.

    • Jamie: Change of plans guys. Publicity peeps decided that Jude should walk the runway with her new boyfriend. So there you go Mr. Jude Harrison.
      Spiederman: I hope you model better than you play bass.
      Wally: Can't you just tell her?
      SME starts fighting
      Jamie: There goes your band's jacket.
      Jude: There goes my band.

    • Kyle: I give you full metal jacket.
      Spiederman: That looks like what I picked up after my stupid dog ate tin foil.

    • Spiederman: I got a date with a chimichanga.

    • Host: Inquiring minds wants to know which guy distresses your denim. You and Spiederman seem to be electric.
      Spiederman winks at Jude
      Jude: Yeah, so shock therapy.
      Spiederman: Maybe you need some, Harrison.
      Kyle: Don't be jealous. Jude just can't resist me.
      Host: Right here. Hottest gossip on any all music channel.
      Jude: Well actually, it's all a lie. Because truly, my heart belongs to Wally. Yeah, I love me some Wally.

    • Tommy: Thou shalt not make a concept album, thou shalt not let the drummer sing, and thou shalt not romance within the band.

    • Spiederman: You okay?
      Jude: No, I'm a giant chicken.
      Spiederman: Cool. I'm an incredible jackass.
      [phone rings]
      Jude:Hello, Chicken-Jackass International

    • Spiederman: How can you be so frenetic and so brave on stage and so scared of this?
      Jude: I'm not scared. I'm just sick of scaring everybody else away.
      Spiederman: I'm not scared of you.
      Jude: You joke with me all the time, that's like the biggest symptom of being scared.
      Spiederman: Joking is all you want from me!
      Jude: Who said?!?!
      Spiederman: Well tell me different! Go on tell me, you giant chicken!
      Jude: See? There! Why would I want anything with such an incredible jackass?
      Spiederman: Yeah, well, consider this one jackass who won't bother your band anymore.
      Jude: Fine! Take your toys and go play by yourself.
      Spiederman: Great! I think I will.
      Jude: Great! Ugh!

    • Jude: This year's must have accessories for the rocker girl include a great new party song, a Fender Telecaster, and a boyfriend. You know what? Forget the boyfriend, give me a killer backup band instead any day of the week.

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