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Season 2 Episode 12

When I Come Around

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 12, 2007 on CTV
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When I Come Around
Jude's second album is officially finished; however, Darius isn't pleased with the results, which means that Jude and Tommy are back in the studio, where they end up rekindling their relationship. Meanwhile, Spiederman realizes something isn't right with him and Jude.

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  • The revolution of Tommy and Jude.

    It was the moment we were all (for the most part) were waiting for. You know it was only a matter of time that Jude and Tommy finally acted on their feelings toward each other. Working on 'White Lines' made both Jude and Tommy face their feelings towards each other and it is only the beginning of what's to come between Tommy and Jude. Even if Jude and Tommy don't end up together, you know that they will share a lot together and will be in each other's life no matter what because they share more than an emotional connection, they share their love of music. I am a huge Tommy + Jude fan so hopefully this lasts for them, but in the world of TV drama, nothing lasts for long.moreless
  • "Sometimes you are so...*seventeen*!"

    I have to agree with Speed - he and Jude were never Romeo and Juliet. I think their situation was similar to her situation with Jamie - she grasped onto both of them because they were safe and normal and trustworthy - the exact opposite of Tommy. Not that Tommy isn't trustworthy, but he and Jude don't exactly have a solid, stable relationship waiting for them. Anyway, I'm glad that they recognized that and parted on good terms. I like Speed - I just don't like him with Jude. Especially since he's known from day one that she's into Tommy - he even teased her about it.

    *Sigh*. It's amazing that a pre-teen soap opera can have one of the most intriguing on-screen relationship ive ever seen. Alexz and Tim have AMAZING chemistry - they make every scene they're in together just come alive. Add that to solid plots, consistent characterization, and well-written dialogue, it's not hard to see why I like this show so much.

    I marked this episode as Pivotal, because to me, the Jude/Tommy relationship is pretty much the anchor of the show. We get to see the difficulty they sometimes have expressing their feelings, at the same time that we can see the deepness of their feelings towards each other. And really, the kiss had nothing to do with that. Just through the looks, the words... As for the kiss itself, however, that was pivotal as well - it's their third kiss to date, but it's the first time that it was mutual. I can't say enough about how much I love this show. I've already seen the episode like six times - it makes me all mushy each time.moreless
  • I'm convinced of it... Tommy and Jude have the best kisses. EVER.

    Jude's album is lacking that "special something" according to Darius making it unreleaseable. So Tommy lovingly borrows (ok, in reality, steals) her journal to look for inspiration. He comes across the lyrics for "White Lines" and wants Jude to record it as the final track on her album. She does the song and it turns out well. While this is going on, Jude and Speid are having their own relationship drama. In order to make it up to him, she begs Jamie to help her record an acoustic version of their song "Anyone But You". Unfortunately, they end up recording over the master copy of "White Lines". Darius likes the song when they play it for him but Tommy is pissed because he wants Jude's album to be perfect but that song was just not the right one. Ultimately, Jude sees the "light" and her and Speid end their relationship. Completely saw this break-up coming, by the way. Afterwards, Jude goes groveling back to Tommy to help her record "White Lines" again. They have this cute little spiel about it being about Tommy and of course, all turns out well. They play it for Darius who loves it and christens Jude's album ready for the masses. AND then... the kiss! So cute. And awkward all at the same time. I don't know if it'll lead to anything this time. These two obviously need to be together but in the last scene when they're congratulating each other and Tommy gives her a new journal as a present, Sadie walks in on them ruining the moment and rehashing the fact that if Tommy and Jude DO get together, there's always something ready to tear them apart. So sad!

    The side story of Sadie and Jamie is pretty funny. I love that Jamie's such a goof. It's just too bad Tommy and Jude are meant for each other because I do love Jamie's quirkiness.moreless
  • I absoulty loved this episode. It's about time that jude and tommy kissed. Hey both have thier feelin out in the open. I canot wait until the next episode!

    Jude and tommy are so perfect for each other. When they hug they give each other so much love. I would have to agree with liam that song was blah. Tommy was so naive when he didn't think the song was about him. They almost kissed after she got off the tour bus. i am glad that she and spied broke up. they were not right for each other romanticly. That kiss was so um. It was kinda a replay of her sweet sixteenth but at least thi time he didn't runoff. I was so suprised that it didn't get wierd after the kiss. Liam has a thing for sadie. He had her out to lunch for the whole day. Kwest also has thing for her. Ifelt sorry for jamie since they he had to sit and answer phone calls all day.moreless

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    • Jude: (to Spiederman) Remember the time we filled Wally and Kyle's bunks with Jello?

    • Jude: Tommy, Thank you for all your inspiration.

    • Tommy: First bootleg copy of Jude Harrison's new CD. Wanna give her a hold?
      Jude: Yeah. Yeah. It feels right.
      Tommy: The first time we finished an album I was the jerk who didn't get you.
      Tommy hands Jude a journal
      Jude: A new journal.
      Tommy: Yeah. As soon as this album hits number one Darius is gonna start clamoring for your next set of songs.
      Jude: (reading) Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us. Wow. Sometimes you can be so twenty-four.
      Tommy: I took a chance. Shoot me.
      Jude: Taking chances seems to be all the rage these days.

    • Darius I'm not down for getting calls on the dojo. But for this? It's fantastic. I'll call Liam. He's holding the album. This song's gonna go on it.
      Tommy: Oh you can tell him I'm real, real sorry.

    • Jude: White Lines belongs on the album.
      Liam: Well there's no more money or studio time for your album. You're just gonna have to surrender Jude.
      Tommy: I thought it was 'good enough,' remember?
      Jude: Yeah well you know what else is good enough Tommy? My last album. This is our last chance.
      Liam: The album's out of our hands. It's over.
      Tommy: It's not over. Not if I'm still working.

    • Jude: I tried to save our song. I really did.
      Spiederman: The truth is, even if you had, we'd still have to talk.
      Jude: I know. I've been scared too.
      Spiederman: As Jim Morrison said, expose yourself to your deepest fear and after that, fear has no power.
      Jude: What would the Lizard King say about us breaking up?
      Spiederman: I don't know. But as Wally always says, even if you've loved and lost, maybe we can still jam together.
      Jude: Yeah, Wally's a smart guy.
      Spiederman: Wally's cool. But you're still my favorite bud. That ok?

    • Jamie: What is the purpose of all this anyways?
      Jude: I don't want Speed's song to get killed, so I think we should make this into a ballad. And actions speak louder than words.

    • Jude: Well if you're looking for a chance to prove yourself, I think I have just the opportunity for you. And it's after hours.
      Jamie: I recognize that sneaky look. And i'm intrigued

    • Spiederman: So guess who just got asked if he wanted to record an SME album.
      Jude: Wow. Do you wanna go solo?
      Spiederman: I don't know. Do you wanna dump me?
      Jude: Why? Because I didn't wanna make out with you on a stinky bus with a handful of syrup.
      Spiederman: No, because when do you wanna make out with me? Seems like never.
      Jude: Well not in the middle of G-Major.
      Spiederman: The thing is actions speak louder than words. And your actions, I think maybe they're trying to say something.

    • Tommy: Is there a giant light bulb over my head?
      Jude: Did you figure out how to save my album?
      Tommy: You figured out how to save your album. On tour. A few months ago.
      Jude: You stole my journal?
      Tommy: Listen, I hadn't slept in weeks, k? But you insisted on playing me all this new stuff when you came back. But there's one song that's stuck in my head. One that I still remember.
      Jude: Which one?
      Tommy: White Lines.
      Jude: Oh no. Oh no. Tommy. Out of all the songs?
      Tommy: It's epic.
      Jude: It's naive. I don't know.
      Tommy: I know it'll have Darius sobbing like a little girl.
      Jude: You think so?

    • Jude: I am reeling. Darius is 86ing some of the songs on my album.
      Spiederman: He'll come around.
      Jude: Yeah, but specifically Anyone but You.
      Spiederman: Our song?
      Jude: Yeah.
      Spiederman: He hated our song?
      Jude's phone rings
      Jude: Hello? Tommy? It's Tommy. He's got a plan.
      Spiederman: I bet he does.

    • Tommy: That's it then? (in an Elvis accent) Wanna call it? Ride this baby all the way to Vegas?
      Jude: Uh that's tempting but I actually have to get dropped off. I have this thing.
      Tommy: A guitar playing surfer dude thing?

    • Darius: He's right man. Something's off.
      Jude: What's off?
      Liam: Oh the pedestrian lyrics, the inconsistent mixing, the no name kid screaming on "Anyone but You."
      Jude: His name is Spiederman. He's my co-writer and lead guitarist.

    • Jude sighs
      Tommy: Wanna switch the condenser mic?
      Jude: No, it's... it's not that.
      Tommy: Are the acoustics too clean?
      Jude: No, it's . . . the song.
      Tommy: You know, you interrupted my very cordial lunch meeting to beg me for another shot.
      Jude: I know, it just . . it doesn't feel right.
      Tommy: It's romantic, it's got passion, and it's...
      Jude: It's about you! On the tour bus, coming home and seeing you was almost all I could think about and I wanted to put those feelings away to stay safe.
      Tommy: Can you bring them back out?
      Jude: Not with you staring at me like that.

    • Jude: Darius says my album is ready. Come on, where's the victory lap? He loved 'anyone but you'.
      Tommy: Loved? That's a pretty generous interpretation.
      Jude: Ok, so you don't like Spiederman's song. The album's good enough
      Tommy: 'White lines' would make it phenomenal.
      Jude: I don't want to do 'White Lines', and besides Speed's my boyfriend.
      Tommy: Sometimes, you are so... seventeen!

    • Jude: We never really were Romeo and Juliet anyways.
      Spiederman: More like Bart and Lisa Simpson.

    • Jamie: That was intentional. I thought if you had more lime business cards, you could build yourself a little reception fort.

    • Tommy: You go into my studio again, and I will squash you until your Converse sneakers and emo haircut are neighbors. You left this on my soundboard.

    • Spiederman: Got your message, Grease monkey.
      Jude: Oh, thanks for coming.

    • Jude: If you're doing an impersonation of Sadie, you'll need bigger hair and a bigger sneer.
      Jamie: Your sister has been out with Liam all afternoon. I haven't been able to leave this desk.
      Jude: Wow. And considering what you have to offer this company.
      Jamie: I know!

    • Kwest: 'Kay. You're gonna star with "Exodus", then we'll take you back to "Catch a Fire."
      Sadie: Aw, come on. One harmless remark about Bob Marley and I get homework? Vinyl homework?

    • Jude: And Liam. How can you not love Anyone But You? You should be a mushroom cloud of hair gel and leather. Our album just got turfed!
      Tommy: Well, you know, I mean someone's gotta stay calm. Figure... Figure out how to bring Darius back around. Remind me what you wrote back on tour again.
      Tommy steals Jude's journal when she's not looking
      Jude: Uh, no, no. Uh, girl from tour doesn't exist anymore. Darius crushed her as soon as she got off the bus.

    • Jude: "Heart"? My album doesn't have "heart"? UGH! What does that even mean?
      Tommy: In Darius speak, he means it's missing a ballad. Look if he really hated it, he'd still be yelling.

    • Liam: Well, something's not working.
      Tommy: I'm sorry, did anybody ask you?

    • Jude: Okay. Tommy come on! Give it to me! I'm about to burst!
      Tommy: Okay. Congratulations. Star, your second album is officially finished.

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