Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 8

Unsweet Sixteen

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 13, 2005 on CTV
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Unsweet Sixteen
G Major is planning Jude the sweet sixteen birthday party of a lifetime – but Jude's even more pleased Shay's coming back from tour… and that she and Tommy Q. are actually getting along for a change. But when Jude overhears someone's startling love confession, her big night is thrown into turmoil.moreless

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  • It's Jude's sixteenth birthday, G-Major style. With all of the cameras, music videos, and famous rapper boyfriends.

    This is the most memorable, best episode of Instant Star ever. Every Jommy fan's dream and favorite scene comes from this episode. I feel for Jude when she is heartbroken both times, but I feel for her the most the second time, when Tommy does it. In a way, Shay was never exactly the perfect guy for Jude and in a way it was obvious that he would do something like that to her on his tour, but I never would have guessed it would have been with Eden. The sad thing about this episode is, no matter how much Tommy and Jude loved and cared for each other in this episode, their love was forbidden. My words can't explain how great this episode is, and how no other will ever outdo it.moreless
  • It's Jude's sweet sixteen! It's supposed to be one of the best days of her life, but who can forget Murphy's law?

    This episode is one of my favorites, it's such a good episode! Jude finally has it all figured out, it's her sixteenth birthday and she's going to have a great party, her boyfriend's about to come back from his tour, she's at peace with Tommy, and she has her honest best friends. Jude discovers Shay was cheating on her with the last person she would ever want... Eden. Then Tommy kisses her only to reject her telling her they need to decide that the kiss never happened. Two guys broke her heart on her 16th birthday... poor Jude! Plus her two best friends have been keeping a secret from her... Jamie and Kat are dating!

    This episode is so heart warming, you can't help but feel awful for the poor girl!! It was well written and is one of the best of the whole series!moreless
  • A pivotal moment when Tommy finally reveals how he feels about Jude.

    Jude has been dating Shay which Tommy has never been happy about. Even while seeing Shay, Jude still has feelings for Tommy but she thought it was a hopeless cause and one-sided. Overhearing a conversation between Tommy and Kwest reveals some startling information: Tommy likes her, but there age is the only thing that creats a problem.

    Even though he admitted his feelings aloud nothing drove the point home until Tommy kissed her. It was as if a force compelled him to do it and nothing could have prevented him from doing it. Torture, passion, and regret were plastered on his face showing the emotions that he had kept compressed inside.

    Time to be your 21 is a beautiful song that reflected Jude love for Tommy and her desire to not have that age barrier between them.moreless
  • Its Judes sixteenth with a few problems.

    It is Jude's sixteenth birthday and she is in for some suprises.She over hears Tommy confessing love for her to Qwest. Meanwhile Kat and Jamie are still seceretly dating and neither one of them wants to tell Jude. Jude gets a birthday suprise when she is given the choice of an outfit from a wardrobe of beautiful clothes. Shay is returning from tour and he has something to tell Jude which could ruin her whole night. She requests from Tommy that he and Shay get along for just this one night and he accepts. Later on that night during her party at G Major, Shay enters with news for Jude. He takes her aside and tells her he met someone when Eden walks in. Jude figures that the person he met is Eden. She storms out and Shay runs after her, publicly humiliating her in front of her family, friends and the press on her birthday! Jude runs out in to the rain and Tommy folows after her. They share a kiss and her heart is broken for the second time in one night when Tommy tells her to pretend it never happened.moreless
  • Jude turns sixteen and nothing could ruin it. She is pleased to learn that Shay coming back from tour and that her and Tommy are actually getting along.

    I absolutely looove this episode because it is indeed exciting. I mean the fact that Jude was having a sweet sixteen until Shay showed up with some news. Turns out he has been cheating on her with her rival, Eden. Then it all starts going downhill from there. After she kisses Tommy and he makes her promise not to bring it up again. Some sweet sixteen. Jude was just getting thrown in this one. She was the target of many emotional distress. I feel for her. I hate that Shay and Tommy broke her heart on her birthday. That was so wrong.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Jude is on the stage and the paparazzi take pictures of her, we can see that she has a flower in her hair. But when she turns, it disappears and reappears several times.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jude: Okay I guess I'm not ready for Nascar then.
      Tommy: Girl, you're not ready for roller blades.
      Jude: What!? Just because I almost hit one dog?
      Tommy: No! Because the dog was on the sidewalk!

    • EJ: (to Jude) You and Shay need to intro the video. Say something cute and spontaneous.
      Jude: Okay.
      EJ: Here I wrote it down. Memorize it.

    • Jude: Go ahead, tell me 'I told you so.'
      Tommy: For what it's worth, Shay's a kid, and an idiot. And he made the wrong choice.
      Jude: That's not worth much, coming from you.
      Tommy: What's that supposed to mean?
      Jude: I'm so tired of falling for guys that don't fall back. It hurts.
      Tommy: Jude, I...
      Jude: You all say the nicest things. You're so great, you're so nice, but none of you want to date me. So you want to help me, Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong. Tell my why I'm so easy to give up, and then maybe I can fix it.
      Tommy: You're asking the wrong guy.
      Tommy kisses jude

    • Georgia: What do you think, kiddo?
      Jude: Wow. I think this is gonna be the best sixteenth birthday ever.

    • Jude: Come on, Tommy. I think we both know what you want to say. That it was a mistake, right? A pity kiss. That you don't feel the way I do because I'm just a kid... Get it over with. Lie to me.
      Tommy: I can't anymore... So this is what we're gonna do. Either I have to quit working with you, or I can stay. But only if we both agree that kiss never happened.

    • Jude: (voiceover) They say the way you spend your birthday sets the tone for your entire year. I'd say I'm off to a great start.

    • Tommy: You got something to say? Just say it.
      Kwest: Well, you wouldn't be the first producer to cross that line.
      Tommy: I'm not even hearing this.
      Kwest: Yo, listen. Listen, man, I know you, all right? You're falling for this girl! Now, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to hit that in another few years...
      Tommy: Look, that's not even what this is about. Kwest, man, you think I'm okay with this? That the coolest chick I know, the one that gets me the most, is sixteen? Give me a break, man. She's out of bounds, and I'm not that guy.
      Kwest: Good... But if she was 21...
      Tommy: In a split second.

    • Tommy: You have to say it, or I have to leave.

      Jude: Why are you doing this?

      Tommy: Jude. Say it.

      Jude: (Whispers) It never happened.

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