Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 12

Train In Vain

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on CTV

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  • Jude's about done w/her album,but too worried about losing Tommy who's just announced he doesn't think he'll produce her next album.she thinks she might be able to change that if she can help him relaunch his solo career but will require her to make a sac

    I Loved This Episode Even though it made me want to Pull my hair out because of Tommy.
    Jude Doesn\'t want tommy To go,and then her dad wants her to come to a concert w/her..if my dad would have done that(if he did what judes dad did cheating),i wouldn\'t have even went back to him!
    Alexz johnson i think did her best acting in this episode but future episodes look Promising for a Tommy/Jude Pairing.(