Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 12

Train In Vain

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on CTV

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  • Jude tries to keep Tommy as her producer

    This episode, while named after one of the greatest songs of all time, seems to be a bit of rehashing of "You Can't Always Get What You Wan't" where Jude worries about losing Tommy. The minor plot points, Darius wanting to be Jude's manager; Jamie and Kat's broken friendship; and Tommy's relationship with Sadie are really the only things changing the episodes. Plus, you know Tommy's whole "Frozen" solo cd thing. That being said, the episode serves it's purpose which is to make Darius Jude's manager and to put Tommy and Sadie together and have Kat forgive Jamie. Here's to the season finale!
  • There's the good and the bad...

    This episode is not one of my favorite episodes. Well, I guess it wasn't that horrible. There were a few good moments. The beginning and end were definitely the highlights. The big problem I have with this episode is the sudden Tommy and Sadie relationship. I think they sprung that up on us from out of the blue. Well, they did hint at it a little bit from the last episode. However, they didn't make it seem as if Tommy were that into Sadie that he would be making sexual jokes with her. Anyway, that's one of the main problems with this episode. We can see Tommy and Sadie beginning to act on their relationship, and the kiss was painful to watch. Good thing Mr. Harrison broke them up. It's good to see Jude beginning to patch things up with her father. In addition, it was fun to see the "blast from the past" about Tommy and his failed solo album. After Jude fixed his song, "Frozen" up, it sounded amazing. It was very touching and sweet of Jude to go through all that trouble for Tommy. It was sad to see it backfire, but good to see it end up okay in the end. The last scene between Jude and Tommy where Jude is hugging Tommy tightly and saying "Of course I want you...I want you..." was adorable as well. Overall, it's not that bad of an episode, but definitely not the best.
  • Jude has finished her album, but learns that Tommy may not produce her next one. In order to get him to stay, Jude makes a deal with Darius. Also, Kat is trying hard to forget about Jamie, but he wants her to forgive him. Also, Tommy kisses Sadie.

    Again, I loved the interactions between Jude and Kat. They were very well acted by both actors. The other parts of the episode were pretty good, including Tommy's reaction to Jude's attempt to get him to stay and Darius' interactions with everyone. The only thing I objected to were the Sadie/Tommy moments. When did Tommy go from avoiding Sadie's passes to being the one to initiate over the top fliritng and make out sessions? Survey says...lame.

    Either Jude is completely over Tommy and she'll be able to deal or a major chick fight is going to occur between Sadie and Jude. Prediciton...Sadie will call Jude selfish and explain how much she likes Tommy. Tommy will explain he never wanted to come in between Jude and Sadie. Jude will pretend she's okay with it while she secretly isn't. Either that, or I'll be completely wrong. Either way, it should be an interesting Season Finale.
  • Jude's about done w/her album,but too worried about losing Tommy who's just announced he doesn't think he'll produce her next album.she thinks she might be able to change that if she can help him relaunch his solo career but will require her to make a sac

    I Loved This Episode Even though it made me want to Pull my hair out because of Tommy.
    Jude Doesn\'t want tommy To go,and then her dad wants her to come to a concert w/her..if my dad would have done that(if he did what judes dad did cheating),i wouldn\'t have even went back to him!
    Alexz johnson i think did her best acting in this episode but future episodes look Promising for a Tommy/Jude Pairing.(