Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 5

We Belong

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 06, 2008 on CTV
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We Belong
When Tommy is called out of town, Jude wonders why he's being so mysterious. Is their relationship on the rocks?

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  • Tommy is called home for reasons unknown and Jude fears for their relationship. The only episode I've ever given a perfect ten.

    I absolutely loved this episode. I loved it so much, it was the first one I decided to give the rating of a perfect ten. It is so emotional, and it makes me more connected to the show (which is what I have a fear of, seeing as it is the last season). The most humorous part was definately the Instant Star auditions. I think it is great that we finaly get to see the process, especially in the last season. I also loved all of the "Jommy" cuteness in this episode (atleast there was cuteness at the beginning). The arguments made me feel like "Jommy" was real, and not just a fantasy couple. I think it was great that the writers decided to give us more insight on Tommy's past/family. They used the song "I Still Love You" beautifully. It is one of the few times where I can say they used the song appropriately in an episode, it actually made sense how they did it. It was emotional to watch, I actually shed a tear or two. That just shows how great the writers, actors, and producers are. This show is something you can really connect to.moreless
Cassie Steele

Cassie Steele


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Craig Warnock

Craig Warnock

Paegan Smith

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Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany


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Wes Williams

Wes Williams

Darius Mills

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The song that the character Blu sings is called "Pavement", which is an actual song by Cassie Steele, the girl who plays her.

    • In this episode we learn that Tommy has a brother named Tristan.

    • This is the first episode we hear Paegan sing. The song he sings is about all of his ex-wives called "My Superstar World"

    • In the background of this episode you can hear the song "I'm Gone" by Mason, the winner of Instant Star season two.

    • Tommy: Darius wants us to arrive together and make a show of our...Jommyness.

      When Tommy says "Jommyness" it is referring to the nickname Instant Star fans have given the fictional couple by combining Tommy and Jude's names.

    • In this episode, Jude is seen singing the song "Skin" from season one.

    • Although this is the fourth season of Instant Star, this is the first time they've over shown auditions for the competition. In previous years they've only showed the finals.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Jamie: Yeah, because Nana's basement is so much more seductive than a glitzy studio.
      Zeppelin: You are...

    • Jude: Oh, babe, it's the most beautiful tarp mass I've ever seen.

    • Sadie: Uh, Miss Harrison, I do believe your limo is here.
      Jude: And so is my hot Jeeves.

    • Zeppelin: Kai Pacific...Gig later today. If you're feeling better we should check 'em out.

      Jamie: Being there live is so 2005. Look over there.

      Zeppelin: At the dehumidifier?

      Jamie: Above that...Speakers hooked up tot he computer dialed into Kai Pacific's web page.

      Zeppelin: He streams his gigs live...

      Jamie: We like it, we send him an email about a demo before the show is even over. That's the difference between us and G Major.

      Zeppelin: And they get more sunlight...

      Jamie: What?

      Zeppelin: I said...Good idea.

    • Jamie: Hey Paegan, we got a bunch of demos because of a post on Myspace, can you and Zeppelin...
      Paegan: No. I'm out today, mate. G Major. I'm still on the contract.
      Jamie: I thought you got out of that.
      Paegan: Tried but Darius threatened to take my everything.

    • Tommy: I'm done.
      Darius: I don't see any golden brown edges.

    • Sadie: As much as you want to help the people you love, sometimes you have to know when to let them be.

    • Jude: I don't like how there's this part of you that you feel you can't share with me, but I understand that you have to go alone.

      Tommy: I'll be back before you know it.

      Jude: I want you to listen to this everyday. (hands him a CD)

    • Tommy: Maybe you should take more lessons...
      Jude: Find a coach.
      Tommy: Get a personal stylist.
      Jude: Yeah, you're shirt does kind of say 'I love calculus'"
      Tommy: Don't do that.
      Jude: What?
      Tommy: Don't just agree with me...You have your own brain, use it.

    • Paegan: That toilet is acoustical bliss...

    • Zeppelin: Jamie...Your nana wants you to fold the load of darks as soon as the buzzer goes off.
      Jamie: What!?
      Zepplin: What!?
      Jamie: Don't do that...
      Zeppelin: Do what?
      Jamie: Don't sneak up on a guy who has a double ear infection. I can't hear anything.
      Zeppelin: Still? You haven't taken the antibiotics have you?
      Jamie: I like feeling miserable...

    • Tommy: Darius wants us to arrive together and make a show of our... Jommyness.

    • Sadie: Jude. Did you move my red heels?
      Jude: If wearing them on Friday counts as moving...
      Sadie: It counts as stealing. Where'd you put them?
      Kwest: There were scuffs..I polished them.

  • NOTES (2)


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