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Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 17, 2007 on CTV
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Kat sets out to hurt Jude because she is jealous of Jude's successes and she can't seem to find her place in her best friend's life. Tommy suffers a crisis of confidence, feeling that he can't measure up to Liam, his more experienced coworker. Jude's song is set to premiere in a horror movie called Viciousness.moreless

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  • Kat bites back.

    Over the past few episodes of the show, the once semi-important Kat has had pretty much all of the life squeezed out of her. It was great to see her in "I Fought the Law" but what exactly did she do in "Miss World"? Anyway, this episode exisists for the sole reason of getting rid of Kat and showing a little of Tommy's past. Kat's jealousy seems to come out of the blue; it's either that or the writers were playing it very sublte. The point is that everything that happens between Jude and Kat in this episode, including the sudden Jamie bashing, makes no sense given what we've seen between them previously. However, Kat's departure was a long way coming (she never really seemed to take off like Jamie and Spied did) and now that she's gone Jude has no one to turn to. Also, we learn Tommy's a drop-out but there's really no surprise there, although it's nice to see him have no scenes with Jude, if only to expand the character.moreless
  • What else can bring Jude down? Her parents have split, her album kinda flopped, she & Jamie are done, & G Major put her on the backburner. You would think there'd be nowhere to go but up...think again. Kat's back and wants everything Jude has. (even her dmoreless

    I was really happy with this episode. I like the fact that Kat was jealous and that she macked on Jude's dad. But, the best part of the episode, was the song "Fade to black". It is officially one of my top 5 Instant Star songs. (if that song doesn't make you feel something, like "Skin" or "Let me fall", then you must be soulless)
  • Kat is jelous of Jude's succeses and Jude treating her like a dog, so she gets revenge!

    I so love this episode! Kat is one of my faves and Jude treats her and her friends and family like dogs . She is so selfish! I'm glad that Kat finally got revenge!!! I'm so evil!!! But Kat deserves better, I love Kats wickedness! That was so clever it has to be my fave episode and I love that music too!
  • Best episode of the of now

    This episode blew me away. It was almost as good as last season's "unsweet sixteen". I love Jude, but damn that girl treats her friends like crap. I loved Kat in this episode, even though she kissed Jude's Dad. I also loved the song featured in this episodes, "fade to black".

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    • Jude and Kat are filling Jamie's car up with latex gloves and twigs
      Kat: This is for getting over Jude so fast after guilting her out.
      Jude: This is for leading Kat on pretending you knew how she felt.
      Kat: This is for making me fall for your stupid cute dumb earlobes.
      Jude: This is for thinking you're the sound of music and telling me you loved me. (Kat looks at her) I didn't believe him for a second.

    • Kat and Jude see Patsy and Jamie together
      Kat: First your mom and now this? These things happen in threes.
      Jude: No. Nothing can beat that.

    • Mason: Ms. Harrison, is it true that you pay her to be your best friend?
      Jude: Off the record, I pay extra for the curls.
      Mason: Hm. Is it also true we have to media train because you got sent to jail?
      Jude: Hey! I'll show you a horror movie.
      Mason: Wow. You're taking me to the premiere of Viciousness?

    • Patsy: Hey delinquents!
      Jude: Hey Patsy, what are you doing here?
      Jamie: Uh she's just here to get her- this. Hands her a random naked statue
      Patsy: Kinky Jamie. Me likes.

    • Jude: So do you have to tell everyone that I'm a certified grade A chicken?
      Jamie: I won't say a word. Besides, if I did I'd have to do fair disclosure and say that I have a phobia of those twig things from Blair Witch. And latex gloves. (shudders) Oh! Just old lady hands with the flesh and blood and bone..

    • The day after Kat kisses Jude's dad to make her angry
      Kat: You know, maybe he's (Tommy) lucky he missed last night, cause I was insane.
      Jude: Yeah . . . so I know you said things come in threes, when did you start hating me enough to be the third?
      Kat: *shakes her head* You have this glamorous life. I can't compete.
      Jude: I'm not competing . . .
      Kat: Yeah, but I am and I can't win. I get a boyfriend and he's in love with you. I make a dress, you get designer freebies. I get a car and you get the coolest old car in the world. And then you get flowers from Tommy frickin Q?
      Jude: Ok, I hurt you with the Jamie thing.
      Kat: You really did
      Jude: Did last night make it any better?
      Kat: No . . . because we can't be friends if I want to wreck it every time you're happy.
      Jude: And there's nothing I can do about it?
      Kat: Maybe I'll feel different someday, but now . . .
      Jude: Yeah, I get it.

    • Jude: (voiceover) Dad said people used to take better care of their cars. Maintenance matters because in life, you never know when you're going to hit a giant bump. (walks in on her mom hooking up with her divorce lawyer) If life is like cars, I hope my shock absorbers are working at full capacity.

    • Patsy: Ok you're wearing a dress... who died?
      Jude: Uh, no one yet.
      Patsy: Um, Jimmy thought you might want his tickets for tonight, somebody did something to his car and he won't come out of his closet.

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