Instant Star

Season 3 Episode 7

The Long and Winding Road

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 01, 2007 on CTV
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The Long and Winding Road
Jude and Tommy want to produce a hit record so they hit the road to find unique recording locations. As much as Tommy tries to hide it, his past comes bubbling up along with his feelings for Jude.

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  • I will try not to make this exactly like everyone else's.

    First of all I want to say that "Don't You Dare" is now one of my absolute favorite songs. We very rarely get to see exactly what Jude is talking about in her songs. I loved that all the lyrics and passion that went in to creating this song were all for Tommy. The song is so incredibly sweet and romantic and really connects with the listeners. One can easily hear it and think of their one true love. The song is so sad at the same time as being extremely poetic and loving. It is no wonder that it changes Tommy's mind. "I've been waiting such a long, long time. Don't you Dare change, your mind."moreless
  • Tommy and Jude hit the road to record in "more unique places",but in the meantime Tommy tries to forget his past and admit his true feelings to Jude.

    I have one thing to say about this episode : finaly! Now come, we all knew (since "Unsweet Sixteen" way back in season 1) that Jude and Tommy were destined to be together. Yeah, at first it didn't seem like it was going to happen. Tommy started got halfway there and backed out - but Jude convinced him...I think,as much as Tommy won't admit it,Jude has him whipped. Things are perfect with the two of them and I couldn't be happier! But,we all know that it's a t.v. show and no matter how much we want them to be together,things wont be perfect between them forever.We'll just have to wait and see. Until then,I'll enjoy seeing Jommy.moreless
  • too cute!!!!!!!!!!

    this episode was way to cute...i loved that tommy and jude finally had their moment...this huge smile appeared on my face when tommy kissed jude and jude was right tommy does have a special look just for her....but the whole accident thing on the road scared me a little bit...i mean he freaked out...and who is angie??? something tells me that tommy's past is going to come back and haunt him...tommy was really emotional in this episode and a little confusing but i guess he was dealing with a lot of different emotions...hopefully everything turns out all right for him.moreless
  • Jude and Tommy Finally get together. They sing a song together,it was all really cute. We get to learn some of Tommy's Secrets, like his last name and many more.And of course Jommy had make out session. Back @ GMajor Spied being weird,& Sadies in charge.moreless

    I loved this episode. It is the best episode so far. I got to learn more about Tommy and his past, and got to see my favorite couple (Tommy and Jude) get together. They sing "Pick up the Pieces" while doing the boyzattack dance. Jude and Tommy make-out for a while. Tommy basically tells Darius that he loves Jude. He said "But she's my girl" I was so happy when he said that. Also, Jude sang "Don't you Dare" in the church, its a very good song. I have no idea what Spied was doing in this episode. He was just acting weirder than usual. But he was funny. Spied, Jamie, and Kyle locked Sadie in a room, that was hilarious. If you love Jommy, then You'll LOVE this episode. It's about 90% Jommy. If you like Spied's craziness then you'll also enjoy the episode. If you only see one episode of Instant Star this is the one you need to see.

    (Jude + Tommy= Jommy)moreless
  • So, Tommy and Jude take a road trip to write songs. We all knew other things would happen...

    I LOVED THIS. Such such an amazing ep. I think I would have preferred for them to put off the inevitable ship, but obviously, we all know there are many more issues to come. But in the mean time, Jommy might be the most heartwrenching and adorable couple that teen television has ever divised. I like how we get to know more about Tommy now (who was flat in S1), and I loved it when he told Jude that he sometimes wanted to just run away with her. And the kiss was hot, especially considering they were IN A CHURCH. This show is just so addictive.moreless
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    • Jude: I don't know what made Tommy change his mind, but I don't care. Because the truth is I'd follow him anywhere.

    • Tommy: I actually think I'm going to like this whole co-producing thing after all.

    • Jamie: Hey Kyle! No running. And there's a ninety dollar bounty on Spiederman's head. Spread the word.

    • Speed is playing with a soccer ball
      Jamie Paegan is going to be here any minute. You've turned the place into a pepperoni petri dish!
      Speed: I've been blinded by science. And zesty tomato sauce.

    • Jude: Don't touch me.
      Tommy: Just trying to help.
      Jude: You want to help me? Stop hurting me.

    • Jude: Ok, out with it. The suspense is killing me!
      Tommy: It's about us.
      Jude: Us, us?
      Tommy: You know it's funny. When I was your age I was a mess. Made some mistakes.
      Jude: I make mistakes.
      Tommy: Not like this. But when I'm with you Jude, I can almost believe that I can be the man I should be.
      Jude: Look out!
      The car swerves off the road.

    • Jude laughs
      Tommy: You know that used to make girls cry, not cackle.
      Jude: I don't cackle.
      Tommy: Well maybe you're not like other girls.
      Jude: Oh it's Little Tommy Q and your parachute pants are just so shiny!

    • Speed: Is it contained?
      Jamie: For now. What was on that tape?
      Kyle: Just a couple of badgers mating.
      Speed: And you had that in your car because?
      Kyle looks around. Awkward silence.

    • Jude: Well acoustics are good. It's wide open. It's good for a ballad.
      Tommy: Mhm.
      Jude: Now what?
      Tommy: I remember when you thought acoustics was the name of the studio.
      Jude: I did not.
      Tommy: I'm just saying you've come away since we started working together. Many moons ago.
      Jude: Yeah well look who's talking, Mr. I didn't crack a smile for the first six months I knew you.
      Tommy picks up a flower off the ground to put in Jude's hair
      Tommy: So I guess we both changed.

    • Darius: Jude is my artist.
      Tommy: But she's my girl.

    • Jude: One could argue that the best songs of the twentieth century were written about love, which is funny, because when romance and music pair up, it normally leads to disaster. Though sometimes romantic sparks can lead to truly inspired music creativity. The trick is to keep those sparks from turning into a wild fire that destroys everything in its wake.

    • Jude: I know you care, Tommy... You save a look just for me. I know

    • Tommy: You're a piece of work, Harrison.
      Jude: I get it...
      Tommy: You don't know how many times I've thought about asking you to just... leave with me... But there are things you don't know.
      Jude: I know I love you... There's my look.

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